June 15, 2007

The wheel APPROVES

I realize many will scoff at this, but I consider today a cultural landmark. Today was Bob Barker's final appearance on The Price is Right. I don't know much about life, but I know that if had one where I got to do a job I loved for 35 years, I'd consider that life pretty damn good.

In honor of a generation of service to kids home sick from school everywhere, I dedicate this clip to Bob. It still chokes me up a little, and if you'll pardon the sickening stupidity of bygone cliches, it's what made Bob Barker's Price is Right the epitome of what they used to call "television magic."

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June 14, 2007

Some Guy With a Slideshow

Attention all loyal readers of the DC proximity: if you're looking for something awesome to do in between barbecues and explosions this Independence Day weekend, come join me and a whole bunch of other cartoonists on July 7th for a free slideshow of cartoons and a book signing!

The Cartoonists With Attitude gang storms the capital on July 7 with an edgy satirical cartoon slideshow and book signing!

  • When: Saturday, July 7, 2 p.m.
  • Where: Borders 18th & L Streets NW Washington, DC 20006 ( 202.466.4999)
  • Price: Free!

Slideshow and signing with edgy, groundbreaking and controversial alternative cartoonists from around the country! Be there or the torturers, bombers, ex-gays and wire-tappers win! Meet:

And in case you weren't aware, you should really read our group blog (also available as an RSS feed if you want to get all our blogs and most of our cartoons in one convenient place. We also have a not-so-frequently updated Cartoonists With Attitude MySpace page if you want to be our friend. And you do.

This is a huge deal for me and the rest of CWA, and we're starting a few yards down as it's a holiday weekend. So we really need turnout here. Come one, come all, bring your friends, family, minions, and zombies if necessary. And a special note to the college crowd: get in touch with me if you're a student on a DC college campus right now; I'd love to get your help spalttering some posters around wherever it is you kids gather with your skateboards and big pants.

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Massachusetts defeated the final attempt to ban gay marriage.

While a lot of states have passed constitutional amendments banning gay marriage in their state, this is incredibly significant. The fact is, lots of states passed amendments banning interracial marriage, too. They were defeated as times changed. Time is on our side, because this makes marriages legal in Massachusetts for at least the next six years. The longer people are faced with the simple reality that two people of the same sex being married doesn't threaten anyone, the harder it is to enshrine bigotry in American law.

Afterthought: I have to say, I find it beyond hysterical how many right-wingers are wailing some tepid excuse that this wasn't fair because "the people weren't allowed to vote on it." Except, you know, when they voted for each and every one of the members of the state legislature. I wonder where the snot-nosed "the U.S. is a republic, not a democracy" twits have run off to on this one.

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June 13, 2007

My god, next they'll be saying they'll take the Irish

You know times are bad for war supporters when even the most homophobic right-wingers are acknowledging that having an army is probably more important than hating gay people.

The first thing that came to mind reading this was the Onion headline about the U.S. entering World War II: "Ladies, Negroes Momentarily Useful." It's simultaneously sad and funny how Barr has lowered himself to (gasp!) suggesting the war's going so bad that we'll even have to let the homos fight now, but couldn't manage to extrapolate his new decision that judging people on their personal performance and not who they want to have consentual sex with could apply to things beyond killing Iraqis. Like, say, every other aspect of American life.

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June 12, 2007

RIP, Mr. Wizard

Don Herbert, 1917-2007.

Think I'm just gonna go feel old and sad for a lil' bit now.

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But remember, this has nothing to do with racism

Shorter John Derbyshire: if it wasn't for so many people who still feel awful about that silly little slavery thing, we wouldn't have to hire so many damned Mexicans to do our landscaping.

These are very, very disturbed people.

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Oh right, the voting thing

Yeah, it sucks that the Democrats didn't get cloture on the Gonzales resolution. But it sucks a little more that they needed only seven more votes... three of which could have come from Democrats running for President who felt like it wasn't worth voting on.

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June 11, 2007

"A change of policy"

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It's almost maddening, isn't it? I mean, there were actually some vocal right-wingers demanding that Bush be impeached for the immigration stuff. What is it- tragic? Ironic? Moronic?- that it took a massive need to hate lots of foreigners to make Bush's fellow conservatives realize he's really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really bad at his job. Forgive us, oh remaining 31% of the country, for not expressing surprise.

Of course, as smarter bloggers than myself will note, not just hatin' on the brown people but Bush's approval ratings in general have led many to insist that Bush himself isn't actually a conservative. I understand Orwellian references are passe at this point, but if the right wing was any more fluid in their revisionism they'd be getting their orders directly from the all-seeing viewscreen in the wall.

Buy some crap and join the list.

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June 10, 2007

Random item of the day

My sister e-mailed me this weekend to let me know she just got back from her honeymoon. In a rare act of technological bravery, sis and that guy what with she hitched of sorts left their cell phones behind for two weeks in Bermuda.

And only half-joking, the thought that came into my head just now was "oh my god. There is so much about Paris Hilton she has to catch up on."

Someone kill me. Right now.

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Oh. Oh my.

This is just one of those situations where you can only sit back and watch everthing get worse and worse at increasingly-hilarious levels.

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