Republican National Convention - 9/2/04

In earlier generations, newcomers to New York City would see the benevolent image of the Statue of Liberty welcoming to Ellis Island. Now, upon exiting the Port Authority Bus Terminal, you are greeted by the Westin Hotel in Times Square. This has nothing to do with the GOP convention, but I always reflect on how many people must see this thing as their first image of New York. It is, and I have held this belief for at least three years now, the most goddamn ugly building ever conceived by man.

The spiky building in the background is 1515 Broadway, a.k.a. the headquarters of Viacom. Almost everything they own is run from there, including MTV, CBS, Nickelodeon, VH1, Simon & Schuster Publishing, MTV's TRL studio, and Spike TV. In a complete contrast, I have always held the blatant evilness of its construction with respect.

Curtis Sliwa, founder of the Guardian Angels and more well-known of Curtis & Kuby, the radio show where Sliwa screams violently at some lawyer for three hours. I have much respect for the Guardian Angels, but I decided not to address any of Curtis' right-wing views on the grounds that, well, he would beat me to death with a pipe.

The CNN Diner. Actually, it's just a regular diner, but CNN rented the damn thing out and spent the week of the convention broadcasting from there with extras in the background pretending to be customers while the real diner remained closed because of CNN. Seriously. The digital CNN logo was added to the normal diner facade, because they wanted to emphasize how stupid it all was. Meanwhile, I was hungry and couldn't get a burger, because CNN paid millions to broadcast Wolf Blitzer pretending to be having one.

Sign on a phone booth. Planned Parenthood rocks. I might need to go buy one of these.

I'm not really sure what to think of this guy's sign.

Cuteness really is factored by how much you want to hug something even though you know without a doubt that it will immediately kill you. I lived in New York for four years, and I swear these are two of the cutest perfect killing machines I've ever seen.

The Texas delegation apparently dressed up in matching outfits. This is only a handful of them, as there were hundreds wandering around, all wearing Texas-flag-styled versions of what you see Garth Brooks wearing during one of his concerts. On a side note, I want to emphasize that I truly, honestly, genuinely took this shot because I saw the group of Texans wandering around. Only after loading these images onto my computer did I realize I had the two girls in the shot as well. But now that I have it, I offer it to the world. It is my gift to all of you. Dude on the right is so looking in the wrong direction.

The parking guide for all the busses transporting Republican delegates around the city. It looks like the fucking Terror Alert System, and that no one in the GOP noticed this and basked in the self-mocking irony truly amazes me.

MSNBC taped Hardball the entire week in Herald Square. No, I mean in Herald Square- they set up stage in the actual park; this was shot courtesy of a zoon lens from the front door of Macy's across the street. Poking from the bushes to the left is Pat Buchanan. I believe to his right is Howard Fineman. Definitely after that is Ron "I'll wear denim like a rebel" Reagan, followed by right-wing she-bitch Laura Ingraham. Matthews is being tended to by the blue-shirted production assistant.

After the fundraiser I volunteered for, I got back home at about 2:00 AM. I saw this bunny.