June 15, 2006

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In the land of the blind, the moron is President

Wow. Just... wow.

(More from Peter Daou. And yes, to be fair, Bush has since apologized.)

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June 14, 2006

Sea change

I finally got to see An Inconvenient Truth last night. (strangely enough, I ran into both Duncan and Oliver at the same screening, so there may or may not be some responses from them as well)

First and foremost, it does a great job of what its meant to do, which is present a concrete, persuasive, and above all engaging case about the dangers of climate change and global warming. Given the average American probably thinks Al Gore talking about the atmosphere for 90 minutes would work well as the new formula for NyQuil, I think the point that this movie is fun to watch needs to be stressed more than a few times.

Then, of course, is the issue of what people think the film is meant to do. And frankly, pretending the elephant isn't in the room is getting tiresome, so let's just be open about it: the film is consciously designed to be a campaign ad for Al Gore for President. That may not have been the director's call and not Gore's, but as someone with a modicum of understanding of how filmmaking works, the deliberate cues are just that: deliberate.

The slices (or rather splices) of Gore's personal life mixed in with the presentation, complete with triumphs and tragedies, aren't just good campaign fodder but significant elements of the film's very classification. On a technical level, they're what make the film a documentary instead of a concert film, thus making it capable of winning an Oscar in April of 2007, smack dab in the middle of Exploratory Committee Season. (If you think this isn't a significant part of any Gore 2008 electoral strategy, leave Washington right now)

The fact is, Al Gore standing there for 90 minutes and talking about how much he loves tacos would be viewed as a case for a presidential run because Al Gore is a living, breathing campaign ad. What is now six years of "Jesus, you morons, look at what you could have had," whether or not you're glad you didn't get it, radiates from the very appearance of Gore on the stage.

What is important, though, on both the political and non-political level, is that for any intent on the part of Gore or the directors or the producers or anyone else, Gore is not merely filming a campaign ad, and that's so significant it almost hurts. No one can watch this film, even the die-hard right-wingers who by default are instructed to hate this movie, and say at the end that Al Gore was lying. Or that he doesn't believe everything he said in the film. Or that he doesn't care about this issue.

Be it a presidential run or making the case for climate awareness, An Inconvenient Truth shows a politician caring and standing up for something. On so many levels, that's so very, very important.

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Holy crap, really?

Brace yourselves for this one, folks, it's going to blindside you. It turns out that FEMA's post-Katrina plan to help all the people of New Orleans by spontaneously handing people random sums of money... didn't work.

Wow! Who saw that coming, other than, you know, everyone?

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June 13, 2006

The four most awesome people in the world

I don't understand how any other country's fans could possibly top this. No matter how hard you try, and no matter who wins the World Cup, there's simply no way it can get more awesome than Mexico.

The Mariachi and the Luchador unite the world of soccer with their powers of AWESOME.

You win, gentlemen. It is well deserved. Bravo.

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I'll show that bully on the beach who the real blogger is!

It's important for the sake of this post to note that conservative blogger Tim Blair gets far more traffic than I do. Though I assumed it went without saying in this public and open blogging world we all populate, the reason is of course obvious: Tim Blair has a much bigger penis than me.

I think it's important to make Tim feel better and be open about this unwavering construct of blog heirarchy, as TBogg made it quite clear the other day that Blair is feeling a little, shall we say, unassured of himself after a very traumatic experience.

It's okay, Tim.  It happens to lots of bloggers.See, apparently Tim and his girlfriend were walking down the Vegas strip the other day and saw Yearly Kos, and Tim caught his girlfriend checking out Yearly Kos' package. Come on guys, we've all been there... I know how inadequate you can feel when your woman is looking at another dude because he's got a bigger blog than you. And like all guys, we have to get a little defensive. So Tim made sure to point out to his girlfriend immediately that YearlyKos was actually gay. And impotent! Yeah, he's not a bigger man than your blog, Tim.

Seriously, though... anyone else find the nostalgia almost precious? I haven't seen the right-wingers use the nonsense comparision excuse so quickly since the anti-war protests in 2003 ("See, 400,000 people in the streets don't matter because more people saw a movie that weekend! LOL!!!11!") See, it's not actually relevant that a blogger got together people from across the country and held a multi-day convention in which meembers of both the media and the government actually attended to address actual policy issues, because not enough people showed up to satisfy, and the quality of the hotel did not meet the standards of, a handful of shriveldicks who wouldn't have liked the conference no matter what.

Incidentally, I'm trying to remain impartial in the quality argument. I did not actually attend YearlyKos, but to be fair I also did not attend the annual convention of Pajamas Media, despite such riveting panel topics as "handling your third cease-and-desist letter" and "why you should Google your name beforehand."

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June 12, 2006

Latest comic - "Rock Solid Right"

I'm quite pleased this week's metaphor is mostly self-explanatory, as I literally just got into my apartment after driving down from New York City about ten minutes ago and could not possibly muster the usual diatribe. I have 3.9 cubic assloads of e-mail sitting in my inbox that needs filtering, laundry that needs washing, and an episode of Doctor Who to legally acquire using no illicit means whatsoever, all of which shall be attended to in, as they say, "the A.M." Goodnight, and buy some crap.

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