The 2006 George W. Bush Dead Kitten Survey

Participant: "Emperor Misha I" - Blogger, "The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler" (


"Emperor Misha I" did not respond to the survey via e-mail but posted his response on his own website. For copyright reasons the full post will not be reprinted here.

Result: "No" to Question #1.

As his full post suggests, Mr. Misha does not approve of the survey and apparently addresses the criteria of the kitten-killing scenario with sarcasm: throughout his response it appears he was going to approve of the President's actions (ex. "He’s the President. He’s got a hammer. There’s a kitten sitting on his desk. What more reason does a man need?")

However, despite the exterior reasoning he finally disclosed that yes, the act of the President killing a kitten with a hammer would end any support he would have for him.

While the sincerity of the response is questionable, as Mr. Misha's post repeatedly noted his overwhelming support for President Bush's torture and wiretapping stances, as well as expressed an almost excitedly-high interest in the act of Mr. Bush killing a kitten with a hammer, he ultimately responded to question #1 in the negative and therefore that response must be tallied.

Also, one of his commentors threatened to kill me.

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