August 3, 2006

Broadcast week ends

Off to Vegas, folks. Enjoy your weekend.

Oh, and thanks again to everyone who have written in. As always, I'm really sorry I can't respond to every e-mail, etc., but I really appreciate the feedback, especially you guys who wrote to say you liked the strip from last Monday. Fan support is what keeps the strip going (and what gets it in your local alternative newsweekly, if anyone feels like writing the editors of those, hint hint) so it's always great to hear that the strip is still funny, and legible, and in English, and stuff like that.

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August 2, 2006

Vive les idiots

Welcome back, french fries.

I'd like to emphasize this, because it's very important people understand and contemplate it: the seat of the United States government decided to stop calling them "freedom fries" over three years after the war started. That is to say, the people running our country were calling them "freedom fries." For. Over. Three. Years.

Try to think about that. If possible, hard as it may be, without crying.

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August 1, 2006

College Conservative Coward strikes again

You might remember our good friend Jason Mattera, the spokesman for the conservative college group Young America's Foundation, who rudely refused to give press credentials to a Campus Progress reporter at YAF's annual convention because, well, he felt like it.

Well, a writer for the Washington Monthly was gracious enough to use his credentials at the event to write some additional material for Campus Progress. Jason Mattera's response to this was to call the writer a closeted gay and kick him out of the conference.

Mattera already has a history of inept public relations- for example, his famous helming of a "whites only" scholarship to oppose Affirmative Action, while he himself was receiving a minority scholarship grant. But I think it's very important to consider this concept: it's perfectly fine for a college conservative to be an inept, bigoted coward, but it might actually be a problem when his actual job is media spokesman for his organization.

For the record, after Mattera's last tantrum with Campus Progress, the head of YAF backed Mattera completely. It's really a perfect example of how conservatives treat the most inept of their lackeys. Mattera's one more act of making a public embarassment out of himself from getting the Congressional Medal of Freedom.

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July 31, 2006

Latest comic - "The sixth conservative sense"

Right-wingers are like the political jazz music afficionados of our time; their intricate detail into hearing the notes that "aren't there" and understanding the inner meaning of what the liberal musicians are playing is truly amazing. Now, it's obvious that the simplest answer- that many conservatives are just making up shit about people- can't possibly be the real one, so I guess it's just super powers. Maybe they just hear liberal subversive anti-American dialogue at a high-pitched frequency about the normal hearing level of humans. I'm sure there's a joke in there involving Ann Coulter and dog whistles, but I'm far too polite.

I regret to inform all of you that this will be the last new cartoon for two weeks, as I'm taking off the next weekend for a much-needed weekend excursion to Las Vegas. Please finance my gambling habit by buying some crap.

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