August 24, 2007

Almost, but not quite, Sophie's Choice all over again

I'm surprised Atrios didn't add the obvious snark to this report that Joint Chief Chairman Pace is going to recommend reducing troop numbers:

Administration and military officials say Marine Gen. Peter Pace is likely to convey concerns by the Joint Chiefs that keeping well in excess of 100,000 troops in Iraq through 2008 will severely strain the military. This assessment could collide with one being prepared by the U.S. commander in Iraq, Army Gen. David H. Petraeus, calling for the U.S. to maintain higher troop levels for 2008 and beyond.

"Could collide?" Kudos to the L.A. Times for suggesting the White House is actually torn between which plan they should get behind- the advice of the JCS Chair leaving in September or the advice of the Iraq report they're writing themselves and signing Petraeus' name to. I can't even fathom the torment Bush must be facing dealing with that one.

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Good, but just not as good as Method & Red or the Michael Richards Show

Fox's reality show Anchorwoman canceled pretty much during the first commercial break.

Oh well. We'll always have Paris.

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August 23, 2007

Except when she can

Following up on the polls putting her up in Arkansas and other red states right now, another reminder from Salon's War Room:

In the most recent Gallup Poll, 48 percent of the respondents said they had an "unfavorable" view of Hillary Clinton. At the beginning of 2004 -- which is to say, 11 months before he won re-election -- George W. Bush's "unfavorable" rating was 47 percent. And in April 1992 -- about six months before he was first elected president -- Bill Clinton faced a 49 percent "unfavorable" rating.

Hillary's not my first choice, and I certainly have problems with her just as there are things I like about her. But I simply can't fathom how there's much left about her to decide whether or not you disapprove of her as a person. The right has been professionally hating Hillary Clinton for sixteen years at this point.

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Save me from the stupid people

Shorter complete idiot now being paid by the Atlantic to encourage people not to buy their magazine anymore: Both the American Medical Association and the American Psychological Association say torture doesn't work and is a cruel and morally unjustifiable activity. Nah, not buying it.

Emerson and Longfellow wrote for this magazine once.

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August 22, 2007

White House again invokes the We Can Change The Rules At Any Time We Want Act

Once again, for the right-wingers in the crowd- it is going to be totally awesome for all you guys when President Hillary Clinton gets to do all of this, isn't it?

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Sketch dump

A quick sketch I made of my friend Ali. Happy birthday, Ali!


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August 21, 2007

This man continues to be paid to teach at a college

I continue to wonder why no one thinks of the children.

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My solitary Vick post

I don't follow sports at all, so I couldn't know or care less what Michael Vick's stats are as a football player. But I think it's amazing some people are debating if it's "good" or "bad" that Vick's NFL career might be over.

He tortured animals to death. I'm not a hardcore vegan animal-rights-equal-to-humans nut or anything like that, but I'm pretty confident that Vick's treatment of other living creatures classifies him as a psychopath, and that should generally rule you out from being allowed to play violent contact sports as your job. Vick should be allowed to play sports for money about as much as a professed child molester should be allowed to work in a day care center.

Whatever punishment is levied for his crimes is fine with me (though I'd honestly find a 7- or 8-figure fine to be paid to the Atlanta Humane Society much more effective than turning him into a jailhouse celebrity), but allowing him to play a violent sport ever again is just criminal negligence. He's fucking insane and projects that through violence. No football for him.

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August 20, 2007

"Dear Jenna"

Latest comic - click here!

All of Chip's fun facts are real. Combat tours have been extended to 15 months, many soldiers are seeing second and third tours, and yes- over half the American soldiers killed in Iraq are under the age of 26.

I'm guessing I'm going to get some pushback on this one under the suggestion that picking on poor Jenna is unfair, in which case I'll offer my own suggestion to bite me. Jenna met the future father of George Bush III (I will give you a moment to run into the street screaming) while playing the Mitt Romney's kids of the 2004 cycle, deciding that the best way to help serve her country while her fellow UT alumni were getting ordered by her dad to go off and die was to help keep him in office another four years.

Congrats to the blushing bride and all that, but that the media has already orgasmed over the idea that we might have an "American Royal Wedding" (I shit you not, one of 'em said that) that finally puts the cherry atop the grand sundae of blatant difference between the elite kids and the poor kids in this country and not, well, collectively hurled sort of makes me angry.

Buy some crap and join the list.

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August 19, 2007


Scanning through channels, the subject scroll on Fox News Sunday right now is, and I'm quoting here, "Bias Exposed: Should Journalists Bring Their Personal Views to the Office?"

I'll let you absorb that one for a moment.

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What. The. Eff.

I almost never write about the presidential polls- and I certainly don't think they have that much bearing this far out- but I couldn't pass up on this one.

Rasmussen, which if I understand correctly usually leans more often Republican than not, has Hillary Clinton beating Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson, and Mitt Romney by 18, 19, and 32 points, respectively.

That's probably expected for New York, you say? Well, you're right. Except the poll is for Arkansas.

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