November 18, 2006

Was he in the studio already or something?

I'm loathe to actually care about this whole O.J. Book thing, but this moment caught my attention: on MSNBC just now, the anchor was interviewing some people about the book and the upcoming Fox special... among them, ultra-conservative mini-pundit Ben Shapiro.

Look, putting inherent biases I have against him for merely being a rabid right-wing nutjob aside, Ben Shapiro was ten years old during the O.J. Simpson trial. Unless this was his minor in college or something, I imagine the only reason he was asked to offer comment on this was because the real pundits took the early vacation.

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November 16, 2006

Glenn Beck asks Condoleeza Rice if she'd like a nice slice of watermelon

Not really. But I'm sure this is okay, right?

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KFC scars the earth in latest press release

My brother sent me this, and looking it up, my worries were confirmed that it is in fact a big PR stunt:

Kentucky Fried Chicken, better know as KFC, working on the assumption that extraterrestrials get hungry too, has announced the launch of the Colonel Sanders logo that is large enough to be seen from space. Taking no chances that the logo might be missed, the world's largest logo advertisement is situated right in the middle of the infamous Area 51, specifically in The World's Only Extraterrestrial Highway otherwise known as the UFO Capital of the World.

The unveiling of the 26,670 square metre (87,000-square foot) depiction of the beloved face of Colonel Sanders, KFC is now the world's first brand visible from outer space. According to a press realease by KFC, "the new logo depicts Colonel Sanders with his signature string tie, but replaces his classic white, button-down suit with a red apron." Graham Allan, President of KFC International added, "KFC is boldly going where no brand has gone before!".

The logo was was built in Rachel, Nevada and is made up of 65,000 one-foot square painted tiles. It took 24 days to lay out the tials on the Nevada desert floor. The project is the first step in KFC's Global Re-Image Campaign which aims to contemporize the look of KFC's logo, restaurant design, advertising, packaging, point-of-sale and uniforms.

While I find the initial disclosure of a picture of Colonel Sanders visible from space to be somewhat, well, awesome, I also really don't want this to ever happen again. The wonderous fantasy of future space travel is somewhat scarred by the idea that Earth will somehow become a gigantic billboard.

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November 15, 2006

I guess I don't know politics as well as Brendan Nyhan

Interesting. Apparently Hillary Clinton is a magical entity that makes her the only politician in the history of the Democratic Party for whom the ability to raise incredible amounts of campaign money is a bad thing.

Furthermore, it's clearly ridiculous that six years of media and bloggers claiming Clinton was an unstoppable juggernaut could even suggest that for Clinton to earn any media perception of a strong candidate she would need to win re-election by a large margin.

In addition, it's obvious that Hillary Clinton already has a stellar national image, and therefore has no need to spend money to promote herself on a national scale and make her a more appealing potential national candidate. I mean, that would obviously make no sense because it's not like she's considering running for any kind of national office in the near future or anything like that.

Finally, it's clear that Clinton did not have to actually spend any of that money in the most expensive media market in the United States, because as a single commentor noted, he personally didn't see any ads.

I'm glad we have experts like this so I don't have to think about how politics works.

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November 14, 2006

Ann says (stupid stuff)

Via Campus Progress compatriot Dana Goldstein, the Center for Advancement of Women has a nifty little flash tool that provides easy access to all the stupid things Ann Coulter has said about women.

I always find women like Coulter who spew nonsense about the evils of feminism and women's rights to be hilariously precious. Coulter is a childless, never-married lawyer who reached the highest point of her professional career in her 40's as a self-sufficient freelance social commentator. Sixty years ago, there is not a single part of that previous sentence that would be considered even remotely plausible as an aspect of a successful American female. Coulter, and career anti-feminists like her, have only one honest statement deserving of any feminist's time, and that statement is "thank you."

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November 13, 2006

"The logical conclusion"

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Comcast, thine art filthy, filthy liars. I especially appreciate the way they showed up to my new house on Friday to install the internet service for 24 hours. Then it decided that was all the internet I'd need for the weekend, hence why I'm uploading this week's installment of your treasured teh funnay a bit late.

So, anyhoo, how 'bout that President of our, huh? This week continues the observation from the comedy spectacle of the year that was Bush's Rumsfeld-go-bye-bye press conference that, quite inarguably, he lied his ass off for political purposes. To accentuate this, he actually said, directly to a reporter asking about it, that he lied his ass off for political purposes. And the media, much like our protagonist, feels it is still an unloy sacrelidge to consider the possibily that, perhaps, the President lied his ass off for political purposes. I was sort of hoping that when I got the internet back after three days I'd learn that people discovered their testicles. Instead I just found out that Jack Palance died. Internet, why not just kick me in the junk, huh?

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