National Zoo, Washington DC - 10/24/04

ONLY AVAILABLE IN KENYA. Mr. and Mrs. Lion sleep in their luxurious concrete cave. There's actually a huge island that the lions live on, but since they sleep 18 hours a day they don't really give a damn.

The flash of my camera reflected off the tiger's eyes. This is because for about five straight minutes, including when I took this photo, the TIGER JUST KEPT STARING AT ME. The best part is a zookeeper came by and called the tiger by its name, and it popped up and starting looking at her. I had this image of one of my cats and how they jump onto the kitchen counter when they want food. I left before it got any ideas. Turns out there were baby tigers, but they already went to sleep. I'm going to have to go back, because... I mean, baby tigers.

"Dude, I'm a cheetah. If I really wanted to, I could hit 60 MPH in about 2 seconds, jump 20 feet forward, gut your throat and drag you back to where I'm sitting right now. I am the NINJA OF THE GRASSLAND. Oh. I see, there's a plexiglass barrier. Well played, old foe. Well played."

A tower nicknamed the "O Line." I am not making this up- the towers actually seperate a series of orangutan pens, and the orangutans can use the ropes to traverse between them and the indoor pens. The undercarriage of the platforms on the tower emit low-voltage electricity so they can't climb down. I'd like to think that the zookeepers have a failsafe to the orangutang just jumping down from the middle and going on a killing spree beyond "well it's never happened before," but I doubt it.

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