September 16, 2005

Not endorsed by Oprah


Monkeys Flinging Poo

As we speak, the second book of XQUZYPHYR & Overboard cartoons is at the printer, and barring any problems it will be proudly unveiled for sale at the Small Press Expo next Friday and Saturday in Bethesda, Maryland. Following my return from SPX it'll be available on the website along with the first book and other sundries.

For the avid X&O fan this will be a great collection for you, as it contains the titular strip, as well as "Some Guy With a Website," "Confederate Victory Theory," "I Bet You're Racist," "Abe Lincoln: Trial Lawyer," and all the other greats from the last year or so.

As with the last volume it's 32 cartoons plus the new cover art, crafted in rich grayscale on only the finest of photocopiers. When you want a self-print collection of indy cartoons, there's clearly no other way.

Heh heh. Titular.

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He-Man sings 4 Non Blondes

This is, definitively, the greatest thing ever put on the internet.

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Kicking dead people

Any attempt Bush tries to make about his decision to put Karl Rove in charge of reconstruction efforts in New Orleans will seem bulky, since simply admitting he doesn't care about anyone living there would be much quicker and save everyone time.

Here I was thinking, you know, maybe someone with experience in rebuilding efforts would be in charge of rebuilding efforts, but no, Bush decides to go ahead and put a fundraiser a week or two away from a federal investigation in charge of the largest rebuilding effort in our lifetimes. Rove has no business being there except for doing what Rove does best: manipulating politics of a situation. With Rove at the helm, helping people will be secondary to heading a $200 billion PR office with the sole purpose of not making the aftermath look like Bush's fault.

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Hoping I'm not jinxing it now

This might be a bit silly, but I couldn't help but notice there's a slight increase in responsibility from the media following the events of Hurricane Katrina, and I think a great example of proof of this is Britney Spears.

Bear with me here.

I'm not saying no one reported it, or that no one was talking about it, but I really did find it intriguing that on the grand scheme of national nightly news, pretty much no one gave a shit about Spears popping out her kid. When they first announced it I braced myself for the revitalization of celeb gossip filler. After all, it was stupid nonsense about celebs that finally allowed the cable networks to start showing ads again after 9/11.

No major super-sized bolded headline banner on Yahoo or Google, no five-minute top-story expose on the local 10:00 PM Fox affiliate. In fact, two days after the kid had his ass slapped you need to search the news archives to even find the story. There's no way the media didn't know about it- in some bizarre miracle countering the last ten years of media trends, they just didn't care. Somewhere in Hollywood Spears' publicist is curled up in the fetal position with a bottle of Jack Daniel's wondering what the hell happened.

There's a long way to go for the media, but this seemed to be a good step.

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September 15, 2005

John McQuaid (and John Conyers!)

Many of you have become familiar with John McQuaid in the last two weeks- he's the Pulitzer Prize-Winning reporter for the New Orleans Times-Picayune. He was also one of the authors of "Washing Away," the now-tragically oft-mentioned report written in 2002 about the threats facing New Orleans and the Gulf Region should a hurricane strike.

Most of the blogs and world of punditry, as is the style in these cases, suddenly decided to be weather experts about a day after the first levee broke. McQuaid, on the other hand, is honestly the one person who can definitely say saw this one coming and mean it.

He'll be part of a live chat on Campus Progress this afternoon at 4:00 PM Eastern Time. All are invited to attend and submit questions. Please join in.

Update: Congressman John Conyers will now be joining us in the chat. You don't want to miss this.

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September 14, 2005

You've got to be kidding me.

Gillette, apparently unaware of the complete mockery of such a thing written over a year ago, actually announced that they're making a five-blade razor. It even has the second aloe strip. Hilarious.

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Why the internet was invented

Cats in Sinks.


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Matt Drudge apparently commented on the decision by the New York Times to make their Op-Ed section subscription only by threatening to stop linking to them and saying "the Internet is losing its innocence."

Words to live by from the man who rose to fame by writing about how often the President of the United States masturbated.

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September 13, 2005

Free ticket to Foo Fighters in Dallas

Any loyal readers of relatively college-age want to attend the Foo Fighters/Weezer show Thursday night for free in Dallas in exchange for helping out Campus Progress with distributing handouts at the event? Fire me an e-mail, first come, first serve.

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Bill Nelson should be sending flowers to Katherine Harris at this point for deciding to run against him. Yes, the race is another year away, but her numbers are so bad against him right now even trying to rig the election wouldn't be believable.

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September 12, 2005

Newest comic - "Nausea walk"

Some more extended coverage of the walk, including a wrap-up of the day's events and some more photos, can be found over at

This was an interesting strip to do, because it's the first time in the six years I've been drawing the strip that I actually didn't draw anything. The entire cartoon, panels, text, photos and all, was done digitally. I really had fun doing footwork-related research to getting the material for the comic; made me feel all journamalistical and whatnot. That said, I don't think that'll be a trend. I don't think I'll ever get photos of most of the crazy crap I draw every week.

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September 11, 2005

Oh, because that might have been, you know, awesome.

Dr. Who news time. The BBC confirmed that Anthony Stewart Head will in fact guest star on one episode in a supporting role. The same episode will feature Elisabeth Sladen reprising her role of Sarah Jane. If you are not sitting down, you should do so right now.

The episode will also feature K-9, voiced as he was 25 years ago by John Leeson. You may now get out of your seats and jump around jump around.

However, with every great news there is heartbreak. The BBC has also officially refuted the rumor that Head will play The Master in the next season. I have no clue why they wouldn't do this, save for the fact that if they actually went ahead and did it the sheer awesomeness would collapse the entire universe and reform itself into a matrix of cosmic perfection. Accredited studies at Oxford conclusivly indicate that if you thought about how awesome that actually would have been for more than ten minutes your brain would explode. It is believed such a casting would have actually created a form of fusion providing eighty-seven times greater the energy output of nuclear power. Entire colonies could have been created on distant worlds after starships were created able to run purely on the awesomeness of it.

But that won't happen now. I hope you're all happy, BBC.

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