August 11, 2006

In which blood evacuates my nose with the pressure of several hundred atmospheres

Apparently, James Dobson has decided to accept Mel Gibson's apology on behalf of the Jewish people.

Sorry, I just closed my eyes and when I opened them I was on the floor and it was dark outside.

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August 10, 2006

Okay, stop it

I'm not trying to be the nerdy, kneejerk contrarian here, but the rhetoric about Joe Lieberman's independent run is starting to get a tad overzealous:

The important thing now is for the media to realize that Joe Lieberman is not a Democrat--his party is now Connecticut for Lieberman. They need to post that below his name in all his media appearances from now on. Instead of "Sen. Joe Lieberman, D-CT," his byline should now read "Sen. Joe Lieberman, CT for Lieberman--CT."
The big issue with the tone of this election will now be how successfully Republicans spin some kind of angle that "crazy, left-wing Democrat fringe bloggers" are kicking Lieberman out of the party. MyDD is arguably one of the largest voices in this race, and Chris Bowers' comments are likely to be repeated and analyzed.

So, to be blunt, it's of crucial importance for people like Bowers to not say stuff like what's printed above that's completely wrong.

You can nitpick the legalese of party politics all you want, but I've seen this on a few blogs already and it's already become aggravating: Joe Lieberman is still a Democrat. If you say he's "no longer part of the party," you are not correct. Lieberman remains a member of the Democratic Party. He will continue to be a member of the Democratic Party during the remaining course of his Senate term, and if he defeats Ned Lamont, he will likely stay a Democrat. But he has not "stopped being a Democrat." He failed to win the Democratic Party's nomination. And of all people, Bowers should know this and be responsible with his numerous readers who don't.

Party nominations are not the same thing as registered affiliation. Lieberman losing the Democratic primary means he can't run on the Democratic Party ticket. Party affiliation and nomination are not the same: in New York, for example, candidates can run as the nominees for multiple parties at the same time (Clinton was both the Democratic Party and the Working Families Party nominee in 2000) Not being the Democratic nominee doesn't mean he loses his membership. In fact, there is no legal way whatsoever for Lieberman to stop being a Democrat short of registering as something else.

Likewise, I don't think Harry Reid is going to strip Lieberman of his committee assigments for this very reason. If Lieberman changed his affiliation to Independent, it would be understandable, but he remains a Democrat, and Congress isn't even in session anyway. There's no point to it other than more bad PR depicting Kos and others as raving leftists who want Lieberman's very name cleansed with fire from the Democratic Party ledger.

And frankly, I think it's better to continue saying Lieberman is a Democrat: he's a Democrat that failed to appreciate other Democrats, attacked other Democrats, and as a result, the Democrats in his home state chose a better Democrat to represent the Democrats in the election. The talking point shouldn't be Democrats kicked Joe out of their party; it should be that Joe decided he would rather be elected by Republicans. Saying Joe isn't a Democrat makes him look like a martyr. Saying Lamont was chosen as the better of two Democrats makes Lieberman look like a loser.

Again, this is nitpicky, but do we really need the aggro from right-wingers by saying this stuff? Lieberman's still a Democrat. Deal with it. There's so much else to attack him on at this point that Democrats should have no reason to make overzaelous, inaccurate attacks. Kos and Bowers should leave that to Lieberman's campaign, assuming he can staff one in time.

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August 9, 2006

There goes all productivity for an entire day

The Colbert Report "On Notice" generator.

Literally. An entire day. Enjoy.

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August 8, 2006

Well, that was quick

Congrats to Evan Bayh, who takes the prize at only 24 minutes after Joe Lieberman's concession of being the first Democratic Senator to publicly say they're not supporting him.

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I really haven't touched on the Lieberman/Lamont race because A. I don't live in Connecticut, B. Hardly have the audience to rationally believe I could front some kind of sweeping grassroots ground operation there, and C. I highly doubt any of you reading this site need convincing that Lamont would be a better Senator for the state than Lieberman.

That said, I do have one thought on the eve of the primary, and it's not a very optimistic one, but it's true: Kos and the "netroots" really, really, really need a win here.

Yes, I understand "we" also backed Herseth and Obama and a few other candidates in the last few years but the running dialogue, untrue as it may be, is that the progressive blogosphere has a knack for picking a lot of candidates and almost getting them to win. David Sirota is already writing the general "no matter what, for Lamont to cause this much trouble for Lieberman is siginficant" post. He's completely right, of course. But the right-wing media and especially the right-wing blogs do not and will not care, any more than if Lamont wins will they avoid saying it's a sign of "the 'Democrat Party' being taken over by extremists."

Right-wingers already have canned repsonses prepared for any outcome, so I'm glad to see Sirota and the left has done this too. But this is still as close to an "all in" bet as Big Orange has ever made. Conservatives are well aware of the impact the netroots are making, and this is their opportunity to shiv it right in the tendon. I'm not saying I support it; I'm just saying the truth: a Lieberman win tonight is going to be a huge blow for progressive online campaign activism- one I am doubtful will recover before November.

So what the hell, I'll make the pitch too: if you live in Connecticut, get out there and vote. And if your friends and family live there, give them a call right now.

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August 7, 2006

Aaaaand we're back

The original plan was to say I was back last night, but I instead chose the alternative option of watching The Venture Bros. and then passing out. Not from the show, but the preceeding plane ride.

As noted, no new comic this week because of my mini-vacation. However, enjoy Matt's latest, which made me laugh my ass off. There was a running joke when I was a little kid because my dad worked at the New York Times and therefore brought the paper home every day, and that I would of course never even read it because there were no comics in it. Now I don't read the New York Post because it runs Mallard Fillmore and I worry that accidentally seeing it will turn me stupid.

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