September 9, 2008

Everyone on earth wants Barack Obama to be president

And what's sad, of course, is that if anything, this will be used by Republicans as a joking way to say you should vote for McCain. Becuase as Atrios has been noting all this week, the Republican platform for 2008 has essentially devolved into "let's be assholes."

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September 8, 2008

My god, we need to get some scientists on this brain bender stat!

ABC, pretending that a multi-sitting, edited interview with Sarah Palin will be an objective and hard-hitting analysis worthy of the first national network interview with the potential next vice president of the United States, ponders logistics:

Charles Gibson's producer says no issue is off the table for Sarah Palin's first TV interview as a vice presidential candidate, which ABC is hoping it can air in part on Thursday.

Gibson will travel to Alaska and will probably speak to Palin at least twice. The challenge for ABC will be making excerpts available in time for "World News" Thursday, which Gibson must broadcast live from that state at 2:30 p.m. local time, said Jon Banner, the broadcast's executive producer.

My god, what can they do? How, pray tell, could there be any other way for a news program to have an interview with someone and present it to the public almost instantaneously? Gibson is an interviewer, not a miracle worker! God, next you'll be telling me that Palin should somehow respond to all of the major news organizations' questions at once... as if there's some kind of magical conference that one can hold where everyone in the press can attend!

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"Godspeed, President Meal Ticket"

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It's amazing how after eight years (plus campaign time) of George W. Bush categorically being the most embarassing footnote in American history, we just aren't even bothering with him anymore. I guess that's really the true sign of being a lame duck. We don't even really care about making fun of him.

I felt that I owed it to Matt Bors to also include a crying eagle somewhere in this cartoon. Consider this your director's commentary pointless note for the week.

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September 7, 2008

Ready to lead on day one

Who knew pit bulls were so fragile?

Update: Adding in, please understand I know exaclty what they're doing here. The plan is to make it appear as though Palin is all but legally classified as mentally disabled, at which point all she has to do at the debate with Biden is not have spontaneous explosive diarrhea on live national television and every single news pundit in America will announce that she held her own against a man with 35 years of foreign policy experience.

I'm also aware that complaining about Palin's hiding is playing right into their hands but honestly, what in God's name are intelligent people supposed to do here? It's maddening. I think it's more important to make it perfectly clear how these people honestly do not care about the country at all. This is all an amusing game to them.

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The dead pool

This is something I've been telling friends and co-workers for the last few days now, and it's infuriating because obviously it's a point that cannot and will not be raised by anyone of prominence in the Obama campaign or national media. But it's entirely true, and it's one of the scariest things to consider.

Right-wingers who have now declared their love for the McCain ticket because of Sarah Palin are, essentially, hoping that John McCain dies. They don't want him picking Supreme Court nominees and defining immigration policy and issuing executive orders; they want President Palin doing that, because she is the vindictive, liberal-hating right-wing bully they want controlling the country just like the vindictive, liberal-hating right-wing bully they used to admire in George W. Bush.

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