October 29, 2005

Dear GOD make the cute stop

Apparently, the National Zoo has now created a constantly-updating page devoted solely to pictures of Butterstick in his little plastic tub.*

* I know this is not the actual purpose of the page. Shut up, it's cute.

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October 28, 2005

Excuse me?

I don't know which is stupider, the quote in the article or that the Times' actual headline for the story is "Bush Briefly Escapes Washington:"

Before the indictment of a top White House aide today, President Bush escaped the suspense in Washington for a few hours, sticking to a schedule that included a speech that appeared to be aimed at rallying public opinion about his policies in Iraq and the need to back the war on terror.

"Thanks for the chance to get out of Washington," said Mr. Bush at the start of his speech in Norfolk, Va., to an audience that appeared dominated by military personnel and veterans.

George W. Bush has taken more chances to get out of Washington than any President in American history.

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This is absolutely hilarious

The Freepi are spinning Libby's indictment as a "victory" for President Bush because "what the liberals really wanted was Rove."

Meanwhile, Worker in Industrial Accident Retains 3 Limbs, Say Proud Plant Officials.

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Blowin' in the wind

They asked me to write a guest post over the Bring It On blog, so there you go.

Also, and this is a somewhat special treat, keen-eyed readers... okay, honestly just readers of CampusProgress.org will have noticed that Monday's strip is already available for viewing as part of a special Halloween comics package. If you want to take a look, do so, but at your own risk... if you read it now, it means you have to wait ten days instead of seven for another one. These are the moral dilemmas that make one choke to death on their own vomit.

So, all in all, a good day of driving you away from my own website. Enjoy.

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October 27, 2005

Placing or hedging bets... whatever

Just becuase I feel like it, I'm going to go ahead and make my prediction on this. Regarding my previous post about Bush's options, after some thought I'm thinking he's just going to go ahead and appoint Gonzales.

My reasoning is this: I think it's who he wanted to appoint in the first place- hell he even made jokes about it at one point- but he was pressured into keeping two women on the Court. So instead he turned to another person he "felt in his heart" would be good. I've written earlier that Bush wants personally a Justice who will cover his ass once he leaves office. Gonzales will do that.

But more important, I actually think Bush just doesn't want a fight right now. Despite the right-wing screaming, the chance of James Dobson and his fellow mullahs refusing to accept the first Latino Supreme Court Justice is as likely as the Democrats doing it. Even with the "personal papers" argument in place, it won't hold. If Bush nominates Gonzales, he's in. Possibly, if Bush announces today, with time to get in on the November 30th sitting. Most of Bush's top staff are going to be very involved in... shall we say, other things in the next few weeks. I fail to see Bush wanting to go to war over a court pick right now.

If he appoints Brown or Luttig or someone like that, the Democrats and possible moderate Republicans will fight- and as of today the conservatives have lost one of their strongest talking points: they can no longer whine that all of Bush's nominees "deserve a fair hearing and up-or-down vote." They crushed Miers' knees and stomped on her throat before she could even get to the Judiciary panel; to say it's now inherent for a right-winger, especially one already filibustered, will be laughable.

Gonzales will be a groundbreaker candidate, a guaranteed confirmation, and a personal top choice pick for Bush. He has absolutely nothing to lose by nominating Gonzales. I might be proven completely wrong within mere hours, but I think that's his plan.

Update: I agree with Ezra here, who points out that one of Bush's creatures will also have to muster a pissed-off Specter who has nothing to lose himself.

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Miers withdrew her nomination.

First off, I think it's an overall good thing for any opposition to Bush's picks. The Democrats didn't have to waste the one filibuster they'd probably be able to pull on an extremist.

What will be examined now will be all the rhetoric spoken for the last few weeks: since cronyism has gone out the window at this point I would be amazed if Bush actually nominated Gonzales at this point. Given that indictments are likely coming today and the entire White House will be weakened, I don't think the right-wing lunatics are getting one of their fellow right-wing lunatics such as Brown or Luttig on the court. Finally, I think it's almost been established at this point that the replacement is also going to be a woman: if it's not, Bush looks sexist by implying a man does a better job than Miers, plus he makes his own wife look stupid since she's been saying all along the need for a female Justice.

I'm admittedly ignorant on this, but is there a moderately conservative Latino woman on the list right now? If there is, I'd put all my money on her. How sad is it that I don't even need to know her name or voting record. Those are basically the PR qualifications Bush needs right now.

Make no mistake about it: this is a victory. Bush could nominate a much more conservative, right-wing loony right now, but that was the status quo from the beginning- there's nothing here that progressives are "losing." Meanwhile, the conservatives did the legwork (and spent the money) for us in defeating an inept, unqualified crony all while showing Bush he can't use the Federal Government as his personal set of Barbie dolls. Thanks, guys.

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October 26, 2005




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Laugh of the Day

Andrew Sullivan takes time out from endorsing The Bell Curve to accuse Steve Gilliard of racism.

Update: Sisyphus Shrugged on one of the many reasons Steve might not exactly be a fan of Michael Steele.

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October 25, 2005


Shorter MRC idiots: How dare a news source remove older headlines and put newer headlines in their place!

The CNN article in their screenshot, by the way, maintains the original text of the article about the vote, and even notes it in the article's sub-headline. It's almost as if new developments on a continuing topic are somehow added to the older content! Amazing!

(via Oliver)

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Rosa Parks, pt. 2

One of the bloggers at Campus Progress wrote the best post I've read so far about Rosa Parks:

Over the days to come, we'll hear a lot of very-much deserved prasie for Parks' refusal to abide bigotry and her courage in the service of a cause. Unfortunately, we'll also hear a new round of recitations of the stubborn myth that Parks was an anonymous, apolitical woman who spontaneously refused to yield to authority and in so doing inspired a movement [...]

[..T]he Times' obituary describes Parks' arrest nonetheless as an event which "turned a very private woman into a reluctant symbol and torchbearer..." Parks was certainly reluctant to see too personal valoration of her as heroine distract from the broader movement. But she was not private about her politics. And her refusal to give up her bus seat was nothing new for her. As she would later tell an interviewer, "My resistance to being mistreated on the buses and anywhere else was just a regular thing with me and not just that day."

As they say, you should really, really go read the whole thing.

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Rosa Parks passed away last night. She was probably one of the few people on this planet to whom I think you would actually need to work hard to find something bad to say about. RIP.

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Free speech or free travel

Via Matt: following the story of the woman kicked off her airplane for wearing an anti-Bush t-shirt, T-Shirt Hell is offering free travel for anyone kicked off an airplane wearing one of their shirts.

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October 24, 2005

Newest comic - BIRD FLU!!!

It's kind of funny- I do the strip anywhere from a few days to a week in advance sometimes. This cartoon was such a case. So it was already in the can on Saturday night when I was standing in the pouring rain with a bunch of friends on line and thinking how bad it would be if I got a cold standing in the rain because I'd somehow catch the bird flu. Bird flu is this year's shark attack, I think.

Anyway, buy some crap. Before the bird flu kills me.

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