December 23, 2005

Merry Christmas from XQUZYPHYR & Overboard

XQUZYPHYR & Overboard - Christmas 2005

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And to all a good night. See you next year.

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December 22, 2005

You guys

I'm vapor after tomorrow for the rest of the year, so before the comic comes I have to get this out of the way. Something I completely did not expect happened this week. A few of you actually wrote me for no other reason than to say thank you for the year's worth of posts and cartoons. That's just amazing.

This has been a weird year for me as far as the site goes because it's been the first full year when the response to the site has totally overwhelmed my ability to respond to all of it. There was a time when I had the means and time to respond individually to every one of you and that it appears it has officially passed is both an exciting and depressing time. Maybe I'm just being pretentious as hell, and maybe I'll lose half of you next week or something and it'll be back to one e-mail a week and novel-long responses to them. Who knows.

As I said in my interview with Ted Rall this year, the response I get from some of you guys is divinity. That some of you are willing to spend $20 for a signed print, come to a comic show, ask me to guest post, recommend me to others, take interest in Campus Progress because I said so; these are all things that five years ago I never in my wildest dreams would have thought I had the ability to do. I have received links to humor beyond my abilty, met fans beyond my comprehension, been given words of encouragement I never thought myself, and been told things I never expected to hear. In my wildest dreams I never expected to receive e-mails that say things like "I found your site through the beastiality fan board I read; you're hilarious." I treasure this.

I am, and likely always will be, one who promises that which he cannot completely deliver. So it's with trepidation that I discuss the future of the cartoons and the site. While I am sad for the decline in post frequency you've seen over the last few months, I am genuinely happy with the things I'm doing that caused it: mainly, my fantastic job at Campus Progress and all the great work we do there, and my now-established routine of weekly cartoons. Next year I am going to be considering some new ideas, new projects- maybe even a new comic completely independent of XQUZYPHYR & Overboard. I have no idea if any of it will come to fruition. But I know that I have a thousand friends who will come check and see how I'm doing. In yet another complete and total failure to get through a post without using filthy language, I must reflect exactly what's in my heart: you guys are the shit.

The Christmas Comic goes up tomorrow.

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And good will toward men

Greatest. Christmas card. Ever.

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Panda facts

Because, well, why the hell not. From reader Keith Irwin:

I watched the same Panda special you did (taped it at the request of my brother's girlfriend who is in England). The one thing that you did not talk about at all is -why- the panda is like this. You have to keep in mind that all of these traits described -promote- the survival of pandas in the environment in which they evolved. Eating bamboo is terrific -because- bamboo has so little nutrition. There's nothing else which eats bamboo. Nothing at all. And there's tons and tons of it. It grows like a weed. So you've got an enormous food source which no other creature on the whole planet is competing with you for. But in the end, it's not an unlimited food source. So if the panda were really good at reproducing, they would overwhelm their food source, leading to mass starvation and possible extinction if they were successful enough at eating all the food. This is particularly true of pandas and not say something like field mice or rabbits or fruit flies which are good at reproduction because the pandas have no predators. There's nothing which eats pandas and not even any major diseases that pandas fall victim to. So the only limiting factors to their population growth in their natural environment are their food supply and their ability to reproduce.

But as I mentioned, using food supplies to limit the growth can be disastrous for a species. So when presented with this sort of scenario, the best trait to ensure the survival of the species is to be bad at reproduction. Obviously not so bad as to shrink, but just bad enough that the population stays stable.

Unfortunately, when you introduce a new predator into the equation (humanity) and also start shrinking their habitat, they are unable to adapt very well.

Valid points all, but in the end, nothing to deflect the Grand Theory of Panda Total Stupidity. He tried to hump her head.

While I'm at it: hermit crabs. Also very, very stupid. But that's another tale.

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December 20, 2005

Oh yeah... the iPod

Not that you crazy kids out there like iPods or anything, but you can win one for free thanks to Campus Progress. As you know we've got the Alito's America campaign running. Today we launched the photo petition, which is a really clever way of getting students and celebrities and anyone interested to voice their concerns about just how screwed we're all going to be with Alito on the bench.

Basically, here's the deal: what does America mean to you? What do you care most about protecting, and what's the most endangered thing in Alito's America? Write it down on a big piece of paper, and take a photo of yourself holding the sign. If you're over 18 and don't work at the same office I do, you're eligible to win an iPod Nano. If you think that's all too difficult to do, then you're of an intellectual level at which Samuel Alito would still want to execute you.

Oh, free can koozies too. Which is almost like an iPod. Honest.

Update: A couple things, since I've been getting some confused (and confusing) e-mails. First off, please don't send photos to me. This isn't an project, it's something being done at my day job over at the Center. Second, I really am proud of the response we're already getting but this isn't just a "send us your photo and you'll win an iPod" deal. We really want a statement with the photo essay, and that means actually following the instructions: writing on the card, holding the card up, taking the picture. Part of my job is now deleting a bunch of bogus photos people are just pulling off Google Image Search. Come on, guys... be creative here. Insert speech about impact on the future here.

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December 19, 2005


The thing pissing Michelle Malkin off this week is Time's Persons of the Year:

And, sorry, but Melinda Gates? She marries the software mogul after he has done his greatest work...and that makes her a co-person of the year?)
Think Jesse wrote that one?

(via TalkLeft)

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