September 27, 2008

And that's all I have to say about that


1998, the Toronto International Film Festival. I'm interning. Paul Newman and Kevin Costner, among others, are doing press one-on-ones for Message In A Bottle, one of a long list of movies only notable for Newman's performance. Costner was uncharacteristically rude all day long - the gossip was that he'd just come out of a bad relationship and was feeling it.

Whatever the case - I'm standing in the room where Newman's doing his interviews. Costner's in the room next door, and there are thin walls. We can all hear him bitching out his assistant over the phone. At length.

Newman looks at his interviewer, than at me, then snorts. "Kids," he says, and doesn't need to say anything more.

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September 25, 2008

Oh god I get to use my favorite movie line ever

The Wall Street Journal - Not exactly a bastion of anti-capitalist sentiment, examines McCain's declaration to cancel appearing at a presidential debate and instead pretend to devote all his attention to the economy, and determines that he is losing his goddamned mind.

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I feel like I'm taking crazy pills

I really don't even know what to say about John McCain right now. The man has truly followed satire to the gates of hell to kill it.

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September 24, 2008

Free Sarah, Pt. 2

The following should happen at every single Obama or Biden interview/press conference for the next few weeks:

1. A reporter should ask a question regarding Sarah Palin.

2. Obama or Biden should respond with the following statement:

"Well, I think Sarah Palin is the best person to answer questions about Sarah Palin. I'm pretty sure she can handle questions. I know the McCain campaign is refusing to let her talk to any reporters or hold a press conference, but I'm sure they would agree with me when I say that. I don't know why they won't let her talk, but that's also something you'll have to ask the McCain campaign... if they'll ever let you."

Repeat. Over and over.

The reason McCain is getting away with it right now is because they're gaming the refs. When the media, or hell, even us liberal commie bloggers, say flat-out that Palin is hiding, then it scores points for the rabid Palin fanatics who all think "the media" is out to get them. Hiding Sarah Palin has to be framed in one specific way: that John McCain himself doesn't respect or support his own running mate enough to let her answer questions.

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This is exactly how you do it:

As if it actually needed saying, Campbell Brown is, of course, completely lying. It's obvious to anyone, especially the McCain campaign, that Brown is now spinning the most sarcastic calling-out of Palin's cowardice imaginable. Knowing this, honestly, makes the tone even more nasty and a greater attack on Palin than any outright reportage on her hiding from the press could be.

Essentially, CNN has proposed, via a female anchor, that the McCain campaign doesn't respect their female candidate enough to treat her to the same media scrutiny as male candidate in the race. It's a complete lie, but what is McCain's response going to be? That Palin has faced equal media scrutiny? They know that's not true; Palin hasn't held a single press conference. Say they're not being protective of her? If they do that, then they're admitting coddling her.

I'm at the point where I really don't know what McCain's angle with Palin is going to be here. Even if she holds her own at the debate with Biden- something I could easily imagine as the expectations for her are so low now- I don't see how that could satisfy the media. Campbell Brown is making the most sniping yet direct of messages to the McCain campaign here- we are not going to make Palin look pretty unless she starts talking to us.

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September 22, 2008


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