November 14, 2008

And now, Slinky Cat

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November 13, 2008

When Joe Lieberman became a blogger and even more of a dick

You know, a day after the election, I was going to write a post that just asked "so, has Armando apologized yet?" but felt like he wasn't even worth it. I guess I was just failing to recognize the magnitude of how much of an asshole Armando really is.

Cole's post, and the follow-up, are hilarious on their own, but I really do just want to state for the record that I have never seen a more arrogant and obnoxious prick in the whole of political blogging as Armando. It's not just that he was wrong. Anyone can be wrong. I've been wrong on tons of stuff. Saying 2+2=5 is wrong. Armando spent eight months bitching how 2 and 2 were going to add up to 5 and now wants to bitch about how 4 isn't as big a number.

The most obnoxious-slash-hilarious attribute of Armando's is the way that practically ever single thing about his existence on the internet contradicts himself. He calls himself "Big Tent Democrat" on TalkLeft when he is the most self-absorbed and single-minded pundit claiming to be supportive of progressive debate. He enforces (both in stubborn personal opinions and aggressive editing on his own blog) a rigid set of requirements to be honored with his audience, yet refers to Obama supporters who point out he's wrong as "the creative class." He calls people who protest his ignorance as "a cult," (Cole being the most ironic, given he is a conservative who became a registered Democrat out of disgust with the Republican Party) and yet ruined an entire website with his fanatic devotion to Hillary Clinton.

And while I know without a doubt Armando will refuse to accept this, this really has nothing to do with his politics. He could have been all for Obama and if he acted this way he would still be as big an asshole as he is now. But the problem here is basically the entire premise of the show House: the only way you get away with being an anti-social asshole is if you're actually right about something. Armando is a pompous shithead and also was completely wrong about every single step of the 2008 election. He's vindictive, petty, and juvenile, and above all he deliberately cops this attitude because he enjoys pulling people into his petty tiffs so he can then dismiss them and feel good about himself. Armando is what would happen if every single birthday girl on My Super Sweet 16 got together and decided to start writing about politics.

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November 11, 2008

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November 10, 2008

"Conservative post-fight analysis"

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I guess it's because conservatives haven't really known how it's felt to be totally defeated in a while that they don't seem to understand that they actually were. This explains the last week, where right-wingers are falling over themselves to either claim that the victory of a man who for two years was called a "socialist" and "the most liberal member of the senate" is now suddenly a victory for conservatives, or the even more hysterical actions of pretending that anyone on the left actually gives a shit what they have to say about what Obama should or shouldn't do in the new administration.

Jay Tea, one of Oliver's more anal stalkers, has become one of my favorite crazy people over the last week as he jumps from thread to thread pretending to offer legitimate punditry by sniffling repeated claims that Obama is doomed, doomed! because he's going to be liberal and progressive and that will totally piss off all the people who voted for him because they, you know, wanted that. This is usually the part of these types of blog posts where I say something like how I feel really sorry for people like Jay Tea for what they're doing to themselves here but, shucks, I don't. He's a total dick and his suffering amuses me. So much.

It has come to my attention that several million of you living in this country have not yet purchased a copy of the new book. I would hope you see fit to correct this immediately.

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