March 16, 2007

Flash from the past

In honor of Dennis Kucinich's recent sucking up to Fox News for no reason at all save to get his name in the paper, I've dug up that Flash cartoon I made a few years back for the 2004 primary season: The Dennis Kucinich Rally for Victory.

Good times, good times. Were we ever so young?

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Once again, DC proves it has a special set of weather patterns completely unique from the rest of the planet. When even a flake of snow hits the ground, the entire city goes insane. So why should I have thought it'd handle rain any better?

Yesterday, it was 70 degrees. This morning, it's 40. Not only has the temperature dropped 30 degrees in 12 hours, DC decided it didn't need a sun today. Seriously. The forecast is torrential rain and 24 hours of perpetual darkness. It's actually raining awful out there.

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March 15, 2007

Sketch dump

I usually spend whatever time I have to sketch with ideas for this new comic project, but I've been really busy this week with various things.

But I really wanted to doodle something, so I went ahead and drew the Green Hornet. Because, frankly, the Green Hornet is the coolest dude ever. Yes, I sound like a twelve-year-old now. And as you can see, I often draw like one.

Badadadadadadadadadadad bwa bwa bwa BWAAAAAAAAAAA DA DAAAAA
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Here's $40 just for making me laugh that hard

Bwah ha ha ha ha ha. But seriously, ROFLcopter.

The New York Times decided earlier this week to give free TimesSelect access to college students and faculty with ".edu" in their e-mail addresses, hoping to nurture a stream of young readers that might stick with the paper and TimesSelect after they graduate. But it didn't take long for cynics and TimesSelect critics to suggest that alumni will use the ".edu" test to cheat TimesSelect blind...

...But the Times said it doesn't believe most alumni will cheat. "It's an honor system," said Vivian Schiller, senior VP-general manager, "And we're assuming that the alumni of this nation's colleges and universities have a thorough enough education in ethics to keep them honest.

I for one know the first thing I did after I graduated was rush to Microsoft's website and pay for a non-discounted non-student version of Windows, too. Because if there wasn't integrity with copyrighted information on the internet, the system would simply collapse.

Are they freaking serious? Can someone find out if Schiller was rolling her eyes or doing that "air quote" thing while she said this? The only thing that would make this more hilarious was if her statement was aired on CBS, which was then posted to YouTube, just for the additional irony.

Update: Adding in, I'd just like to be clear that I'm not jumping for joy and celebrating the existence of software piracy or illegal copyright infringement. I just find the Times' statement that they expect college alumni to "be honest" about it hilarious, as if they had in fact not heard about the internet for the last seven years or so. That they think people would choose a paid version of an exact same service they can get for free based on the precendent of this never having happened in the existence of the universe is what is so funny here. My point is that for all intents and purposes, the Times has not just made TimesSelect free to students and faculty at colleges; they have just made TimesSelect free to anyone with an .edu address, which is a vastly larger pool, and for them to pretend otherwise, let alone suggest the honor system prevails here, is laughable.

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March 14, 2007

It's the "I Didn't Do It" Boy!

If for any strange inexplicable reason you ever wanted to see what the voice of Pikachu looks like, well... here you go.

I have nothing to add to this and will leave now.

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So apparently they're already taking bets on Gonzales resigning before the end of the month.

No, seriously. Taking bets.

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March 13, 2007

And your point is?

This has happened for pretty much every investigation related to Bush, but I've noticed that it's ramping up very quickly with the fired Attorney Generals. A lot of right-wingers are jumping on the ever-popular "what about Clinton?" bandwagon. In other words, the response to Democratic calls for investigating Attorney General Gonzales, who as ThinkProgress and Josh Marshall are noting has quite clearly been proven to have lied under oath, is to make snarky and "gotcha" references to President Clinton's impeachment and Sandy Berger's improper use of classified documents.

So here's what I don't get: Clinton was, in fact, investigated. He was impeached, for godsakes. Sandy Berger, likewise, was investigated. He was convicted and pled guilty to a crime in which he paid fines and was punished. The argument from conservatives over these acts are over severity of punishment, not if there were actual investigations, because there clearly were.

Right-wingers are using sarcastic jabs at not liking the result of said investigations as their response to calls for investigation. In other words, their case for why Gonzales shouldn't be investigated is... other people were investigated?

They don't seem to be upset at all that someone was investigated in the past; they seem upset that someone was investigated and the result of the investigation was not favorable to them. I suppose that pretty much explains it, doesn't it?

Update: Gonzales to give press conference at 2 PM. Given the circumstances, it's quite obvious he's receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

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March 12, 2007

Point taken

I've been told both by readers and friends something I recalled myself post... umm... posting of today's comic, that being enlistment offsets actually existed. From the American Revolution to the Civil War, wealthy elites were able to pay an appropriate stipend as an alternative to serving in the army, and in many cases simply sent their slaves. I don't really know if this historical reality hinders or highlights my comic, but there you go. I guess in a sense this practice still exists today, only instead of you sending your slave they just stop-loss you.

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"Enlistment offsets"

Latest comic - click here!

Right-wingers trying to make hay out of Al Gore purchasing carbon offsets seem to ignore a more frequently-used offset practice used pretty much since WWII for fighting wars. I just think it would be funny if they flat-out admitted it.

I would prefer you buy some crap, but carbon offsets are probably a good thing too.

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The icons... they are back.

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