July 27, 2005

Elvis impersonator has left the building

Alright folks, see ya. Off to Las Vegas until Sunday night. Be good.

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Pataki takes the nappy

Various New York media sources now reporting that George Pataki won't seek re-election.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Governor Eliot Spitzer. This is like waiting for Christmas morning.

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July 26, 2005

Brilliance requires repeat viewing

Stuff On My Cat was down for a while. It's back up. Therefore I must link to it again. Because it is the greatest site on the internet.

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Sketch dump

Since we're going three weeks without new comics I felt bad and wanted to offer something, so I'm showing off a few of the better bits from my sketchbook over the last few days. I'm hoping to sketch frequently enough to throw some of these up at least once a week or so, but we'll see. These are just some (very) early roughs of some characters I'm fleshing out.

All three characters- actually most of the characters in the story I'm planning- are roughly based on friends of mine, so I'm trying to include elements of the real people they're based on. I tend to be awful at this, but having been doing a lot of caricature work for Campus Progress I think I've been getting a little better.

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July 25, 2005

When there's more to a story than facts

As I've covered a few times already, the big success of Campus Progress' National Student Conference was measured by how hard the right-wing media tried to spin it against us. Their only significant success was their somewhat pathetic claim that Paul Begala said something they didn't like, which would have been a major PR problem for Campus Progress had Begala actually said what they claimed he said.

Yes, I know, try to wrap the idea that Michelle Malkin over-reacted to something around your head. It's almost too difficult, isn't it.

Paul, meanwhile, has been more than a great sport about all of this. Not only did he personally respond to the conservative loonies trying to pull a Durbin on his appearance at our conference, he's gone ahead and offered to be a judge in a new contest we just announced in honor of the right-wing smear attempt.

Since they were so obsessed with fabricating the context of Begala's statements to use against him, I'm proud to direct you all to the Campus Progress Inexcusable Misquote Contest. Quite simply, you have to take a historical quote, pretend you work for CNSNews, and actually go out of your way to misinterpret it for no reason other than to smear the subject. The winner will score themselves some Campus Progress swag, plus an autographed copy of Paul Begala's book Is Our Children Learning? which deals greatly with, of course, a certain someone's certainly stupid quotes.

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July 24, 2005

I am excessively weird

I haven't been on a plane in ten years, and I'm going to be on one Thursday to spend an extended weekend in Las Vegas. Going over all the prep work I've been doing for this, I think it's safe to say that there is no one on earth you want to plan a trip with less than me. By that I don't mean you wouldn't want to plan to spend time with me on a trip- I like to think of myself as a generally nice person- but that you simply don't want to be near me when I am in the process of preparing for said time together.

For example, I was on the phone just now with America West Airlines- lovely people, by the way- trying to get positive confirmation from a human that, yes, I won't have to check my bags if my backpack isn't filled enough to violate counting as a "personal item" and stuff like that. The funnier moment was realizing that even though I do not smoke and never have, I found myself someone aggravated at the news that it is now a Federal crime to bring a Zippo lighter onto an airplane. So the good luck charm/security fidget device that I carry around with me doesn't get to come to Las Vegas.

When my family used to go on trips when I was a little kid, I always sat in front because I was the "navigator." It was a nice way of saying I was the only one in the family who could read a map. It was also because even then I was obsessed with having everything planned and prepared. If it was actually possible to do so, I would have flown to Vegas and back last weekend just to make sure everything would go smoothly for real.

I've been checking the Weather Channel's site non-stop for the last two weeks as well, and I almost want to stop because seeing "115 degrees" as the mid-day forecast is something that makes this New Jerseyan wonder if thermometers were even made with that high a reading.

Tonight, I will likely find myself practice-packing my bag. I say this because if I even remotely considered packing on Sunday night for a Thursday trip it would be a waste of time as I would never sleep well knowing I had not checked it roughly every six hours to make sure everything's there. So I'm accepting now that whatever I pack will just be to know in advance what the general weight and heft of my luggage will be, not their actual contents.

I'm going somewhere for four days, and it requires more planning than the Normandy invasion. Fortunately, when I'm ready I can say that I need a vacation, and then actually go on one. So there.

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