May 22, 2007

May you enjoy your weekend just as much

Okay, getting out of here for wedding-related program activities. There might not be anything until after Memorial Day, so I feel the best thing to leave you with is this video of a dude brushing his cat with a vacuum cleaner.

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May 21, 2007

"Terms of endearment"

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But of course, he did propose to my sister, which is why this might be the only new item you see on the site until after the Memorial Day weekend. I'll be heading up to New Jersey for many days of matrimonial revelry and rehersal dinners for said revelry. I am told the difference involved fancy clothing and large cakes. Forgive me, weddings are a foreign thing to me and certainly ones involving people who used the same bathtub as I did for years on end are even greater in rarity.

I'll do the usual blah blah Buy some crap and join the list stuff early so I can get to the gushy stuff. The dialogue in today's strip is loosely based on dialogue that actually happened between the upcoming groom and myself- good lord, like three years ago or something. Matt and Tina will be gettin' hitched this weekend, on the tenth anniversary of their first date. I'm sure the impact of this enormous change in all our lives will hit me somewhere around the time I'm at the podium reading a prayer during the ceremony so for now the concept of me being 26 years old and Matt being involved in over a third of them will be overshadowed by making sure I get everything done in time to actually drive up there.

Our conflicting classifications for one another also reflect a very radical shift in our fraternal status. Matt never really had any siblings growing up and I'm the older brother of the family so it's unique when a new sibling enters the family and it bypasses the previous experiences that I expected to come with it, such as having to rig burglar alarms with parts from Radio Shack on your bedroom door to prevent each other from stealing one's Uncle Scrooge comics. Wistful and whimsical these days were, and lacking I become in the resolve to dig for more supressed memories of childhood torment, so instead I'll just post the funny cartoon drawing man thing I do each week and salute the newest member of the Pollak clan. In short, this week's strip is dedicated to my new big brother Matt.

If this turns out to be my final broadcast until next Monday, have a great holiday weekend. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to pack and answer my phone, as I am unaware if it's either my mom or my sister but whichever it is I'm sure they're crying now.

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