December 16, 2006

Lamer than anything that has ever been deemed lame

Seriously. Congratulations to Time for actually thinking of something even stupider than Rudy Giuliani in 2001.

...Adding in: I'd like to apologize in advance for this, because I'm sure it will offend some. But Person of the Year isn't the Special fucking Olympics. The entire point of the exercise is that everyone doesn't get a medal for participating. The purpose of the issue is to address the person or persons who, for bad or worse, most affected world events of that year. So they picked... everyone? Well of course everyone affected world events the most, fuckwits.

I mentioned Giuliani because I think most people who used to care about this would agree that 2001 was the year that without any argument Time blatantly copped out on the entire point of the issue. Osama bin Laden was clearly the person who, like Hitler in 1933, affected world events the most that year. But bin Laden wouldn't sell magazines and American readers would be too stupid to realize it's not an award. So now, five years later, Time's given in and decided that Person of the Year is, officially, an award. Congratulations, Time Magazine is now Everybody Gets a Trophy Day.

Wake me when we have journalism in America again.

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As noted above, I'll be taking the traditional year-end leave of absence from the site starting next weekend, so if you're ordering any books, prints, etc., you need to order them before Dec. 22 if you don't want to wait two weeks for them to be in the mail.

In addition, it probably goes without saying but the deadline for any guarantee of before-Christmas delivery has long since passed. If you place any orders before midnight on Sunday, I promise they'll be in the mail Monday morning, but beyond that I can't make any promises. I am, as the People often lament, but one man.

Posting will be light for the next week. The smarter of you know damn well what I'm working on.

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December 14, 2006

Barack Obama cares about your game

People keep wondering why Barack Obama has a chance of being president. It's reasons like this.

Apparently, Obama made a joke at the expense of a reporter at a press event a while back, and the reporter wrote a half-joking editorial about how Obama made him look bad in front of a girl he was interested in.

So here's the recording of the actual phone call Obama made to the guy apologizing for- and I am quoting here- "messing up his game."

How do you not like this man?

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Memories, misty redstate-focused memories....

Novak on those horrible Democrats waiting for Strom Thurmond to die so they can take over the Senate.

Orrin Hatch on those horrible Democrats waiting for Strom Thurmond to die so they can take over the Senate.

NewsMax on Hillary Clinton trying to kill Strom Thurmond so Democrats can take over the Senate.

FreeRepublic on Democrats trying to kill Strom Thurmond so Democrats can take over the Senate.

Novak, back for more, on how Jeffords joined the Democrats to help them wait for Strom Thurmond to die so they can take over the Senate.

This literally took me ten minutes. Are the pundits really all this stupid?

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December 12, 2006


One of those weird days in Washington where I'm sitting at my desk and Ned Lamont decided to just stop by the Campus Progress office and say hi to everyone. He played around with our talking Ann Coulter action figure (Campus Progress' unofficial mascot) and then gave us an interview.

This is actually one of the first interviews he's given since the election. Just sayin'. Because Campus Progress is awesome like dat.

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December 11, 2006

"Lesser-known Iraq Study Groups"

Latest comic - click here!

The "Iraq Study Group" always made me giggle. Study groups are what I used to do at my friend Josh's house in high school where we'd all shoot the shit for maybe a few hours and then just copy all our AP Calc answers from the Ukranian transfer student before Josh's mom showed up with a giant sack of dollar menu stuff from Burger King. He's making hundreds of thousands of dollars now doing a job that I literally cannot describe within a single sentence and I'm a professionally-unsuccessful editorial cartoonist. This has absolutely nothing to do with this week's comic, but damn if I don't want Burger King right now.

Oh, and buy some crap.

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