September 27, 2007


In a rare double whammy, I neither agree with Atrios nor share in the usual pessimism. Yes, it sucks (incredibly) that SCHIP is going to fail courtesy of monkeyboy. However, on a political level, this is nothing but bad news for Republicans.

For all the intricacies of legislation, most Americans understand that Congress, which passed SCHIP, is run by Democrats, and the President, who is going to veto a program supported by about 80 percent of the country, is a Republican. Also, unlike the sudden disappearance of the word "filibuster" from our national media the moment Pelosi took the gavel, people understand much more clearly what "veto" means. It means the (Republican!) president just refused to let something become a law. The (Republican!) president said no.

Democrats passed a bill funding one of the most popular social programs in our nation's history. The Republican president vetoed it. Short of 200 million or so Americans sponteneously gaining high-school level knowledge of American government policy by dinner time today, it is going to be very, very hard for right-wing pundits to spin the message as anything but that.

Now if only Democrats could learn this as well for pretty much every other piece of legislation they've allowed to be filibustered over the last nine months.

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September 25, 2007


Yes, six black kids beat up a white kid, and they should be punished for that. That's basically the duck and weave issue the usual suspects are employing to not have to admit what is really going on in Jena.

Right-wingers have a belief structure about culture and justice in America that requires them to believe, honestly, that people just aren't racist anymore. I am pretty sure the standard practice for the Freepers at this point will be to claim that the Jena 6 is now "old news" and not worth their time addressing now that it's becoming harder and harder to ignore the underlying issue about this entire situation: that this is a town filled with very racist people being run by very racist people doing very racist things to people.

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September 24, 2007


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You know, I was really amazed. Honestly. I'm not being sarcastic at all. Here they were, Michelle Malkin and Jonah Goldberg and Hugh Hewitt and the like, screaming their heads off how every paper in the county- nay, the world- had to run some racist cartoons about Islam because goddamit, the terrorists lose if we do. And yet, for some reason, they just changed their minds completely about freedom of speech when it came time for some Americans to issue their comments about the war instead of, well, a religion of several million people. What up with that? I mean, there's no discernable reason why they would do that. None at all. Yep.

Buy some crap and join the list.

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September 23, 2007

Family Guy Star Wars special

Okay, seriously, guys. We get it. The old guy is a gay pedophile.

I'm one of the few people who defends Family Guy's practice of repetetive jokes, and usually I think they pull them off at the right pace, but Jesus, it was every other joke in the episode. Let it go already. Also, if you could perhaps make references to penises a few more times. Because, you know, those really encapsulate the quirks one can find in Star Wars to make fun of.


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Richard Cohen is paid to write stuff

Please keep that in mind when you read statements like this:

The swipe at Petraeus was contained in a full-page ad the antiwar group placed in the New York Times last week. It charged that Petraeus was "cooking the books" about conditions in Iraq and cited statements of his that have turned out to be either (1) not true, (2) no longer true, (3) possibly not true or (4) like everything else in Iraq, impossible to tell. Whatever the case, using "betray" -- a word associated with treason -- recalls the ugly McCarthy era, when for too many Republicans dissent corresponded with disloyalty. and the late senator from Wisconsin share a certain fondness for the low blow.

Yes, MoveOn buying an ad accusing (not really) Gen. Petraeus of treason recalls the ugly McCarthy era- unlike, say, the Senate convening a special vote to publicly blacklist a group of Americans for exercising their First Amendment rights.

I really don't even want to know how much Cohen is paid because it'll probably just make me cry.

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