August 30, 2007

Some Guy now also appearing on a much more popular Website

I'm going to be busy entertaining family this weekend so I wanted to mention it before the Labor Day holiday: as of Monday, new Some Guy With a Website Cartoons will also be appearing on The Huffington Post.

This is really exciting as it goes without saying HuffPo gets a hell of a lot more traffic than my own site, and I'm thrilled at what I hope will be a new crowd of readers to the strip.

Not to say I don't love all of you guys, of course. And if you love me, you'll visit my new feed at HuffPo and mark me as a favorite blogger.

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August 29, 2007

I get letters

This is spectacular: someone sent me hate mail using a special website designed for the sole purpose of anonymously sending hate mail to people. It's the wave of the future for jobless cowards!


You self-righteous smug jerk, I am now dumber for having visited your website. I will file suit for lost time and eyestrain. While you are at it, try thinking for yourself and opening up to more that the fascist, shallow lefty point of view. "Tolerance" .... yeah right. Try thinking deeper and longer term. Right now you couldn't logic your way out of a wet paper bag.

Irv Finster

How, I ask, could Irv not want to leave a forwarding address so I could compliment a masterpiece like that? Irv, hit me up again for a Gmail invite so you don't have to share e-mail accounts with your parents anymore.

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Naked geography trivia

It's the hit new game sensation sweeping the nation!

I mean, kudos to Miss South Carolina for cashing in positively on being the most humiliated person in America for two straight days, but that's just bad cropping right there.

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Tucker Carlson thinks beating up gay people is awesome

Is there even a remote reason in any rational world why this man is allowed to have a job after saying this?

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Those who can't, teach


Political Science 312: Military Operations and Winning the Peace
Instructor of Record: Donald Rumsfeld

In this advanced seminar, students will learn that the best way to take the fight to the enemy is to attack a country that didn't attack you, send in forces you didn't properly equip, and seek to occupy a country of 27 million people with 130,000 troops and no plans whatsoever. Goodness gracious, me oh my! Other topics will include running a prison with panache; using no-bid contracts to increase quality; and "listening to America," with a special guest speaker from the National Security Agency.

Campus Progress' latest contest is asking for rewrites to the conservative college course catalog. It's worth checking out just for the most disturbing poster ever they have up there.

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In which I propose marriage immediately

So there's this girl who is an artist. And she makes computers out of fiberglass beavers. And makes pants out of meat.

I'm thinking a June wedding would have the best weather.

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August 28, 2007

When Iraq and Bart Simpson were both older than us

Atrios posted an observation about Iraq and college students a few days back:

As we round the corner (towards the light!), and head towards the beginning of the 6th year of the great and glorious war in Iraq, it's probably a good idea to remind ourselves that for students entering college this Fall, the war begin in Spring of their 8th grade year. For those entering their freshmen year next year, the war will have been going on since they were in 7th grade.

For a growing chunk of the population, war has been a normal state of affairs during their formative years.

Something similar occured to me yesterday: The Simpsons has been on the air for eighteen years come this December. With college starting right about now, The current roster of incoming college freshmen across America will be the first generation of students who have lived their entire lives with The Simpsons being on TV.

I suppose it's almost outrageous to find a way to equate the two, but that really did have me thinking. Bloggers and political writers around the same age as myself have spent the last few months and the release of The Simpsons Movie spending way, way too much time analyzing the cultural and metaphorical impact of The Simpsons- but I suppose that's because of it being, and now literally with this generation of freshmen, a staple of their entire lives.

What defines something as having a cultural impact is its ability to make you forget just how long its been with you, like a fashion or a brand name or a catch phrase. As we used to quip in film school, "I'm old enough to remember when Bart Simpson was older than me."

When I'm at the gym and a rerun of The Simpsons comes on, I get slightly freaked out when I realize it's, for example, the Hank Scorpio episode and suddenly remember that episode was first broadcast in 1996. That's a nine-year-old episode of The Simpsons.

And Jesus Christ, that's Iraq now. That's Iraq for these kids. They'll be studying for a final in their junior year in May, 2010 and see a clip come up of former President Bush in the flightsuit and that damn banner on the aircraft carrier and put down their book for a moment and think "wow... that was really seven years ago?"

As Atrios said, we have students who saw the start of the Iraq war in their "formative years." That's going to be the cultural media landmark for them, and for the rest of their young adulthood. I had a cartoon show. Five years later, they got a war.


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You have got to be kidding me.

Meanwhile, no one gives any credit to my valuable participation in our nation's espionage program via my visit to the International Spy Museum last Fall.

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August 27, 2007

"How to be a professional Libertarian"

Latest comic - click here!

Clearly, there are exceptions to the rule, but it's amazing how often inside-the-beltway political magazines feel that the next big step for their esteemed publication is to hire someone who is, at best, a complete imbecile.

Sadly, No! has been doing the yeoman's work on one of the latest and most blatant examples of this- the Atlantic's recruiting of one Megan McArdle. I believe, somewhat, in giving all newcomers a fair shake. I also, amazingly, believe in learning to live with people of varied viewpoints than my own. Ms. McArdle, however, is in a class of her own. I literally have yet to find another person as stupid as her being paid by a magazine to know nothing about what she is paid for. And this, mind you, is the magazine that hired Andrew Sullivan. It's that freaking bad.

Every time I think I'm close to accepting Libertarians and libertarianism in general as a legitimate political viewpoint and not just a way for young elite Republicans to have a way to still smoke pot and be considered doable by members of the opposite sex, we get people like this, whose insight encompass exactly the method of intellectual discourse as portrayed in this week's strip. The great irony of Libertarians in political journalism is that they're the first people to insist that welfare of any kind if inherntly immoral, yet if you were paid even on the simplest merits of how not stupid you were, they'd be fighting over fridge boxes right now.

I'm not even going to get into Glenn Reynolds right now because the man actually has tenure and that just makes me want to f'ing cry.

Buy some crap and join the list.

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August 26, 2007

World of Tomorrow

Back in the wistful ancient days of... umm... five years ago or so, when I was still an animation student at NYU, one of the things that really got me into Tom Tomorrow's work were the animations he started doing on the internet. Tom posted a few of them on his site this weekend, and you should definitely check them out- I think the last site these were on vanished years ago and I don't think (sadly) you can get them anywhere else for now.

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