September 5, 2008

Bristol's choice

As someone who can actually say he's watched The Daily Show since the very first episode and be telling the truth, this is probably one of the most amazing, and not-coincidentially journalistically-brilliant, segments The Daily Show has ever done.

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September 4, 2008

Old man yells at cloud

Apparently, John McCain has decided that the backdrop for the most important speech of his entire career should be a malfunctioning 8-bit Nintendo game.

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The hate rally

I'm not trying to be smug or proud of myself here, but I just want to mention this so you can judge everything I've said and expressed about politics for the last eight years or so and recognize the significance of this in comparison: last night was the first time in my entire life I ever donated money to a political campaign, when I donated to Barack Obama about thirty seconds after Sarah Palin finished her rather convincing argument that she personally hated a vast majority of America.

You know, I recognize that there is tons to dislike about Barack Obama and Joe Biden, but at the very heart of it I can believe that for better or worse they actually want to do things they feel will help the country. And I see none of that in Palin, and I doubt I'll see it tonight in John McCain because I haven't seen anything like that in him since 2000.

So, for what I think is probably the first time in this site's history as well, I guess I'll start pushing a link to donate to Obama as well. Do with that as you will.

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September 3, 2008

"Community organizer"

Judging by the last few speakers and the crowd reaction, the resounding message of the speakers and attendees at the Republican National Convention appears to be that Barack Obama's past role as a community organizer is worthy of nothing but mockery.

So, basically, the opinion of the Republican Party is that spending several years trying to help people makes one unfit to be president.

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If I eat any more popcorn I am going to get diabetes

I am simply overwhelmed at how much Palin shitstorm I miss merely during the drive home from work and successive trip to the bathroom prior to sitting down at the computer.

After five days of this nonsense, this Noonan gaffe is honestly one of the most devastating hits on Palin. You have, on the night of Palin's big speech, one of the most well-established and prominent members of the mainstream conservative media not only openly attacking both Palin for her ineptness but McCain for his judgement in picking her, but essentially revealing that her prior opinion column released only hours earlier praising Palin was a complete and utter lie.

Where is Bush's argument now from last night about the "leftist media?" Reagan's former speechwriter who took a leave of absence to work for the Bush campaign just called McCain a loser for picking Palin.

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The blind can sketch it

I've been reading Ezra since about six blogs ago and I'm pretty sure this is one of the best things he's ever written.

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September 1, 2008

"Hurricane Jackpot"

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Hurricane Gustav has really been an amazing gift for the GOP. Not only has it given them a dignified excuse to keep Bush and Cheney away from the convention, it removes all the spotlight on John McCain's criminally inept choice of running mate.

I'm at the point where I might need a few days to let the absurdity of Sarah Palin sink in. John McCain has essentially picked an episode of the Jerry Springer show to be his vice-president. It takes a while to do a cartoon and in a way I'm glad I didn't focus on Palin because in the last two days there's literally been a new scandal or ridiculous revelation about her every three hours or so.

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