October 9, 2008

That is the actual headline

Palin pre-empts state report, clears self in probe.

ANCHORAGE, Alaska - On the eve of a report on a legislative panel's abuse-of-power investigation into Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, campaign officials released their own report clearing her of any wrongdoing.


I.... Umm...


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Scary black man is scary

A lot of bloggers were wavering this week over whether or not the official McCain strategy for the remaining three weeks of the campaign was going to be suggesting that Barack Obama is a terrorist. I think we've pretty much answered the question at this point.

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October 7, 2008

Sarah Putin

The question that I really, truly don't understand is how the media is letting McCain get away with this. I mean, by definition, they are, you know, the media. They're the ones with the ability to actually shape the story.

What I think would be really awesome, and yes, I realize this will never, ever actually happen, is if the Palin press corps just starts calling a press conference for her. Like, every day. Just all announce that they heard Palin's finally giving one, all show up in that little group in front of a podium, and then let McCain send whichever intern drew the short straw to explain Palin's not coming out. Then they do it again, every day, for the next three weeks.

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October 6, 2008


If you have not yet done so, would you kindly, you know, get off your ass. Thanky.

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You can probably see the real ad on YouTube somewhere; I'm not even bothering trying to link to it because it belabors the point that it's the dumbest fucking thing ever. I'm clearly taking creative license on this one, but the premise of the ad is pretty much what you see in this week's installment: a guy, ignoring what a girl is actually saying at a party to ask her to come to his apartment and sleep with him, and when (gasp! How dare she!) said woman is offended by this, he is saved by the magic abilty to pull out a Twix bar and earn precious moments to think of an unplausibly stupid way to pretend he didn't just act like an asshole. I don't mind when ads are stupid, since most of the time they are. But I sort of draw the line when the premise is "our chocolate and caramel concoction will someone trick girls into not remembering you asked if they were a slut five seconds ago." Douchebags.

Thanks to everyone who came to SPX this weekend. Meeting new readers and getting them to give the strip a try is without a doubt the best part of these shows and I'm glad that happened a couple of times. I got in from the airport about six minutes ago so I don't think I can write up about everything that happened before I collapse but sufficed to say, it's always fun to meet up with the CWAs again and totally own the Chili's up there in the hard streets of White Flint, Maryland. North side for realz, y'all.

You are welcome to Buy some crap, but I might actually have to suggest waiting a few days at this point so I can set up ordering for the new book. But totally your call. Either way, Join the mailing list.

Update: A few of you wrote in to point out that this Twix ad is apparently part of some longer marketing campaign from the Twix people, including some kind of website where you can go online and vote for various new situations for the horny "hero" of the ad to act like a douchebag in an attempt to trick a girl into fucking him.

Well, that's just great. Think I'll just link to that one too.

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