National Zoo, Washington DC - 10/24/04

The entrance hall to the panda pen had a display which depicted, among other things, the gestation cycle of the panda. For some reason, the crudeness of this scientific visual of how pandas hump cracks me up.

OH MY GOD I AM ACTUALLY LOOKING AT GIANT PANDAS. I really don't know what else I can say; I spent my whole life being told how adorable they are but once you actually go see one of them you just get lost in their adorable.

Sleepy panda. Dear GOD that's cute.

They covered milk crates with honey so the pandas could have what they call "enrichment activities." Basically they want the pandas to be active and playful so, at some point, they'll... you know... refer to the first picture up there. So they make all kinds of puzzles for them to get food (freezing it in ice, hiding it, etc.) to stimulate their instincts.

Panda panda panda panda!

My awesome photo of the trip. Good god I love the pandas.