October 16, 2008


Why, yes. Yes you can.

New Book! w00t!

Buy some crap.

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Oh snap

Jon Stewart just now:

"Joe the Plumber has already given more interviews than Sarah Palin."

And of course, it's heart-stoppingly frightening because it's true.

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No, those are my 2012 Mittens

Being the smart guy that he is I can only assume Atrios was asking this rhetoricially:

There's a weird lack of presence of former GOP competitors Mittens, where are you? Fred? Rudy?

The slight, and by that I mean total and complete absence of Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee, should be pretty obvious to anyone outside of the hard-right lunatics who are screaming their heads off over Sarah Palin like the Beatles on Ed Sullivan. Contrary to the most insane faction of the insane wing of the insane people party, most people recognize that Sarah Palin is an absolute laughingstock as a running mate and will be an even bigger laughingstock if she loses in November and tries to run for president herself in 2012.

Let's put aside, even, that Romney, Huckabee, et. al. are probably furious to begin with that they were passed over for Palin (but believe me. They are. I drizzle Romney's contempt for Sarah Palin on my waffles in the morning; it is that thick and delicious.) No one with any aspirations of running for president wants a photo or video clip of them next to Sarah Palin to exist.

Romney, especially, is in a prime position should Obama win the election. He'll instantly become the scorned, exiled prince of the Republican Party. There will be no "we should have picked Huckabee" or "we should have picked Thompson" but there will be nonstop "we should have picked Romney" chants until he's locked in as the Ronald Reagan of a new generation. And there is absolutely no way he does that with flip-flop fodder when it comes time to crunch Palin in a 2012 primary.

Let us be very clear on how humiliating a Palin 2012 run will be. Obama, mind you, is simply ignoring Palin for the most part. If she loses this election and dares to actually run in 2012 her Republican opponents are going to stomp her into the ground. And photos of them hugging her from three years earlier is not part of the game plan.

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The death of irony


I Just Don't Get [Kathryn Jean Lopez]

any of the insta polls, which seem to give it to Obama.

No, really. That's the entire post.

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October 14, 2008

For the seven or eight people who already don't want to make sweet love to Hayden Panettiere

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October 13, 2008

"Eet up"

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Four candidates. It's your funeral.

Regarding the new book: I expect to have copies available for sale this week. I thought I would have more following SPX, but I underwent a bizarre and unexpected phenomenon in which I actually sold nearly all of them. Anyway, if you are on the mailing list, you will get an e-mail this week as soon as the book is for sale. Ironically, I am now encountering a similar problem where I am almost out of copies of the previous book, so I hope you grabbed a copy of that in the last year because I think it'll be less likely that more of those will show up anytime soon.

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