July 13, 2006

Lo, the king of all WATBs

Jason Mattera is a long-time fan of Campus Progress. He's twice covered Campus Progress' National Student Conferences (in both situations, lying about parts of them) under press credentials.

Jason's thanks for getting access? Smugly refusing to allow Campus Progress to cover one of his conservative events. Apparently the Young America's Foundation can't handle a 19-year old progressive intern and her dangerous, subversive credential request.

Not sure why he doesn't want our publication covering his little YAF shindig. Either he just wants to flaunt the thin sliver of authority he has, or he's just indoctrinated to think anyone to the left of the National Review isn't a journalist. Either way, methinks young Jason might be suffering some conference envy. Yeah. Conference.

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July 12, 2006

Broadcast delay

Apologies, but odds are little to no posting for most of this week. I'll be busy all of Wednesday and Thursday with stuff related to the Campus Progress National Student Conference. Check us out on C-SPAN and of course on the website.

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July 10, 2006

Latest comic - "Complete idiots"

We keep talking about how dangerous it is to print things, because god forbid al-Qaeda might read it and find out. After all, if it wasn't for the New York Times, a massive international terorrist organization might never have concluded the possibility that the largest intelligence organization in the history of the world might be trying to tap their phones.

Far more dangerous, however, are the complete idiots. The ones who garner all this information and then run, incensed, to their respective weblogs and columns screaming that a publication has committed treason for the dangerous sin of doing its job. What's far more disturbing is just how many complete idiots are out there... they're in our schools, and our homes. They may be in your own family. And they may actually think the New York Times "wants the terrorists to win."

I meant to get this post up earlier, but eight minutes before I was finished I spontaneously decided to headbutt a guy. Buy some crap.

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