February 14, 2008

There is absolutely no other news today



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February 13, 2008

The most adorable celebrity couple on television

Brief transcript of CNN's Situation Room, circa a few moments ago:

JACK CAFFERTY: ...Anyone who votes for an incumbent this November should have their citizenship taken away.

WOLF BLITZER (TO CAMERA): He's just kidding, folks.


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This is what democracy looks like

Look, I understand that at this point anyone, myself included, really can't be taken for 100% of their word on the delegate issue because obviously whoever they want to win is going to bias How They Really Feel™ about what should happen. If you're for Obama, for some strange reason, the idea that Florida and Michigan "don't count" is going to appeal to you and if you're for Clinton the reverse will. The same goes for the superdelegates and what, if any, their influence will/should have on the nomination.

That all said, if people are seriously asking the question as to how the superdelegates should "matter" in the primary, I don't really understand how there's actually an argument over the answer here: in any sense of the concept we used to call logic before both sides of the Democratic primary threw it out the window, one would think that the person we would all want to be the Democratic candidate for president is the person who the majority of Democrats, you know, voted for.

Currently, even with the aforementioned "unpleasantness" that is Michigan and Florida, that person is Barack Obama. There is a very good chance that three weeks from now, that person could be Hillary Clinton. Whoever the most Democrats say should be the Democratic nominee, should be the Democratic nominee. If either Democratic nominee for some unfathomable reason doesn't agree with that, they don't deserve to be the Democratic nominee, primarily on the basis of not believing in being, umm... democratic.

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"Girl Gamer" magazine is like just OMG soooo pink and awesomez


Dear sweet fancy mother of Christ. Just.... no.

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Great moments in total and utter crippling depression about the state of this country

John Cole:

There is a very real and perverse possibility that the NFL will face tougher sanctions for spying on practice squads and covering it up than the telecoms and this President will face for spying on the citizenry and lying about it.

If only the CEO of Verizon had done steroids or exposed his nipple on national television.

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Great moments in understatement

Rob Anderson at Campus Progress:

It must be hard for [Michelle] Malkin to make her points without misrepresenting the facts.

Michelle Malkin thinks there's a secret Mexican plot to conquer the United States. Saying "it's hard" for her to be accurate is kind of like saying Jeffrey Dahmer had an eating disorder.

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February 12, 2008

Changing the world

Again, it's really cute the way people still try to convince me that I should give a shit whether or not Democrats control Congress.

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Wake we up when November ends

D.C., for the record, has the most amusing ballot out of any place I've ever voted- since we have no representatives, no council ordinances, the Congressional primary is on a different day, and all but two candidates dropped out, the standard-sized 11x17-inch ballot for the optical scanner has one little box in the top left consisting of five names and a write-in line, and then there's a note taped to the ballot box highlighting that three of the names on the list don't actually "count" anymore.

I've decided that I'm not going to share publicly who I voted for this morning; I'll only add that if you think you know how I voted, I'd all but bet money on you being wrong. I was ready to vote for someone 12 hours earlier, and then I read Jen's post about the "choice" I faced and frankly I agreed with almost everything she said. No matter what, I'll suck it up in November and vote for the Democrat because I think Obama and Clinton are both good people and while obviously I hate a lot about both of them they'd both be decent presidents- certainly better than John McCain, who as I've noted several times and will continue to note, is a crazy person.

I still like both candidates as people, and I still stand by my position that both sides' supporters have turned me off far more than the candidates themselves. So it really does come down to what I think of them vis-a-vis their actions and statements, and that's why I didn't know how to vote until about an hour ago. Obama is a Care Bear who is quite literally going to give me diabetes if I endure another minute of syrupy sweet rhetoric on unity and change and Hillary Clinton, umm... voted to go to war with fucking Iran, okay? I think I realized around 7:45 this morning that I've really spent too much time worrying about being a Democrat. I am a Democrat, but more importantly I'm a liberal, and I'm proud to be one, and honestly I had to go to a voting booth and pick between my fourth and fifth choices. Yaaaaay.

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February 11, 2008

"Baking's kinda hard"

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Look, I don't know what this looks like to you. I've lost my ability to tell between what's cute and what's idiotic.

-The Critic

Yes. A hard thing, figuring out how... baking... works.

Management apologizes for the temporary abandonment of political context in this humble cartoon in lieu of material themed around the holiday devoted to the strange emotion foreign to its creator known as "love." We assure you this is an anomaly and your beloved cartoonist will return next week his usual, bitter self.

Happy Valentine's Day, or something. Whatever. I hate this week and everything about it.

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