September 21, 2007


Apparently there is no longer any racism in America anymore because it's been replaced by total mental retardation.

"Is this a symbol with strong meaning in the South?" Good lord.

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September 20, 2007

Ann Coulter is GoogleStupid

A standing ovation for Human Events' "Legal Affairs Correspondent."

See, human beings are actually embarrassed by things like this. This is why Ann makes the big bucks. Shame is for mortals.

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How not to advertise a room for rent

Well, at least he likes cats.

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Mother of the year

I just want to say well in advance how spectacularly awesome it's going to be ten or so years from now when one of Michelle Malkin's kids comes out to her as gay or gets arrested or brings home a Muslim kid from French class or whatever.

Sally Field's first child, by the way, is a professional writer. And I'm sure Malkin can attest to what a failure your parents must have been if that's what you ended up as.

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September 19, 2007

Thanks to YouTube, those civilians are alive again

Oh, some pests just never go away. The ever-adorable Jason Mattera, YAF spokesman and bullying, cowardly, racist hypocrite, is the darling of the right-wing interwebs today after successfully yelling at a 75-year-old man.

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September 18, 2007


Watching John McCain's appearances on The Daily Show the last few weeks, and then watching his enthusiasm toward it in clips on the internet from the 2000 campaign, I have to admit I feel really sorry for the guy. The most legitimate complaint about McCain is not his views that are alleged to be "counter" to the Republican base- in fact, he is honestly one of the most solidly conservative candidates in the race right now, especially on abortion and the war- but that he will pander to any crowd and distort anything he believes in for a shot at the White House. His best trait was that you could actually like the guy, and now all of a sudden he's the creepy guy on the subway you hope doesn't make eye contact with you.

McCain took a stand against right-wing fanatics in the party with campaign finance reform, immigration, and opposition to torture. And yet save for a soundbite on the latter he addresses this almost never in any capacity, and when he does it's completely different than what he said a week, a month, and a year earlier. He simply doesn't have a campaign anymore- it's like his slogan is "McCain 2008- I'm that guy." Because of that weird media-friendly "maverick" label, McCain had an amazing thing going for him in that with maybe the exception of Giuiliani he was the only one of the GOP candidates who could go on a show like Jon Stewart's and not immediately be recognized as a right-wing lunatic, even though he's easily one of the most right-wing of all the lunatics running right now. Why and how he just decided to screw everything up, I don't know.

None of this, however, dismisses how ecstatic I am that the right wing managed to eat their own on a level that Democrats could not ever have managed to accomplish themselves. McCain was unquestionably the best shot Republicans had for the White House. A year ago the debate was simply how high a percentage McCain would win by if he had the nomination. That we've dodged that bullet without Democrats having to spend a dime is joyous. Ironically, the only other candidate I'm afraid of is Romney, and the right-wingers seem obsessed with turning their guns on him now that the McCain campaign is a smoking crater.

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September 17, 2007

"Fear factors"

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This happens so often it drives me crazy. I love how right-wingers say that any news about a candidate they love that appears negative is a sign that the media is "afraid" of said candidate- as if the very notion that journalists might be doing their job is so rare and foreign that there must be some ulterior motive in play.

What's more infuriating is how the whole "Boy Who Cried Wolf" metaphor is dead and buried thanks to politics in the Bush era. I would have thought scare-mongering and threats to one's bravery would have been tapped drier than a keg at a Dartmouth frat as this point, but seven years down the line they've still got it. These guys can cry wolf stampede and get whatever they want.

Buy some crap and join the list.

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September 16, 2007

Happy days are here again

Oh for god's sakes. You leave for one weekend and you miss the greatest news ever.

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