October 6, 2006

I couldn't agree more

The cover to John Ashcroft's new book:

Umm... hear, hear.

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That guy again

Probably my most popular strip I've ever done was the "Some Guy With a Website" cartoon from Fall of 2004. I think what makes the strip so great isn't just the mockery of the "blogosphere" in general but how even two years later the incredible delusion that somehow, writing something on the internet without anyone editing or fact-checking it somehow makes you superior to traditional news media still exists.

I'm very glad to see Glenn Greenwald bringing up today the moment that inspired me to write that strip two years ago. There is an incalculable number of aspects of right-wing punditry that I will never, ever understand, but the one that for years has perplexed me more than any other has been the abilty for right-wingers to believe anything Matt Drudge says is true.

Two years ago, Matt Drudge declared, providing no evidence, no sources, and no arguable verification whatsoever, that then-candidate John Kerry was having an affair. When it was clear within the next 24 hours that the accusation was among the finest of imported bullshits, Matt Drudge- this beacon of conservative opposition to the "lies" and "distortions" of the "MSM" - clarified the story by removing it from the front page of his site.

The internet is a wonderful thing. And its abilty to provide information and a voice to billions of people who otherwise wouldn't have it is ultimately one of the crowning achievements of civilization as a whole. It is not, however, some magic badge of authority. Truth is not determined by being on the internet, or how many people read your website.

Truth appears to be the one aspect of human life where right-wingers complain about "fairness." Equal pay, equal rights, equal time for editorial opinion- these are all disgusting to conservative punditry. And yet, at any opportunity to present facts, be it in the news, on the internet, or at your college, they vomit forth platitudes to phantoms of an inherent right to dictate reality.

As a great man once said, facts have a liberal agenda. And since they're facts, the only chance for a "counter" from the right is to disseminate the facts with nonsense. Are facts different when the source presenting them is "funded by George Soros?" Do facts have different numbers depending on which way the reporter voted? People like Matt Drudge want you to actually think this, and people who read him, and consider him to be a news source, are people who choose to be stupid because they feel better that way.

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October 5, 2006

Well isn't that special

Within a week of a series of school shootings across the country, the NRA has decided to dump a half million into four Senate races, including over a hundred grand in Pennsylvania, where they're still burying five murdered Amish girls- on the day of the shootings.


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October 4, 2006

Heckuva Job


George W. Bush, flanked by FEMA Director Mike Brown and U.S. Rep. Mark Foley.

Two down...

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The District of AWESOME

I would like to salute the entire Mongolian community of Washington, DC for effortlessly highlighting what is necessary for the overall improvement of the District: a statue of Ghengis Khan.

Imagine if everything in Washington named after Ronald Reagan was instead named after Ghengis Khan. I'm checking with the lab now to determine if would actually hit somewhere on the top ten sweetest things ever, somewhere in between talking dragons and having my own pirate ship. I have to get coffee now and settle the hell down.

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October 3, 2006

Reynolds deploys his elite child human shield squad

Speaking of exploiting children. Via the NY Daily News:

The Upstate media today is all about Tom Reynolds' bizarre press conference yesterday, at which he surrounded himself by small children. At one point, reporters asked if he could make the children leave so they could as adult questions, and he refused.
So you're a Congressman who is also one of the key figures in an ongoing investigation into a fellow legislator and potential child predator, and your response is to surround yourself with small children to prevent "adult questions" from being asked?

Putting aside the cowardice of the media ("Mr. Reynolds, it's our job to ask questions about this, so if these parents aren't allowed to let their children leave the room they're going to have to deal with hearing questions about pederasty." Wow, was that hard?), what exactly the point of Reynolds using kids as a press prop anyway? Look, I'm a U.S. Congressman, surrounded by children... and I'm not molesting them! Well I'll be darned.

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October 2, 2006

Gate hate

Brian joins the movement. And thank goodness for that.

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XQUZYPHYR & Overboard - Latest Comic!

"Allen all in"

I was noting last week how it's almost possible to feel sorry for George Allen... almost. I mean, he's gone so far into offending everyone that he now has to deal with taking flak from core constituent racist groups for being too apologetic about being racist. But then again... "my mom makes great pork chops." Jesus.

So how about that whole "Republican leadership covering up one of their own Congressmen having a years-long problem with making sexual advances to minors" thing, huh? Excuse me for not doing a strip about that, what with it not really being funny at all. That said, I'm sure this week's late night talk shows have pretty much written themselves at this point. Oh well.

If you decide that this is the week to buy some crap, you'll notice that the pins are back in stock, and as such so is the Package of Awesomeness. Awesome.

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