November 18, 2005

DOA Media

If you only read one (and I'm sure there will be many) report on the launch of Pajamas Open Source Media, the new venture from a bunch of right-wing bloggers to link to news articles to prove how the news isn't covering things, read Jim Lowney's. The closing graf is worth the price of admission alone.

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November 17, 2005

One of my favorite movies may have just been ruined forever

This shouldn't be as funny as it actually is.

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November 15, 2005

Mortal Kombat!

As a special feature, all this week at Campus Progress, Ezra Klein and Adam Kushner will be debating the pros and cons of withdrawing from Iraq.


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The "yeah, but" defense

Ted Rall sort of sums up the stupidity of the recent news that Senators now want to "compromise" on McCain's anti-torture bill.

Look, politics, and debate in general, tends to discourage thinking in absolutes. (See "with us or against us," etc.) But I'm hard-pressed to see how there aren't absolutes in this issue. You either support torturing people or not. If you support torturing terrorists, than to not be a hypocrite you also have to support actually proving they're terrorists, not using torture to find out if they're terrorists, thus making it okay to torture them.

For some reason conservatives and even some moderates are hiding behind the ever-increasingly stupid "ticking time bomb" argument, as if insisting that you support something only because of what you yourself have defined as the most unlikely, extreme situation makes any sense whatsoever. All of a sudden, when you want to defend your varied, complex position on a seemingly bloack-and-white issue, you turn to an absolute.

It's the same silly logic behind a growing number of people straining to defend Alito's blatantly obvious support of overturning Roe v. Wade by saying "well I support choice, but I agree that Roe was a bad decision, from a legal perspective." Who the hell actually says that garbage outside of an internet message board? If you are against abortion, fine, you're against abortion. But cut the stupid act of pretending that judicial structure is more important to you. Again, you either support women having rights to control their bodies in a certain way or you don't. Roe is the decision that established that right. Knock it off and take a friggin' stand.

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November 14, 2005

Newest comic - "Good knight and good luck"

As if I would lie to you, the true story in question lies here, courtesy of a handful of blogs that focus on the daily vulgarities of gender bias to a level far greater than I've ever endeavored. Which admittedly kind of set the whole idea for the cartoon in stone, as when I first read about teaching kids the "principles" of medieval knights the first thing that came into my head was the stuff in the other three panels.

Meanwhile, I apparently missed over the weekend a riveting discussion about whether or not holding doors open for people was considered an act of male chivalry and not a gesture of common courtesy on the same level as noting to someone, regardless of gender, that they were, say, about to be hit by oncoming motor vehicles and should leap out of the way. It's moments like those when I think we have actually exhausted our on-hand supply of internet.

Crap. Buy some. It's good for you.

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November 13, 2005

Not like it was a right or anything

Via Mitchell Szczepanczyk: House Passes Bill Discouraging Voter Outreach.

The Federal Housing Finance Reform Act of 2005, which passed the House of Representatives yesterday by a vote of 331-90, contains a provision that establishes a national fund for developing affordable housing, by skimming 5 percent off the profits of the government-sponsored home-finance companies Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

The funding would be a boon to the nonprofit housing sector � worth up to an estimated $1 billion within two years � but it comes with strings attached: nonprofit organizations would not be able to tap into the fund if they have recently engaged in activities that encourage people to vote.

A product of negotiations between a faction of conservative legislators and the House Financial Services Committee leadership, the clause is supposedly intended to prevent grantees from misusing federal funds, but housing advocates have denounced the so-called "gag rule" as dangerously broad.


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