February 18, 2006

Attitude 3

I hope you all have sturdy, formidable asses. 'Cause yo, they're about to be rocked.

Attitude 3!

Attitude 3: The New Subversive Online Cartoonists hits the shelves June 1, but pre-ordering has already begun!

The lineup of artists for the book:

Rob Balder: "Partially Clips"
Dale Beran and David Hellman: "A Lesson is Learned But the Damage is Irreversible"
Matt Bors: "Idiot Box"
Steven L. Cloud: "Boy on a Stick and Slither"
M.e. Cohen: "HumorInk"
Chris Dlugosz: "Pixel"
Thomas K. Dye: "Newshounds"
Mark Fiore: "Fiore Animated Cartoons"
Dorothy Gambrell: "Cat and Girl"
Nicholas Gurewitch: "The Perry Bible Fellowship"
Brian McFadden: "Big Fat Whale"
Eric Millikin: "Fetus-X"
Ryan North: "Daily Dinosaur Comics"
August J. Pollak: "XQUZYPHYR & Overboard"
Mark Poutenis: "Thinking Ape Blues"
Jason Pultz: "Comic Strip"
Adam Rust: "Adam's Rust"
D.C. Simpson: "I Drew This" & "Ozy and Millie"
Ben Smith: "Fighting Words"
Richard Stevens: "Diesel Sweeties"
Michael Zole: "Death to the Extremist"

Maybe you like just me, but odds are you like a lot of the artists listed up there. And hopefully you'll discover a few new ones and like them too. If you're set on picking this up, then you should go right ahead and start pre-ordering now... pre-orders help determine the number of copies bookstores order to put on their shelves, and in the long run helps increase the exposure for the book.

If it wasn't for the handful I'm already getting for friends and family, I'd be pre-ordering too. It's what the cool kids do. Really. And you want to be cool.

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Like kryptonite to Kool-Aid

Go. Read. Right now.

The irony is that the concept of feeling right over being right is stongly present in Oliver's own comments section. Read back on some of his older posts and watch the nonsense that a handful of his right-wing trolls spit out almost like an involuntary reaction. They don't actually care about saying anything that's accurate or true: as long as it sounds like a comeback and they can write it in a way like they just "zinged" Oliver, they feel satisfied.

It's just like this cult mentality Oliver talks about, and it's infuriating. You're angry at them for being so stupid yet so happy with pretending they don't know how stupid they sound.

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February 17, 2006

I guess she's not a frequent Blockbuster patron

As Kevin Drum notes, Michelle Malkin by default doesn't believe in global warming because Al Gore does. But her latest whine about him is backed by her linking to two scientists in the Phillipines who say the real cause of erosion in the region is overuse of groundwater, not global warming.

Malkin's cherry-picked experts aside, what's odd is her attempt at a smarmy "heh, indeed"-style remark after quoting the article:

Unfortunately, warning about groundwater use won't get you a glitzy Hollywood movie contract or lucrative speaking engagements. I hope more scientists committed to the truth speak up about Gore's bloviations.
"Warning about groundwater use won't get you a glitzy Hollywood movie contract?" Umm, Michelle, groundwater use was the exact subject of both Erin Brokovich and A Civil Action. The two movies collectively grossed over $175 million. They were both true stories about real people who fought to cast a light on the real-life issue of environmental damages caused by groudwater negligence.

Of course, in both those movies, groundwater was in the context of a corporation poisoning entire towns because of its negligence, not wistfully blaming people's use of it for coastal erosion. So I'm going to guess you just didn't see either of them.

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February 16, 2006

Naushea Unhurt

CNN is reporting on the Cheney shooting incident right now with the headline "Cheney's Worst Day."

I would sort of think that level of sympathy would be reserved for the guy who's in the hospital after being shot, but that's just me.

Update: I need to test a theory that I'm one of only two people on earth who gets the title to this post. The first person to e-mail me correctly explaining it who isn't my dad wins a free XQUZYPHYR & Overboard sticker.

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February 15, 2006

Loose links

A few goodies from the mailbag:

-Robin Koerner sent me a link to the site Watching America, which translates foreign news from around the world into English so Americans know what people are saying about us in the other 97% of the world. I'm hard-pressed to find a reason as to how that's not monumentally useful.

-Reader Mark sends his own GYWO-esque clip art strip.

-I did one of those blogger interviews a few weeks ago; it's finally up at this site.

-A few people have sent me the link to The Party Party, with the "Dick Is A Killer" hit single.

-I was unable to get back to a lot of people who wrote me to say how much they liked the Dead Kitten Survey. Unfortunately one of them was the Radio Left blogging community, but they still have a nifty site and you should definitely check it out.

-Current TV has a clever animation series circulating over the internet; here's the latest installment about the State of the Union.

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Can't Hackett

Tim Fernholz of Georgetown and The New Republic covers the high-profile whining of Paul Hackett. And that's a term coming from someone who liked the guy.

More from Ezra as well.

