October 27, 2007

The system is down

Light posting until the start of next week. Also, huge apologies for the book not being available for sale yet. Things are a bit hectic and behind schedule right now, as the Some Guy With a Website studio (also known as the artist's bedroom) will be undergoing a relocation process this weekend to a new abode in the Washington, D.C. area. There's a chance that this may delay the publishing of Monday's cartoon; if so please again accept my apologies and do not call the authorities about my disappearance until at least, oh let's say Wednesday.

Update: And we'll be cashing that chip in now, I think, thanks to some delays in moving and ambiguous internet connections in the new location. The comic will be up Monday evening; Tuesday morning at the latest.

...adding: I propped up the monitor and desktop on a box just to get this typed out on the still-wonky network, but rhetorical question of the day: How is it that you can pack everything you own for a move, including painstaking care to fragile and expensive things (like, say, your computer monitor) so they won't be damaged in transit, and enjoy the fruits of your effort in unwrapping your monitor to reveal it completely unscathed... and then five minutes after unwrapping it, trip on the cord, knocking it over and damaging the screen?

Wonderful. This week's strip will be dedicated to the inch-wide discoloration spot that has now been permanently formed in the middle of my monitor.

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October 26, 2007

Also, I hate sunshine and kick puppies

I'm one of the very small handful of progressive bloggers (by that, I mean, possibly the only) who doesn't really find the Stephen Colbert presidential campaign thing amusing at all, so I'm glad to see someone on a much more relevant blog pointing one one of the many reasons it's a fantastically stupid idea.

On the larger level, I'm opposed to self-promotional vanity campaigns in general. Let's face it, Colbert is abusing an already-heavily-abused electoral process to sell a new book. A hilarious book, I'm sure, one which I will be buying a copy of myself, but nevertheless, this is an exploitation and waste of what technically is supposed to be an honorable system.

Jokes and laughs and South Park episodes aside, the election really isn't a joke. There actually are fundamental differences between the two people you have to pick between, even if you often find yourself hating both of them. And I don't like people treating it like a joke any more than I like people illegally stealing it.

Also, you kids all get off my damn lawn.

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October 24, 2007

We're super, thanks for asking

TPM needs a better headline writer.

(Yes, in context, the link is about The Human Rights Campaign, one of the most prominent gay rights groups in America. But still.)

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Rent-a-Soldiers cutting and running

Awwwww. It's no fun being a mercenary in Iraq anymore.

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Glenn Beck is a spectacular asshole

So according to Glenn Beck, if everyone listened to Bush, there wouldn't be wildfires in California. But when Bush didn't listen to the Army Corps of Engineers about the levees in New Orleans, it was the fault of the people living there for being stupid enough to live below sea level. So basically, natural disasters aren't as much the fault of global warming, but rather living in an area that voted heavily against George W. Bush.

Look, I'm not trying to be sarcastic or jokey about the disaster happening in California right now. I'm really not. And I fully understand that at the fundamental level, Glenn Beck is simply a pathetic jagoff. But honestly, exactly what percentage of the country's land mass has to be engulfed either in fire or flood water before conservatives start believing what's being said by people who, you know, actually study climate?

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October 23, 2007


I did the (highly-praised) illustration for this great article on Campus Progress about David Horowitz's latest attempt to solidify the idea that Muslims are the one group in America it's perfectly fine to be blatantly racist about.

The usual right-wing copy-paste comments follow the end of the article, including an old rotted chestnut I haven't seen since the leadup to the Iraq war in early 2003- that absolutely no liberals or progressives anywhere have said anything at all about the plight of women in Arab countries- something which in addition to being among the most fantastic pieces of bullshit ever presented in political punditry, is even more ironic considering it was folks like Horowitz and the warhawks who only decided after 9/11 that women were worth pretending to care about as an excuse to... ummm.... kill tens of thousands of them and their children in air raids.

The reality is, Republicans never linked to the stuff groups like NOW and Amnesty International have been saying for decades- yes, decades- about "friendly" countries like Saudi Arabia (stonings), Kuwait (public hangings) and Uzbekistan (boiling people alive) because those groups also mentioned how another really bad thing for women in Arab nations is war. And since we need to countries to be our allies (at least for now), well, you know- what's a few thousands abused, raped, and tortured women between friends?

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October 22, 2007

Wisdom of the ages

I'm closing the polls now on the greatest graf written anywhere on the internets for at least the next month or so.

I guess there's a chance that some of you reading this might not have pets with leaky butts. I do, and let me tell you it's no fun. Every time we take our cat to get her butt squeezed the doctor tells me she can show me how to do it at home. She suggests it would save me some money. There are certain things I am willing to do at home to save money. For example, I ask my wife to cut my hair. Something I won't do is reach into my cats asshole and wring out its butt juice. I'm willing to pay a professional for that.

If you didn't read Penny Arcade, you'd think it was etched in gold on the side of a Tibetan monestary.

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I don't know much, but I'm pretty sure it's impossible for Jerry Falwell to be smiling where he is right now.

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"Rowling's wide stance"

Latest comic - click here!

As you'll recall, it was none other than Hitler himself who suggested the people, not the artist, judge the artist's work. And I stick by the implication of how horrible it is people adhere to artistic fascism that way.

I've long-held a seething hatred for people who declare- under a body of authority given to them by no one- that a cartoon or comic book or other fictional character is gay because, well, they want them to be. (Hey, kids, the corpse of Charles Schulz called, and he just wanted you to know the Patty and Marcie stuff is still original and hilarious!) So I found the prospect of J.K. Rowling seizing that precious moment from the overburdened-of-free-time and calling the shots herself hilarious.

I was in Austin last week, a pleasant side effect being finally getting to meet the lovely Ms. Amanda Marcotte after four or so years of keping her well-stocked in cartoon panda bears. As is her well-crafted forte, she touches on the more relvant aspects of Rowling's outing here. For me, I just touch on the fanboys... who as this week's installment indicated, I believe are more pissed than they'll ever admit. Creators saying what their characters are? This changes everything!

New book coming to the store soon.... so for now it's okay to wait to buy some crap. But join the list.

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