December 8, 2007


I want to start by saying that I really didn't expect this to go as well as it did. I placed the reserve at $75.00, which is half the lowest price I ever asked for an original art piece. I figured that if I really lucked out I might break a hundred bucks or so.

Big thanks to Tom Tomorrow, Oliver Willis, and everyone at MetaFilter for helping me promote the auction... and of course to anyone else who I may have stupidly not noticed.

But that said... of course, thanks especially to one Chris Mear in London, England, who pending payment has purchased himself a fancy original Some Guy With a Website cartoon for a $375.00 donation to Child's Play.

I don't know about you guys but I'm think I'm gonna go off and just feel squishy for the rest of the day.

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December 7, 2007


I've mentioned a few times over the last few years that my political awakening was the Clinton impeachment trial. I was raised in a family of Democrats but the shift from the typical, child-like "well I guess I'm a Democrat because Mom's a Democrat" to actually caring about who these people all were and what they were talking about happened on the day the House of Representatives voted to impeach the President of the United States for, essentially, being a Democrat. I'm not going to sit here and wax romantic about the Bill Clinton White House, but anyone who still sits down and suggests that after years of George W. Bush, what happened to Clinton was about "principle" is nuts. Clinton was impeached because the right wing hated Democrats. They impeached him because they wanted to destroy him, and the impeached him, when it really comes down to it, simply because they could. We would learn the hard way, years later, just what it meant to have a fully-functioning "because we can" legislative process.

I mention all that because Josh Marshall and Atrios seem to be the only people out there reminding everyone about the real story behind Wayne Dumond and Mike Huckabee. The news media certainly isn't including this essential part of the story in their summaries of the incident.

The reality of Wayne Dumond is that a serial rapist and murderer attacked someone with a distant relationship to Bill Clinton. Because of that, the right wing made Dumond a martyr, demanding his release and including him as one of the "victims" in the Bill/Hillary murder scandal that has allegedly claimed dozens of lives.

A lot of modern-day right-wing lunatics like to say that the left simply hates Bush on an arbitrary level- or have, to use the oh-so-cutesy term, "Bush Derangement Syndrome." The next time you hear some right-wing idiot claim that someone has "Bush Derangement Syndrome," please try to keep in mind that no one on the left ever demanded the release of a convicted rapist, who then murdered another victim, simply because they hated George W. Bush. That's exactly what the right wing did because of their hatred of Bill Clinton.

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December 6, 2007

24 hours to go, I wanna be donated

Okay folks, we're in the home stretch. The charity auction ends at 10:00 PM Eastern time on Friday. I'd like to think there is a cadre of highly refined millionaires who read this cartoon and are merely waiting until the last minute to place huge bids on the artwork. For the sake of the children, please prove me right.

Once again, all proceeds from this auction go to the Child's Play charity to benefit sick children across the globe. Spend out the butt, people.

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Joseph Smith doesn't care about black people

Cyndi Mosteller, Co-Chair of Fred Thompson's South Carolina campaign, explains why a Mitt Romney candidacy is bad for the GOP:

As a person who's been to seminary and studied somewhat the Mormon doctrine, I think that the more people scrutinize, look at and become aware of that doctrine, they will have more questions rather than less. I think particularly the Church's history, and almost theology, on the issue of race - particularly the black race - will be a very difficult issue to defend and to move forward with; especially when we look at the theology of the Church and what the Church founders and prophets and presidents have said throughout the history of the Church until 1978 when they first allowed membership to anyone in the black race ... There are some issues there and I don't quite see how you resolve them and seek out and obtain anywhere near the same level of African American support that President Bush obtained both in 2000 and 2004.

See, this is why Fred Thompson is skyrocketing in the polls. He truly understands the concerns of the African-American community. If there's one thing that constantly alienates black people from the Republican Party, it's its connections to the Mormon Church.

(What, exactly, by the way, does it mean to "not obtain anywhere near the same level of African-American support that President Bush obtained in 2004?" Losing Bob's vote?)

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Yeah, they ran the place like a freaking prison

The AP ran this fluff piece on all the White House candidates responding to the question "what was your worst job?" Completely pointless, except for one particular response:

Arizona Sen. John McCain: "I've never really had a bad job."

I guess the Vietnamese P.O.W. camp offered great health care or something.

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December 5, 2007

Also regarding shipping issues

This may be something that people knew about two years ago, but I only discovered it the other day, and although you all know I am quite the fan of hyperbole I am quite serious in my belief that Filler Item Finder is the most useful website in the whole of human existence. There, I said it.

Basically, the site lets you input exactly how short your order is to the $25.00 minimum required to get free shipping. In my case the other day, it was 84 cents. It then provides you with a list of everything available on that costs exactly what you need to make your order $25.00. You can even choose which product categories it searches.

I cannot even get into how many times this would have helped me in the past, and it will certainly help you this Christmas shopping season. Now I just have to find something in my house that can use the single AAA battery I just purchased for $0.90.

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I'm freaking over a white Hannukah

Oliver beat me to noting this joyous tradition of Washington D.C.- the annual mass freakout over snow.

For the non-locals, The District's reaction to snow is like it's own aurora borealis- an uncanny natural phenomenon that you must truly visit in person to experience. D.C. reacts each year to the first snowfall the way cities like San Francisco or Atlanta would- in other words- like cities that don't actually get snow. And yet, in Washington D.C. it snows every year, and every year the city acts as if this has never, ever happened before. The forecast last night was for 1 to 2 inches, and this morning the local news was talking about school closings.

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December 4, 2007

Christmas delivery

I've been so busy dealing with the auction I didn't really discuss matters relating to buying books and such. Apologies for what might be a short warning, but here's the deal:

(Please note all these are for shipping to the lower 48 states. If you live in Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, or elsewhere, please contact me immediately for estimates on time and shipping charges.)

If your order is or includes a signed copy of Junk in the Toaster or Attitude 3, these are shipped via media mail, and therefore to guarantee delivery before Christmas you must order before Monday, December 10.

The older books, as well as signed prints, are shipped via regular mail, so for those you have until Friday, December 14 to order those.

And if you want to buy original art, you should really send me an e-mail, like, right now.

As a last-ditch effort, I'll be adding an "express" button either today or tomorrow, which basically means for a extra few bucks I can ship out your order via priority mail. Believe me, it's not an attempt to squeeze money from you; all the extra dough will end up going to the U.S. Postal Service so I would recommend just placing your order now.

If you don't care about Christmas delivery, orders will be taken and processed through Wednesday, December 19. After that, the "processing center" will shut down until after New Year's what with 100% of the staff (me) being away on vacation.

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December 3, 2007

"The Japanese flying monkey"

Latest comic - click here!

Mitt Romney spent a good chunk of last week's Republican debate trying to score points against John McCain by bragging about how awesome torture is. See, torture is really cool to use against bad guys and stuff like that, and what does a pussy like John McCain know about torture anyway? Right? Right?

I'm still waiting patiently for my question to be presented by anyone in the media who considers the role of a journalist to require having investigative skills beyond that of the soup I had for dinner. Once again, it's really just that simple: Romney's supporting performing an action that, when the exact same thing was done by someone else, we put them in jail for. Isn't that just a tad odd?

Moving on: at the time of this posting, the charity auction is going beyond any number I actually could have imagined. I'm really grateful to all of you who have bid so far, and hope the trend will continue. I'll repeat for the seventy-billionth time or so that every cent of this auction is being donated to charity, so give until it prolapses your colons, people. Colons.


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