July 15, 2005

Prog videos not involving Keith Emerson

Videos of most of the panels from the Campus Progress National Student Conference are now on the interweb. Enjoy all the highlights, from President Clinton's speech to John Lewis' fantastic sermon-level closing address, to our insanely adoarble interns reporting on the College Republican National Convention to quite possibly the most amazing comment in the history of punditry in the form of Paul Begala referring to "Paris Hilton's bony, slutty ass." I am not making that up.

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Oh noes!

It appears that Borf has been arrested.

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Hi honey, I'm back from taking the country back

Totally and completely exhausted from two straight days of managing college students from around the country. Nevertheless, the Campus Progress National Student Conference was a huge success. Video and audio downloads of Clinton's speech are up on the site now, and depending on when you're checking in there's streams of some of the other events from Wednesday as well.

I have been told, the actual moment somewhat hazy from the magic of it all, that there exists photographic evidence of me posing for said photograph with one William Jefferson Clinton. However such evidence has not yet been provided. When it does it will of course be posted on this blog.

To list all the people we invited to speak at our events who were fantastic would be a redundant exercise in repeating the entire conference agenda. However I would be a certain variety of hole if I didn't specifically acknowledge the bloggers, both those who spoke at the conference and those who helped with the blog updates: (and in some cases both) Steve Gilliard, Asheesh Siddique, Todd Hill, Matt Singer, and Ezra Klein. It was also great to see David Rees again, as well as put a face to Singer, Hill, and Gilliard.

The Thursday events were equal in interest and importance as the conference, as we hosted several dozen students who wrote and edited for college newspapers for a day of writing workshops and critiques on improving their skills and perfecting their journalistic resources. To watch a handful of 19-year-olds sit at a conference table and get tips from David Corn- who 24 hours earlier I was watching rip the White House Press Secretary a new orifice on C-SPAN- was a unique blend of flat-out jealousy and joyous hope for the next generation of inquiring minds.

Meanwhile, I learned today that College Republicans in two different states engaged in completely unrelated acts of financial malfeasance. All in all, I think in the war of young minds, Progressives won this week for once. Let's hope it keeps up.

Update: God. Because I am a complete asshat, I completely forgot to acknowledge also finally meeting Matt Bors, who aside from drawing one of the funniest cartoons on the planet goes above and beyond the call for illustration work on the Campus Progress site.

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July 13, 2005

Da conference

If anyone needs me, don't. I'll be away from the blog for all of today and possibly much of tomorrow for the Campus Progress National Student Conference and surrounding events. Wonderful day ahead of me setting up blogs and internet and lots of weird stuff like that. They even gave me a Blackberry, which after three minutes of use I concluded is a device designed for the sole purpose of making you hate technology.

There's going to be, assuming I don't blow the network up, a whole mess of stuff going on at the conference that we'll be liveblogging and posting audio and video for, including Clinton's speech, so I would suggest spending the day over at Campus Progress instead of here.

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July 12, 2005

Scotty Doesn't Know

Because I'm still at the office, they're still playing that press conference over and over, and we all know damn well what he's really thinking.

Scotty Doesn't Know

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July 11, 2005

Newest comic - "Some nation united"

Greg and Atrios, among many others, have been pointing out the message of today's offering in the wake of the London bombings. But the design of the strip to reflect any given moment is deliberate- this is far from the first time this attitude has been taken by the media, and sadly it won't be the last.

This is likely going to be a light week given the upcoming events over at Campus Progress. While my love for all of you is, of course, eternal, this is going to be a bumpy ride. I'll set up links to Campus Progress probably starting Tuesday to let you know all about it.

As always, buy some crap.

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July 10, 2005

Please note this involves an animated talking penis

Friend, former employer and animator extraordinaire Harold Moss did an informational cartoon for Planned Parenthood that deserves far more attention that it's currently recieving.

The talk your parents and/or strange teenagers on the corner gave you was nowhere near this good.

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Nothing new

Joseph M. Cotton sent in a great e-mail with some detail on the Army Recruiters story I linked to the other day:

This is nothing new. I worked with the USMC's Recruiting Station Raleigh, NC between 1981 and 1995, and during that the Marines were sending their recruiter instructors and recruiting service officers to a salesmanship school run by Xerox in VA and had been for years. I just called the PANCO (Public Affairs NCO) at RS Raleigh to try to find out what the name of the training was because my memory was failing me on it (I was a civilian computer dweeb, not a recruiter in any sense), and he told me that nowadays it's being run by some company called Alliance Global instead. He still didn't tell me the name of the training, though. But it was all about selling -- in fact, a lot of career recruiters ended up in sales positions after retiring.
After a few years of getting kids to join the army, I'm scared to death of the idea that one of these guys might try to sell me a car.

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"I'm sorry I caused all that cancer."

Chris points out that the media has apparently found that Dennis kid who's causing all the hurricanes. And he looks pissed.

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