July 22, 2005

Today's Tri-State weather forecast: brown people. Duck!

As a former New Yorker, I've been meaning to address NYC Mayor Bloomberg's latest "anti-terrorism" initiative to start randomly searching the bags of commuters.

Forget even the fact that I'm a former New Yorker, but merely as a current rational carbon-based life form I'll vouch that it's absolutely useless. The policy specifically states that you are allowed to refuse to consent to a random search, which will merely forbid you from entering the subway station. Which means that any actual terrorist with a backpack full of Anthrax can refuse to open up, and simply walk up the street to the next station, one by one until they finally beat the odds and get in. Then he/she can get on a subway and blow up anyone they want.

So for stopping terrorists, the policy is flat-out nonsensical. Its true purpose is somewhat obvious: with the possible exception of my home state of New Jersey, New York City is the racial profiling capital of the United States of America, courtesy of the legacy left by a megalomaniac named Rudy who went to bed a civil rights nightmare one evening and woke up a national hero. It's an excuse for Michael Bloomberg to look tough on terror and simultaneously appease the sensibilities of white tourists in the middle of an election year- "Oh, there's nothing to fear, honey. See? That nice police man is making sure those negroes aren't carrying weapons." Twenty bucks says the first lawsuit against this thing comes before Labor Day.

I'm too lazy to get the actual figures right now, but I seem to recall that there's around 50,000 police officers in New York City. I also seem to recall there's something like- what, seven, eight million people living in it? If you took even a tenth of those, plus commuters from New Jersey, you couldn't search a siginficant percentage of bags to begin with if you had the entire police force on duty at the hundred or so stations in the city.

There are actual ways to reduce crime and terror in New York subways- they involve hiring more cops and toll booth workers and updating MTA infrastructure similar to how they have it here in Washington DC- cleaner terminals, updated equipment, cameras, and humans at every station. Unfortunately, that would require actually managing the city's budget. Oh well, it's not like New York has a mayor who allegedly worked with finances or anything.

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July 21, 2005

Smearalicious, pt. 2

Paul Begala responds to the right-wing smears about him over on CampusProgress.org.

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July 20, 2005

Or lack thereof

I'm with Greg on the Roberts angle here. I can't even weigh the idea of his positions on abortion, civil rights, etc. regarding his qualifications to the Supreme Court because the idea that he could honestly be the most qualified candidate after being a judge for only two years astounds me. I've been running a website for four years; I don't think I'm qualified to be on the executive board of ICANN.

I seem to recall that less than a year ago, right-wingers were bitching that John Edwards didn't have the experience to be Vice-President. He was a Senator for six years. Now they want a man who was a judge for only two to have a lifetime appointment to the nation's highest court.

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Oh no

It has just hit the newsfeeds that James "Scotty" Doohan has passed away. RIP, Scotty.

That said, please, everyone, brace yourselves for throwing up into your newspapers as every single cartoonist in the country draws the exact same cartoon of Doohan "beaming up" into Heaven.

Every. Single. Cartoonist. Guaranteed.

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July 19, 2005


So after three straight weeks of discussion about the relevance of the first Hispanic Supreme Court Justice, and O'Conner's statement on the need for women in the Court, and the issues over whether Democrats will filibuster a minority or not... Bush has made the daring, revolutionary decision to nominate... some white guy.

Alrighty, then.

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Mmm... smearalicious

Cross-posted over at Campus Progress, our National Student Conference just got a taste of the Right-Wing "Durbinization."

While Campus Progress is pleased that the right-wingers have taken an interest in our National Student Conference, we're a bit confused how they're pushing a complete lie that one of our guests, CNN pundit Paul Begala, claimed that "Republican want to kill" progressives.

Which would definitely be an outrageous statement, had Begala actually said that. He didn't. But that didn�t stop first the Drudge Report and then today the Washington Times from repeating this claim. Today, the capital�s own Unification rag reports flatly, "Democratic strategist Paul Begala says Republicans want to kill him and his children to preserve tax cuts for the rich.�

Pronoun Trouble!

The full absurdity, deeply soaked in right-wing bullshit, over at CampusProgress.org.

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World's Finest

Jape Trostle asks the important question of the day: Did Lex Luthor Out Superman?

(While we're on the concept, enjoy this classic Tom Tomorrow cartoon as well)

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July 18, 2005

Newest comic - "Thinking ahead for the children"

There's sort of a hiatus coming after today's installment. Next week has been reserved for finishing up a massively big project which has to be done before I take a mini-vacation (which will consequently prevent a strip for the Monday after).

As for other massively big projects, I'm filling up a sketchbook with ideas for this comic I'm going to start doing. There's a long way to go and I really want enough of the basic characters and script to start what I'd call "chapter one" of the whole deal. Ideally I'd like to actually hit the drawing table and start the damn thing the week I get back from my vacation. We'll see what we shall see. If I can get off my ass and scan a few sketchbook pages, you'll see something too. As mentioned before, though, please understand- robot cats. I've been drawing lots of robot cats.

And, as always, consider buying some crap.

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