March 9, 2007

Hoona Igna Chowa Neha?

I don't often point these out because, by default, I thin you should be watching Adult Swim as much as possible anyway, but this is more than worth the mention: is streaming on their website this week one of the finest moments in the history of humor: the "Fire Ant" episode of Space Ghost: Coast To Coast.

There is categorically nothing unfunny about a single second of this episode. In fact, this episode was so wonderful that it originally had a segment, now cut and rarely seen again, consisting of ten minutes of practically nothing happening and it was still hilarious because of how perfectly executed it was.

If not an hour, this is by far the finest eleven minutes in the history of the Williams Street animation crew. You owe it to yourself to watch it.

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March 7, 2007

I Love L.A.

Just wanted to give a quick thanks once again to everyone who mailed me in clips of the comic from the L.A. Times. I'm overwhelmed with how awesome it looked. I'll try to get thank-you notes out by this weekend.

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Render unto Caesar

Because God would actually die and the world would plunge into chaos and darkness if "In God We Trust" wasn't printed on money, the U.S. Mint kept it on the new dollar coins. Except they screwed up printing it on one of the initial runs, and now you'd got about a 1 in 6,000 chance that your dollar coin is missing the motto and is worth around 50 times its face value. So while your reward may be in Heaven, you might want to check your pockets for a head start.

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In other breaking news, Ross to have fight with Rachel

It's kind of amusing how any time a comic company kills a major character to boost sales or a story line, some reporter somewhere draws the short straw and has to write some fawning nostalgic article about a "classic comic character" they clearly haven't read anything about in at least thirty years lest they actually understand that the idea the character will actually die and stay dead is ludicrous. I was about ten or eleven when they "killed" Superman, and even then I remember reading almost the exact same news story as this one and thinking to myself "they're not serious, right?"

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It's hardly worth it at this point for me to chime in on Libby since all the other blogs have already done it, but suffice to say, yay. I'm not exactly jumping up and down for joy, since it's quite obvious Libby isn't going to serve a single day in prison. Basically he just needs to push appeals for the next 22 months- hardly a difficult task given his legal and financial resources- and then he'll be pardoned by Bush on January 19, 2009. That said, it's nice to finally have acknowledgement that the White House is breaking the law. More of this, please.

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March 5, 2007

"Further discoveries in political genealogy"

Latest comic - click here!

I'm trying to figure out still how Giuliani didn't know his first wife was his second cousing. You'd think they'd have mentioned it once or twice during the courtship, or perhaps when they all sent their wedding invites to the same list of people. I suppose it's one of those mysteries that will never be explained. And boy, that Barack Obama sure is popular, isn't he? This is why I make the big bucks, people.

So, anyway, onto the department of things I never thought I'd have to write about. My CPAC post from the other day yielded some responses from people who identified as furries, who were upset with the joke I made for various reasons, mostly involving my suggestion that all furries like to have sex with each other, and also for comparing them to Republicans. Words like "yiff" (which I am not going to explain. Jesus Christ) made appearances in attempts to correct my generalizations. I didn't need them to.

So for the record, I was not comparing the CPAC attendees to all people in the furry subculture. Not all furries like to get together and have sex with each other in animal costumes and most are just good decent people. I was, in fact, comparing CPAC attendees to the small subset of furries who do like to have sex with each other in animal costumes. I really hope I've cleared that up, because I cannot possibly write any more about this. Since that previous sentence has officially guaranteed I will never work for a politician, ever, go buy some crap.

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