August 17, 2007

We don't endorse hate sites, we just link to them

The Maine Web Report, run by Lance Dutson, a paid staffer of Susan Collins (R-ME), has decided to jump on the "whatever's linked or posted on Daily Kos belongs to Kos" bandwagon by referring to DailyKos as a "hate site."

What's interesting is, after the expected backlash of rational beings pointing out that what's good for the goose is good for the gander, Dutson whined back accusing (of course) of this being a massive conpiracy led by Kos, as well as one of the most staggeringly ironic closing statements ever to a post about how terrible "hate sites" are:

More on this from Little Green Footballs.

Dutson has to be aware, of course, that LGF's commenters post endlessly about killing Muslims and Arabs, among many other instances of horrific behavior. He should know this because even in his own comments, people point it out. Yet a day later, Dutson still happily links to LGF.

So does Susan Collins' paid staff blogger endorse one of the most racist, bigoted, misogynist websites on the internet, while thinking it's not a "hate site?" Is Senator Collins aware of that?

It's now been a full business day since I sent the following e-mail to Dutson:


I am very curious about your post "Desperate Kos tries to plant fake 'hate'", in which you lambaste Daily Kos, a website you earlier referred to as a "hate site."

I was wondering if, so as to avoid putting any words in your mouth, you would be willing to answer a question or two:

1. Under what criteria do you classify Daily Kos as a "hate site?"
2. Your post mentioned above links to the website "Little Green Footballs." How often do you read this site and rely on its content?
3. Do you, and more respectively the Collins campaign, endorse the content of Little Green Footballs, and why?

Thank you,

August J. Pollak

So does the Collins campaign endorse linking to Little Green Footballs? I'm of course not holding my breath expecting a response, but if one appears I'll post it.

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Due to a massive critical server failure with my hosting service, both the site and my e-mail have been down for the last 24 hours or so. Right now I'm registering that I received no e-mails in that time- spam included- so I'm gonna go out on a limb and just guess that's not right. If you sent me any e-mails after Thursday morning, you'll probably wanna go ahead and send them again if they were in any way important. Thanks and sorry.

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August 16, 2007

Jenna's gettin' hitched

Well that's just fantastic. And you know what, I really hope they plan the wedding quickly so they can have it at the White House. I think it'll be a great PR move for the Bush family. In fact, what would be really awesome if they do some kind of cool split-screen thing like on The Situation Room, and have the wedding and all of Jenna and her family and friends on the top half and then just scroll on the bottom all the names and pictures of kids 22 and under who have been killed in Iraq. Because, you know, it's really awesome how well George Bush's kids are doing these days and all that.

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The most widely-read newspaper in America


Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton could be elected president next year, and Rep. Nancy Pelosi would likely remain Speaker of the House assuming the Democrats retain control of Congress. But otherwise, women's long, steady march into public office could stall in 2008, and possibly even retreat.

If a fifth-grader wrote that in their homework they'd be left back a year.

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August 15, 2007

You have got to be kidding me

Sufficed to say, as an animation enthusiast I've held over-interpretation of cartoons as a massive pet peeve for years, be it the nonsense about Patty and Lucy being gay lovers to the libertarian fantasy that The Incredibles was some sort of Ayn Rand allegory. But I can really, truly not get into how silly this is without saying it in a way that unfairly attacks Roxanne and feminist blogging in general. I really can't.

The idea that Remy is a statement of male superiority to women is as laughable as the "Velma's gay" nonsense. The plot of the movie is that a rat is a better chef than all the chefs who have been slaving away at a restaurant for years, not just the female one. He does so because, as the movie hammers over and over again, he displays the will and drive to do so that no human- regardless of their gender- dares to. The theme of the movie isn't about a rat being a better chef than anyone else, it's about why he's a better chef.

However, that I think Roxanne's argumet about Ratatouille is laughable does not bely a much more significant over-arching point in her frustration with cartoons, that being the embarrassingly small number of animated children's programming with female leads. Disney, to their credit, has in fact produced four daytime series in the last five years that have just that- The Proud Family, Lilo & Stitch, Brandy & Mr. Whiskers, and Kim Possible. The movie Lilo & Stitch, however, is to the best of my knowledge one of only two Disney animated films, Pixar included, that did not use a female lead purely in a role to support a male lead. (The other being Alice in Wonderland, which was fifty years earlier) Ratatouille, like most Disney films, clearly fails Bechdel's Rule, but that in no way excuses pulling subliminal anti-feminist messages out of thin air.

Update: Okay, enough of you wrote in defending Mulan that I'm going to condede that one as well. While gaining the acceptance of a male is an ultimate plot point, I'll agree that saying Mulan's role was purely to support a male character is of course completely incorrect. The major romance stuff, as others pointed out, were relegated to direct-to-video sequels, which I think is best for all of us that we pretend never existed anyway.

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So much better than it is today

Being nothing close to a sports fan, I have little to say about the amazing life and career of Phil Rizutto. Instead, I can offer only the thing in which Phil had the most significant impact on my life.

You may either curse me or thank me later for that. RIP, Scooter.

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Four Freedoms

Long-time friend of the site Bob has a new politics and discussion website up. Make sure you stop by and say hi.

It's actually kind of nostalgic for me- I started writing on the internet when I was a member of a message board that talked, mostly, about what a terrible show Survivor was. Then they added a politics thread. Then the rest was history.

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August 14, 2007

On matters literary

Thanks, by to way, to everyone who wrote in mentioning your favorite blog posts. There were a few there that I can't even believe I forgot I wrote, and believed even less that I hadn't thought about putting them in the book. By all means feel free to keep sending in suggestions, but, as always, keep in mind this isn't just a whimsical flight of fancy but a genuine hope that you'll, you know, give me money for this when it's published. There's always a catch, isn't there?

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August 13, 2007

"Fred Thompson speaks so well"

Latest comic - click here!

There's been this argument going on for the last few weeks about whether or not Barack Obama is "black enough." And these are Democrats asking this. So, you know, just in case you might have been slightly worried the campaign season wasn't going to feel about as long as manned spaceflight to Jupiter or something.

Republicans, as we see in this week's installment, have a similar problem with authenticity. It just doesn't have the lively... well, color as that of the progressive movement.

Buy some crap and join the list.

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