February 16, 2007

Nothing matters but the weekend

So this might be of interest to a few of you out there on the west coast. Apparently some local paper called the Los Angeles Times is going to run my latest cartoon in their Sunday edition. I know that's probably not really interesting since it's only the fourth largest newspaper in America but I figure some of you might be able to grab it at one of the larger news stands out in California or something like that.

Okay, in all seriousness though, this is actually really awesome and I'm very proud. If any of you are readers of the L.A. Times, and see the cartoon this Sunday, it might be a really awesome idea to write the editor of the paper and tell him or her just how awesome August J. Pollak is and how printing more of his cartoons would make you like the paper so much you might even buy more than one copy a day. I for one am buying several copies this Sunday as soon as I figure out where the hell I can get it in Washington.

See you, for once, in the actual funny papers.

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Support the troops, just don't join them

I did a strip a year ago about the College Republicans where I noticed a very funny thing about their website. Amazingly, the trend seems to be continuing.

A handful of right-wing bloggers are celebrating their new web site designed to promote troop escalation and attack members of Congress who vote in opposition to Bush's disastrous belief that he can somehow "win" the Iraq war at this point. True to the nature of the 101st Fighting Keyboarders, the trend continues: even though the site has an entire section on "support the troops" resources, there isn't a single link on the site to any branch of the armed forces, let alone to recruitment information.

Now, this is in no way meant to say the resources they link to are bad. Fisher House, for one, is one of the most noble and valuable resources out there to benefit the people in this country who bothered to do what most warbloggers won't. But the "Victory Caucus," which, given its name and mission, I would assume wants... you know... victory, apparently doesn't think supporting victory involves actually going over there. That's a tad disturbing.

Almost every major right-winger who supports the war has no interest in directing their readers to military websites to enlist. If I was really generous, I would avoid thinking it's because they know there's no point.

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This is actually John McCain's website.


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I never shut up

There's an interview with me up at the website 411mania right now. If you're dying to know some of the inner workings that are me, go check it out.

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February 15, 2007

I've run out of clever post titles using the word "panda"

Amanda's tell-almost over at Salon is, in itself, a great read, but I think the line I liked the most was actually the one she made on her own site linking to it:

Sad that my first story published at Salon had to be about my fate at the hands of the right wing noise machine, but hopefully my writing gigs going forward will be happier occasions.

I think they will, and I think that those gigs will happen are an important thing to remember out of all this.

Scum like Bill Donahue and Michelle Malkin and a handful of right-wing bloggers took a demented pleasure in trying to make Amanda suffer, but in the long run, any perception of "silencing" her has failed and backfired misearbly. Pandagon still exists (much to my freelance illustrating pleasure), better and more popular than ever before. It's not going away, and neither is Amanda. The ultimate result of a right-wing fervor intent on silencing a writer they loathe is that same writer having a louder voice than ever. As the trolls in her comments section directed by Donahue's fatwah fade away from boredom or merely forgetting the URL once it scrolls of HotAir's front page, remaning will likely be a not-insignificant number of new readers who will be inspired to read more feminist and progressive writing such as her's.

And in the very long run, you have to remember that beyond Amanda and Melissa, the true reason Malkin's gestapo cared so much about hurting her was that they wanted a Democrat to lose an election. All of this, as if to amplify just how little possibly ruining two people's lives meant to them, was because they wanted it to decrease the chances of a completely different person from being elected president. I am not a subscriber to the "netroots" bandwagon, nor do I wish to emulate the often overly-romantic political philosophies of Markos Moulitsas or Jerome Armstrong, but I suppose it's worth emphasizing that ultimately, at the end of all things, the way we prove to these assholes their battery doesn't work is by preventing right-wing Republicans from ever taking power in Washington ever again.

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February 14, 2007

The Al Franken Senate

This is going to be awesome.

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February 13, 2007


Look, my cartoons are supposed to be satire. I don't really think right-wingers are so stupid that they'd jump out a window thinking they can't die because by the same logic a cold day means there's no global warming.

I really didn't expect that within 48 hours of my last comic there would actually be a comment somewhere that repeated, nearly verbatim, the dialogue in my- again, allegedly satirical- comic strip. But then, like I often do, I forget the short bus that is Oliver's comments section.

You guys didn't really think these people existed, did you?

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Panda gone

I suppose a lot of people are going to be talking about Amanda's (Update: and Melissa's) decision to leave the Edwards campaign, most of them people who have no idea about what happened and are happy to defer to their personal views on the matter anyway. It's obvious that a significant number of right-wingers are going to claim this as a "victory" because they "know" Amanda didn't really resign on her own free will or something like that but honestly, if Amanda slipped on a banana peel the same people would have written a self-congratulatory post about it.

I could easily send an e-mail to Amanda right now asking what "really" happened, but I'm not going to. Personally I don't want to know and I don't really think I should want to know. She said she resigned because she didn't want to spend the next year facing the verbal and emotional assault of a powerful, horrible person who was intent on abusing her, and I accept that. I wouldn't either. I have no right to question Amanda's motives and to do so would make me just as pathetic as some of the right-wing scum who are trolling her site right now with their own pet theories.

Aforementioned right-wing stalkers aside, Amanda wasn't fired because of their demands; Edwards didn't cave in to their pressure and that's a good thing. In addition, Bill Donahue shouldn't be too happy that someone like Amanda is now no longer restricted to focus on him and his horrific actions. Thousands, if not millions of people have been shown the racist, bigoted extent of his so-called Christian compassion, and whoever wins in November 2008, I am pretty sure the authority of a creep like him will end up losing. And for that we have Amanda to thank.

Amidst what I'm sure will be a period of "celebration" from a handful of the usual suspects, I hope that out of all of this people keep one major concept in mind: for the last two weeks, Amanda Marcotte was devoted to getting someone elected president of the United States. For those same two weeks, a bunch of other people were devoted to getting some random person fired. In the midst of a debate over the "decency" of Amanda's writing, I think that pretty much sums up who the decent person is in all of this.

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February 12, 2007

"You must be immortal"

Latest comic - click here!

Is this you? Do you have a family member who does this? Please, call this number now and we'll connect you to an operator who can help you.

Seriously, every year this happens: there's a cold day and right-wingers guffaw to each other "well gosh, I guess that means there's no global warming HAR HAR HAR (sounds of gnawing into giant turkey leg)" and what I think is more annoying that the utter stupidty of this "humor" is how after so many years they still find it clever. Honestly, guys, you can think of a few new ones. We get it; Robert Byrd was in the Klan, Ted Kennedy likes to drink, and you don't think global warming's real. If they ran the elections like Apollo Amateur Night we'd have been one-party system for the last two decades.

I've apparently been lax in reminding you all to buy some crap; please help make up for it.

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