July 21, 2006


A theoretically-possible map of Springfield from The Simpsons, containing every location that ever appeared on the show. It works so well that it was just added to the Harvard Map Collection, the country's oldest map archive.

Simply amazing.

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July 19, 2006

The Decider

If you think about it for a moment, there's something much more symbolic about Bush's intent to veto the stem cell bill than just a platitude to the far right.

Let's look at this objectively: The President has never vetoed a single bill. This is mostly because for the bulk of his presidency he has had a fully cooperative Congress. Despite this, the talking point for the last three election cycles has been "obstructionist Democrats" and "activist judges" and "do-nothing partisan politicians."

So after six years, we have a bill that defies that. Regardless of your personal views on abortion or stem cells, consider this: the bill has the support of over two-thirds of the country. Both Congress and the Senate came together to debate the bill, negotiate clauses, establish agreements, and work out a compromise package that a wide majority of our elected officials, Democrat and Republican, agree on.

Basically, the passing of the stem cell bill is as close to any grade-school textbook presentation of how a bill become law. It is, in six years, quite possibly the closest example of an actual Congress actually doing something that actual Americans actually want their elected officials to do.

This, George W. Bush chooses to oppose.

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July 18, 2006

Ann Coulter is a goddamn lunatic

Is there just a slight chance, just maybe, that after the fourth or fifth time the same person "jokes" about endorsing murder, someone from the police actually bothers to start investigating them?

I'd like to repeat this because it sounds vaguely important: Ann Coulter is now claiming she mailed a fake Anthrax threat to the New York Times. She is making this claim, by her own admission, because she finds it funny.

This is also, again to make sure we're perfectly clear, the third time that Coulter has publicly called for significant numbers of people at a specific company to be violently murdered.

I'm not a legal scholar, but I tend to think that someone who makes multiple death threats against a single entity taking claim for a false terror threat merits at least someone with a badge picking up a phone.

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July 17, 2006

Latest comic - "Soros-funded hot dogs"

Now, admittedly, some of this stems from frequent rhetoric hurled toward my day job; in fact, I think previously-mentioned WATB Jason Mattera uttered the "slur" at Campus Progress last week when lying about our conference. So it just got me wondering exactly one has to do to become "George Soros-funded." Is there a set monetary minimum? Certainly there is data involved in this, for conservatives are surely not known for nonsensical hyperbole.

I just find the association fascinating. Apparently there's a large contingency out there who not only know who George Soros is, but apparently hate him enough to find his name to be a killing word. It's like that Kids in the Hall sketch where the lady starts screaming "you ate a child molestor's jam!" That's probably not the best analogy, but to be fair, I have no idea if George Soros like hot dogs either.

While my job is, I guess, technically Soros-affiliated, this website is truly and independently run. So buy some crap so I don't have to take a second job as a hot dog vendor. Thanks.

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