November 2, 2007

In which I read Michelle Malkin's site translated into LOLcat

Because dammit, I can.

Update: LOLEzraKlein FTW. Food subz pyrmid!

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November 1, 2007


It's nice that there are occasional reminders that perhaps maybe, just maybe, Amtrak would have a service closer to the efficiency of air transit if the government, which actually controls Amtrak as a public service, gave even a little more than the 1.6% of the amount of money it gives to airlines, which are privately owned for-profit industries.

That's not to say money solves all the problems of an inefficient system, but seeing how everyone is thrilled with how efficient, convenient, and inexpensive air travel is, you'd think more people would be open to considering how relatively inexpensive vis-a-vis the overall federal budget it would be to remedy the problems with a national rail system.

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Everyone hates Fred Phelps

Needless to say, the very existence of Fred Phelps saddens me, because there's almost never a story about him or something he's done that doesn't upset you.

I hate that I have to read stories about his latest disgusting protest of someone's funeral, but I hate even more that he's managed to be such a repulsive and horrible person that people get angry enough to ignore fundamental laws in favor of punishing him. It doesn't make me feel really good that a jury just awarded the father of a soldier Phelps' family picketed a huge award for "emotional distress." It doesn't make me feel good that the ACLU has to once again become cannon fodder for the right wing by serving their fundamental (and necessary) purpose of pointing out that even the most disgraceful piece of filth on the face of the planet has the right to free speech and free assembly.

The backlash from the right about Phelps, even more than from the left, is increasingly ironic, since the tactics used against him would shock the right in any other circumstance. Imagine the reaction from FreeRepublic or RedState if a woman verbally assaulted by protesters at an abortion clinic won a multi-million dollar lawsuit for "emotional distress."

In both abortion protests and Phelps' cult, the issue at hand here is speech versus incitement, and honestly I just don't see how Phelps was inciting violence or invoking threats in any way that could constitute intimidation. (Something that many abortion protestors have done, and have rightfully been sued and/or prosecuted for) None of his brood blocked or obstructed the funeral; none of them videotaped or stalked the funeral attendees; none of them tresspassed on private property. He's a horrible, wretched person, and I understand how most people would probably crack a smile at the thought of something large falling on top of him from a very tall height, but saying that God hates you or that you're happy someone's child is dead isn't exactly an allusion to commiting a criminal act. It's horrible, disgusting, vile, but utterly and totally free speech.

Like I said, I hate the fact that we have to waste time on this alleged person. Whoever God hates or loves, there would be a very profound and wonderful proof of his/her/its existence by simply making Fred Phelps vanish from the face of the earth with an amusing "poof" noise.

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October 30, 2007

No, dig up, stupid!

I guess I'm just less attuned to politics than I thought. I had the impression that Barack Obama was really doing well, and so over the last few days I simply don't understand why he just decided that he doesn't want to be president anymore.

The bulk of Obama's support are younger voters, mostly college students, the majority of whom can be nothing be increasingly offended by all of this. Hiding behind religious values to dislike gays is one thing- a terrible thing that I personally find odious- but at the very least that would be more palatable that flat-out endorsing a man who openly hates and spews bigoted rhetoric about gays. This is crashing and burning on an epic level.

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October 29, 2007

"FEMA is awesome"

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Still unpacking (and will be a for a while) so I'll be brief, but needless to say this story is tragically true. I'm amazed there are even other government agencies in the running for the most inept ever under George W. Bush. Let's give them a hand, folks. No, seriously. Give people a hand... lord knows FEMA's not.

New book coming to the store soon.... so for now join the list.

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