October 12, 2006

Broadcast week ends

Apologies for not getting back to everyone who have e-mailed this week on matters ranging from Ghengis Khan to spruce trees. (I'm not kidding) I've been busy all week getting ready for SPX and assorted events. Likewise, posting will likely be non-existent through the rest of the weekend since I'll be away from the desk and out there in the wild, meeting all you lovely people face-to-face.

If you live in the DC area, I highly recommend you check out at least one of the awesome events listed above. See you there!

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Get your live audience on

I would totally suck if I forgot to do this before I backed away from the keyboard for the weekend: I have to give loads of thanks to David Rees, who tossed a ticket my way for the live stage performance of his Get Your War On cartoons.

The show was hilarious. It's amazing how, even it if you've read a really good cartoon before, it's funny and awesome again when reading it (or in this case, watching people act it out) with a whole audience. I highly recommend checking the show out. There are shows through this weekend in DC, and then it heads to Texas. Hopefully more shows will be added.

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While it's definitely something to worry about, I'm going to have to disagree with Tom (and many others) on this Lieberman-turncoat scenario. Much of my disagreement is the same argument I made before about the whole SecDef rumor- jumping ship serves no purpose for him, even if it means switching the Senate majority.

First, Lieberman is noteworthy because he's a Democrat who likes to bitch about how much his fellow Democrats suck. A Republican bitching about how much Democrats suck isn't nearly as noteworthy.

Second, Senators serve six-year terms. If Joe turns, it's again with a razor-thin majority. Would Joe really risk jumping ship in 2006 to find Democrats taking the Senate in 2008, at which point he becomes, how you say... fucked? Lieberman's personal assets right now with the Dems are seniority and a maverick image- he abandons both if he jumps. That's a hell of a lot of power to give up just because the Democratic voters of Connecticut made the egregious mistake of not liking him.

That all said, Tom's right that the lack of DNC/DSCC support for Lamont is embarassing. I understand there are more critical races and Lamont can self-fund, but sweet crap, people- get Obama or Gore or Bill Clinton to cut an ad, for godsakes.

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Mark Warner is announcing he's not running for president.

What the holy hell blankety-crap. Who did he kill, and what Boy Scout troop and/or diocese was the victim?

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October 11, 2006

CNN does not wing it well

I'm watching the breaking news right now about a plane crashing into a building in New York, and yes, it's very disturbing and horrifying that people have almost definitely died because of this, but the CNN reporters covering this are really having a hard time maintaining a conversation about it. Two sentences actually uttered in the last five minutes:

-The reporter in the news chopper explaining to non-New Yorkers the location of the East River: "it's the river between Manhattan and Queens, as opposed to the Hudson on the West side... picture Manhattan as an island." (Because, you know, I often picture Manhattan as a dormant volcano, or sometimes one of Jupiter's moons)

-CNN anchor to helicopter reporter circling the building with a cameraman: "don't go anywhere."

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I say!

I think this is pretty much as close as Josh Marshall gets to shrill.

Twits, what have you! Truly rambunctious verbal fisticuffsmanship leaves not to Marshall's ballywick! Harumph!

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October 10, 2006


Here's a picture of my new tree. The Center for American Progress had its annual fundraiser last week, and staff got the extra gift bags at the end of the night. As part of our environment awareness campaign, everyone got their own live Colorado blue spruce sapling. It came in a clear tube with instructions that said it had to be planted within ten days or it would die. And of course, adherent to the Gospel of Bob Ross your tree must be made happy, so now I have a tree. In a pot. In my apartment. Yep.

Look, folks, my apartment doesn't allow pets. So this is the closest to cat blogging you'll get from me. Deal with it.

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October 9, 2006

XQUZYPHYR & Overboard - Latest Comic!

"Hell, why not?"

You know, the last time I think I saw this level of denial in Washington was when Jeff Gannon was outed as a male prostitute. For some reason, people had this problem believing that there was someone sleeping their way to an unauthorized and unwarranted position as if that wasn't the most likely scenario in the world. Likewise, here we have one of the simplest, albiet disturbing, scenarios- Mark Foley craved young men, Mark Foley had access to young men, Republican leadership scared to death of Mark Foley's addiction to young men's effect on upcoming elections hid it- and apparently it's a conspiracy involving no less than George Soros, half a dozen unruly teenage AOL pranksters, and possibly something that can make people bitch about typewriter fonts again.

This is normally where I tell you all to buy some crap, but this week it's a special time to... umm... buy crap. You see, you can buy crap from me live and in person this week. All you have to do is be in Washington or Maryland and come to any of the fine events mentioned at the top of this site. See you all there! And I do mean all of you. Anyone who doesn't show up is dead to me.

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