January 18, 2008

Snow in D.C.

I can has snow?

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January 17, 2008

Eating babies

You know we're in for a great day of Mike Huckabee being batshit insane when comparing homosexuality to bestiality is the second-stupidest thing he said in the last 24 hours.

Huckabee/Keyes '08!

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January 16, 2008

Don't ask, don't tell, do pander

Tom has some good notes on last night's debate, but after sleeping on it there was one thing I wanted to raise- and it sort of addresses this over-arching theme of the Democrats being full of flowerly, hopeful language and no actual interest in policy.

At one point during the debate Tim Russert asked the candidates if they would support the federal laws forcing colleges to allow military recruiters on college campuses. As expected, since every single one of Russert's questions were of the "aha, gotcha!" form, all three delivered their pro-military, support-the-troops endorsments of the policy (providing, probably, the one moment where you really, truly wished Dennis Kucinich was there).

Okay, so here's the thing: the reason most colleges who are trying to ban military recruiters, for example my beloved alma matter NYU, are doing so, isn't because they "hate the troops" or for that matter are even across-the-board anti-military. The reason most college campuses trying to block recruiters are doing so is because the colleges have anti-discrimination policies, and the Army violates that policy by discriminating against gay people.

I'm sure many colleges would be receptive to recruiters if they were willing to adhere to those anti-discrimination policies. Given how the way to remedy that conflict is unbelievably goddamned obvious, it's sort of a wonder why all three of these alleged progressive, revolutionary, "change"-minded candidates failed to point that out.

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January 15, 2008

Michigan, summarized

Somewhere, Hugh Hewitt is splooging.

That is all.

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January 14, 2008

"Chris Matthews, The Continental"

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I actually did think of this one in the shower. I know people say that and don't mean it, but yes, I was showering and mid-scrubbing I suddenly thought, hey, Chris Matthews is like a horrible version of The Continental. Then I realized that probably 99.999% of you have no idea that The Continental was an actual show, and the Christopher Walken sketches were parodies of it. If you live in New York, whereby you have access to the Museum of Television and Radio, it is your duty to go there and actually watch this show. It's a sight to behold.

Finally, I realize that the image of me naked and cleaning myself is still, albeit just slightly, less horrifying than thinking about all the ways Chris Matthews had imposed his pasty white persona on women. His hatred for Hillary Clinton is palpable- though I highly recommend taking my word for it and not touching him- to a degree in which I wonder just how many people exactly she turned Matthews down for sex during high school in front of to render him so psychotically spiteful toward her.

For the record, Matthew's lines in the cartoon are derived from real statements, as seen here, here, and in a moment that still wakes me screaming at 3 in the morning, here.

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