May 19, 2006

Holy crap

Ned Lamont took over 30% of the delegates at the Connecticut Democratic Convention. He needed 15% to get on a primary ballot. With three months to go before the election, a third of the state already wants to kick out Joe Lieberman.

I think the question now is, when Lieberman craps his pants, can you tell by his facial expression?

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Several folks out there have noticed, as well as I have, that there strangely seems to be no mention of the Senate's passage of a bill making English the official language of the United States on the GOP's Spanish-language website.

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May 18, 2006

Toxic sludge is good for you!

These are actual ads being run by the oil industry to try and counter Al Gore and his talks on global warming.

"CO2: We call it life."

Cannot. Stop. Laughing.

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May 17, 2006

Oh my god yes

The greatness that is the NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program has once again brought joy to the world. Behold, a life-size interactive Super Mario Bros. simulation system.

The sound you just heard was the universe, just slightly, being made a little better.

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Boston Cheer for Condi

Adjunct Professor at Boston College quits over Condi commencement speech.

Some highlights:

I am writing to resign my post as an adjunct professor of English at Boston College.

I am doing so -- after five years at BC, and with tremendous regret -- as a direct result of your decision to invite Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to be the commencement speaker at this year's graduation.

...I am not writing this letter simply because of an objection to the war against Iraq. My concern is more fundamental. Simply put, Rice is a liar.

...It is this last notion I find most reprehensible: that Boston College would entrust to Rice the role of moral exemplar.

To be clear: I am not questioning her intellectual gifts or academic accomplishments. Nor her potentially inspiring role as a powerful woman of color.

But these are not the factors by which a commencement speaker should be judged. It is the content of one's character that matters here -- the reverence for truth and knowledge that Boston College purports to champion.

Rice does not personify these values; she repudiates them. Whatever inspiring rhetoric she might present to the graduating class, her actions as a citizen and politician tell a different story.


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May 16, 2006

This is how Kirk made that computer blow up

Oh man, this one is just going to have the logic circuits of right-wingers exploding all across America.

Former Solicitor General Ted Olson will be representing Michael Skakel in his appeal of the CT Supreme Court's affirmance of his murder conviction to the U.S. Supreme Court.
Ted Olson was one of Bush's attorney's in the 2000 election. His wife, Barbara, was a conservative pundit who died on the 9/11 attacks. Michael Skakel, however, is related to Ted Kennedy.

Kennedy! Worked for Bush! He's related to Ted Kennedy! 9/11! KABOOM!

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May 15, 2006

Latest comic - "Jacoby & whiners"

The final panel is particularly ironic because of a pet theory of mine: if you actually read Jacoby's column, you'll note not just the anger at "Communist Chic," but some kind of perceived ignorance to the horros of the Soviet Empire.

So why, in reality, does it get up the butts of conservatives like Jacoby that Communism isn't seen as worse than Nazis? Because Reagan was President while we were fighting the Commies, not when he was bravely defending Burbank from German panzer divisions in 1942.

Norquist's Reagan Legacy project, by the way, has always reminded me of a story about Castro's Communist regime: down there, they say, he has the statues of himself built that already appear aged so as to instill the belief that he has reigned (and been honored) for generations. Maybe they should just sell t-shirts.

Speaking of T-shirts, buy some crap. No Communist logos of any kind. Just Hitler's skull. That's... better?

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