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February 14, 2006

Magic bullets

A few right-wingers, backed into a corner, are turning Cheney-Almost-Killed-A-78-Year-Old-Man-For-God's-Sakes-Gate into a diatribe on how angry and vicious "the media" are being, especially with their demands from the hospital to get the answers about the victim's condition.

Okay, I understand this is a complicated one, but there might be a reason the news media are so upset and pressing so hard for answers right now: because the Administration has been lying to them.

As Atrios so perfectly noted just now, 24 hours ago Harry Whittington was "more bruised than bloodied" after Cheney shot him... in fact, he wasn't even "shot!" He was "lightly sprayed." Which seems very curious considering there are doctors on the teevee right now explaining how a piece of shrapnel that according to Cheney's spokesmen never pierced Whittington's skin has now found its way to his heart.

That is one magic bullet, don't you think? Because obviously it can't be that Cheney's people are lying their collective asses off.

Posted by August J. Pollak at 2:43 PM


Dick Cheney's victim just suffered a heart attack after a piece of the birdshot Cheney "peppered" him with peppered its way down to his heart.

Here's the FreeRepublic thread rushing to explain how this wasn't Cheney's fault.

Actual responses:

"IF he took a "turn for the worse," it likely has more to do with his being 78 years old than having been peppered with bird shot (based upon the doctor's report)."

"Man, I hope he doesn't die. The press would have a field day."

"Hate to say it, but he'll probably catch some kind of bacteria infection from simply being in the hospital. And who knows where it'll go from there........"

"I heard this on the radio as well. Folks, don't fall into the nonsense that this gets "worse" for the VP. Th ewhole incident is interesting but not a significant national story. It is a common hunting accident."

"No reasonable person is going to hold this tragic accident against Dick Chaney if Whittington dies."

"Minor heart attack? Probably the stress from all the press hounding him and his family."

It's unbelievable, isn't it? The doctors are standing there telling them that he had a heart attack because a piece of birdshot fired into him by the Vice-President moved to his heart, and they're saying this isn't Cheney's fault.

These people are diseased.

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I'd been talking to some people about t-shirts and I realized that it's been quite some time since I updated the CafePress shops. A lot of products simply don't sell, and I'd rather get rid of them to make way for new ideas. So that brings two important, and user-interactive, things:

1. I'm going to start cutting products from the store sometime in the next week or so. If you've been waiting for two years and still haven't made the move to get the Joe Lieberman Kuribo t-shirt or the Hitler teddy bear, you should go for it now.

2. It turns out that CafePress now lets you sell black t-shirts. I understand this is of a lot more interest to you guys than other colors. However I am limited in designs, so I'd prefer to make one that I know a lot of you would want to buy. Right now I'm leaning to just make another kitty t-shirt or slap the Ovie skull on it (like the Punisher logo, only adorable), but if you have ideas, you should send them along. Please note that by "ideas" I mean things you want on a shirt because when they were on a shirt you would actually buy it- not just things you'd like to see on a shirt because me spending my time making one would merely amuse you momentarily.

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February 13, 2006

Too much free time

The obsession folks like Jay Caruso have with Ted Kennedy and Chappaquiddick is really disturbing to me.

I have no idea what Kennedy "really" did: The incident happened twelve years before I was born. But unless I and every history book I've ever read is mistaken, Kennedy was never charged with murder. Now you can agree with that being "right" or not, but it seems quite pathetic that the right-wing response to actual crimes, or questions of possible criminal activity, or on some occasions mentioning the weather, is to declare that Kennedy's a murderer, as if that's anything other than a personal partisan opinion. And it's a shame for the family of Mary Jo Kopechne that they have had to deal with their daughter's corpse being used as a political "gotcha" point for 35 years, and for something as utterly meaningless and sad as to make someone feel smug on an internet comment board, no less.

Kennedy could very well have done everything the right-wingers accuse him of. But hey, OJ got off too. Shit happens. And when it does, I understand having a lingering, harbored anger toward a feeling of justice denied. What's curious about it is the magnitude right-wingers place on Kennedy as if this actually had to do with Kopechne and not their personal interests.

Let's face it- if guys like Caruso put a fraction of the time they spent stalking Kennedy into asking why the President hasn't caught bin Laden yet, an actual at-large murderer might be in prison right now.

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Latest comic - "Cartoon controversy for kids"

X&O OGs will remember this gag from... good lord, over three years ago. Man, in comic years I'm like, a hundred.

Not much to say here that the comic's general theme already doesn't- not to dismiss the carnage and devastation overseas this controversy has led to, but stateside I've become tired of the whole ordeal- at least in terms of posturing. An entire week's news cycle ultimately ended up being devoted to how much certain papers and groups could out-First-Amendment each other. If you're really interested in how the controversy is being viewed by people who aren't just trying to score their partisan moral points over this, Campus Progress has a nice wrap-up of the analysis from Europe. To paraphrase Eddie Izzard, yes, there are in fact other countries.

Now buy some crap.

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February 12, 2006

Tomorrow will be the greatest news day in the history of mankind

Dick Cheney accidentally shot someone.

I just... I...


...I better go.

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