July 7, 2006

Crass commercialism

I bring you two tried-and-tested ventures in fantastic marketing this fine day, ladies and gentlemen.

First: I am happily typing this post, as well as all the other stuff I typed today, in my Skippy the Bush Kangaroo T-Shirt. Skippy was kind enough to send me one and it's absolutely fantastic, and I assure you it has nothing to do with the fact that I drew the design on it.

Second: buy a freakin' copy of Attitude 3, folks. I don't care if it's an autographed copy from my store, an autographed copy from Matt's store, or a copy from Amazon autographed by Swiffy McWhiffle, the ghost who invented invisible ink. I could write a thousand words on the importance of supporting the alt press but let's not and just assume I did, thus giving you more time to buy a copy of the book.

You really need to trust me on this, too: the book is a fantastic gift. The range of the cartoons in Attitude 3 is superb, and no matter who you know, they are going to like at least some of the people in there. I, personally, like almost everyone in the book. I'm wavering on that McFadden fellow. I think he's on the reefer.

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The David Horowitz Freedom Center

Words fail me.

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July 6, 2006

Mad that we didn't kill him

Ezra is, if you'll forgive the pun, dead-on here.

I remember sort of a similar feeling from public reaction to the Columbine massacre- there was almost a sort of outrage that the two killers shot themselves in the end, as if their capture would not have instantly generated a national outcry to hang them from the highest tree.

To utter the understatement of the century, America's view on the death penalty continues to be very, very confusing.

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Blog terrorism

I've been reading a lot of Glenn Greenwald's coverage of right-wing blog terrorism. And that's really what you have to call it: the self-gloating, openly-endorsed idea that it's perfectly okay to publish random people's home addresses and other contact information.

For the record, I have in fact been a victim of blog terrorism, only on a much more, well, how shall we say it, adorable scale. One of Malkin's readers has called my office twice in the last year, the latter occasion identifying himself as "Albert Malkin, Michelle's husband," before hurling a string of epithets at me and hanging up. It was amusing because 1. as the owner and likely main writer of his wife's blog, I would think Michelle Malkin's husband could find a more successful venue to berate me than my voice mail and 2. Michelle Malkin's husband's first name is Jesse, you fucking moron.

The point being, most of the acts of blog terrorism are, contra Glenn, not something to be afraid of. Most of the time it's pathetic, cowardly little shits like my phone buddy who want to make you afraid because if they ever ran into you in person, they'd be scared to death of you.

However, sometimes, it really is. The fact is, and one that Malkin, et al, seem to forget every time they do this, is that the first real incident of blog terrorism came well before blogs: it was anti-choice terrorists and their frightening website that listed the names, pictures, and addresses of doctors who provided abortions. One of the doctors was killed in his own home courtesy of a right-wing fanatic who matched a face to an address and headed over with a sniper rifle.

Right-winger Bernie Goldberg went as far as to list the murderer in his book of "100 people screwing up America." The list also included Michael Moore, Cindy Sheehan, and Al Franken. That's right: the major right-wing public discontent over a terorrist murderer was equating him to a list of other people who commited the cardinal sin of making conservatives look bad.

Maybe it's time to remind Glenn Reynolds and Michelle Malkin that they're taking cues from the successful exploits of convicted terrorist murders. Maybe they should be asked to publicly state if they supported the anti-choice website that published information that led to someone's actual murder, not some hypothetical scenario involving Osama bin Laden, ninjas, and the Travel section of the New York Times.

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July 3, 2006

Latest comic - "KISS vs. MSM"

Well, yikes. I had assumed that you all sort of would have, like me, totally ignored the interweb for the extended weekend (translated: not have had to go to work to browse this site during work hours on Monday) but there you all went, showing up en masse on Monday to look at the strip, and me without actually having formulated what I guess we can refer to as the "accompanying explanation."

This week's installment, however, either needs no explanation or could never be explained in enough detail, depending on whether or not you actually understood the Greatest Metaphor I've Ever Done™ And if you're not a patron of our dear Saint Markos of the Orange, I like to think a bunch of funny KISS gags work on their own anyway.

As a special mention, I'd like to note that the two products mentioned in the third panel are, in fact, real.

Hope you all had a wonderous celebration of the day we said that we can steal land from Indians without England's help. I saw Stevie Wonder perform at the Capitol and stole a four-foot metro train map on the ride home. If your weekend did not include either the greatest musician who ever lived or the theft of government property, then I win.

Now buy some crap.

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