October 20, 2005

Like a beaver... a sexy beaver

I'm going to be on the road amongst other busy activities this week, so odds are there's little to no activity until after the weekend. This can of course all change should Santa come early and bring me massive indictments for Karl Rove and company, but we'll see what we shall see.

Everyone who hasn't taken time to note the Campus Progress contest linked above, do so. You know you want to get in on this. It's fun.

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October 18, 2005

I can't think of a a clever title using the word "Daschle"

Quick heads-up: Campus Progress will have a live chat with Sen. Tom Daschle at 11:30 AM EST, today.

Update: Well, that was kind of surreal. Usually when we do a chat we have the guest typing away from the comfort of their home, office, etc. But since Sen. Daschle is a Fellow at the Center the comfort of his office was, well, our office. So Daschle ends up coming down and sitting at the desk by me to answer the chat questions. And of course, the chat room breaks in the middle of it, so there I am leaning over the former Senate Majority Leader fixing his browser.

Nice fella. But anyways, transcript up for those who missed.

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Bloggers don't care, part 3,412

With any luck, right-wing bloggers have exhausted enough of the time they spent pretending the most signficant result of the Iraqi constitution referrendum was the non-existent faction of freedom-hating liberals suffering a non-existent defeat at the mighty hands of parliamentary democracy to look at the incoming news that things aren't going as smoothly as in the posts they prepped three days in advance, as so to be the first blogger to offer a patronizing post about how liberals have egg on their faces, because, as you know, that's what this election was all about.

The next day or so is going to be a clear case for just how much many of these right-wing bloggers actually care about Iraq for the future of Iraq, as opposed to how much they care about Iraq for the sake of feeling self-satisfied over their digital adversaries. If the folks at FreeRepublic really cared about the welfare of the Iraqi people, then the suggestion that the vote is still rigged, still suffers malfeasance contrary to public opinion, and uses tactics similar to those used by Saddam Hussein himself, should be an actual concern to them.

On the other hand, if the reaction from the conservative blogging world is to immediately suggest the Sunnis are all sore losers, and descend into nothing but jokes about Jimmy Carter, the 2000 election, recounts, or whatever other lame, predicatable reference you'd like to insert here, I think it'll be a sad sign of how short we're going to care about Iraqi democracy- in that we only seem to care about it when it strengthens a viewpoint of the President.

There's a difference between wanting the Iraqi constitution to pass and wanting a Iraqi constitution to pass. If the current draft is unacceptable to an entire faction of the population, then it should go back to the drawing board. Giving the Sunnis a feeling of power in the new government might be bad for Shiites and Kurds, but it can't possibly be worse than Sunnis thinking that the election was a fraud and, just like the insurgents all told them, they have no power in conceding to the new government layout.

The right-wingers looking at the vote as some kind of referendum on leftism need to address how they really feel about the long-term safety of Iraq- because if they keep pretending that forcing a constitution down the throats of a third of the country is a "victory" just because it bumps Bush up two points in the polls, then we're looking at a lot more problems down the road.

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Rufus ain't pretty

My friend Tara is over in Africa studying animal biology and saw real live naked mole rats.

Okay, now this is a perfect example of why I choose a career in cartoons: here's our version.

Now in pretty much every other category, I'm confident animal science will beat cartooning in regard to impact on society as a whole, but in the single, specific field of presenting to the world cuddly, enjoyable naked mole rats, I can only say cartoonists, represent.

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October 17, 2005

Latest comic - "Ghost Busting Virginians for Truth"

This is what we'll refer to as a "local issue" although the story, which is, yes, indeed real, is therefore so stupid it has rapidly reached national level- Republican Grubernatorial candidate Jerry Kilgore has in fact started running last-ditch attack ads against Democrat Tim Kaine chastizing Kaine for holding strict to his Christian beliefs and opposing the death penalty. For those of you playing at home, yes, that would indeed mean the Democrat is now being attacked for being a Christian as opposed to the usual fare of, oh let's say drinking Christian baby blood or whatever the hell you say to win further South. Those of you who had made some side bets after last November about it actually coming to this are now allowed to collect their money.

While we're on the subject of governors, a hearty congrats and tearful farewell to Jesse, who finally revealed this weekend that he has in fact been secretly training Amanda Marcotte to replace him once the security of the Kingdom of Ohio was secured. By the time you read this, Amanda will have activated the Neuralizer on Jesse, who has moved over to the Strickland for Governor offices devoid of any memory of having operated a weblog for three years. We should all give Amanda credit for not taking advantage of the one moment in life she would have had to subconsciously imply to Jesse that he is actually a member of the Cincinnati Bengals Cheerleading Squad. If she had, given Amanda it would have been quite ironic, not to mention Ohio would have had the best election night special ever. I realize at this point that I have lost any sembelance of a purpose to this entire paragraph, and as such I will stop writing right now.

Except to remind you all to buy some crap.

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October 16, 2005

"Thank you for your time and goodnight."

Promos have begun for The Boondocks.

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