May 19, 2005


The RNC released a statement condemning MoveOn for an ad they found "offensive," including a list of other "outrageous" campaigns launched by the organization.

Strangely missing for the list, despite the massive outrage conducted against it, was MoveOn's connection to an ad comparing Bush to Hitler.

Golly, I wonder why.

Update: The GOP's mock outrage at MoveOn. Funny, they don't seem to have one on Santorum.

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Well, that's a new one

From reader Julia K. Steinberger:

I read your blog pretty faithfully. Anyway, I thought you'd appreciate the cosmic humour of this: we're voting on same-sex civil unions in Switzerland, and the large left coalition Alliance de Gauche is using the right-wing- biggot-formerly-known-as-Ratsinger as their poster boy!

Translated it goes something like this:
Benoit XVI rages:
"Legally recognizing homosexual unions means condoning deviant behavior!"
Against Homophobia -> yes to civil unions between people of the same gender

Seeing that almost made up for him being pope. Almost ...

Were it not for the translation, I would have thought it was a Star Wars poster.

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May 18, 2005

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Speak truth to power. Also, win prizes

A lot of college students read this site, because they apparently want to fail English. That said, a lot of them write me and want to get links to their blogs, want their writing noticed, and stuff like that. So I said to myself, "hey, August, why not show those students an opportunity to do that, possibly get some money for it, and hype your day job yet again in the process?"

And so I'm going to note that Campus Progress has opened its Summer Blogathon, an opportunity for members who sign up for personal blogs on our site to write, get their writing noticed, and have a place for the Summer to cover political and social goings-on. Actually, anyone can do this, but the college students who we're doing all this for (we felt enough people already do it for The Children. We're aiming higher. Or older. Whatever) are the ones who are eligible for prizes.

Yes, college folk. This means money. Starting in June we're going to be awarding $40 "post of the week" prizes, and at the end of the summer we're going to have other opportunities to the best writers in the bunch. This includes getting a spot on the main blog, a guest posting slot at our sister blog Think Progress, $500 cash, and a chance to be the interviewer in one of our upcoming "Five Minutes With" features. Our editor, Elana, is busy interviewing Eliot Spitzer as I type this. Think about how that could be you. I, personally, am fighting the urge to run up and touch him.

So again, Campus Progress Summer Blogathon. Cash and prizes for eligible students. Go nuts.

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May 17, 2005

Fuckwit is popular!

Someone actually called my office last night and left a voicemail saying "Newsweek lied, people died, fuckwit!" And he tried saying it in this low growling voice to be all scary and stuff despite sounding like he was, I don't know, fifteen or something.

Sorry you're so angry, dude. I can't imagine how you must feel about the other 1,680 guys that died because of a lie.

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May 16, 2005


Narnia trailer.

That is all.

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In which I get really angry and yell a lot

So now there's a bunch of right-wingers who are pitching the desecrated Koran riot story with the line "Newsweek Lied, People Died."

Get it? It's funny, because it's making fun of what all the anti-war people said when 1,700 Americans were killed based on lies they were warned about but didn't listen to. What, don't you have a fucking sense of humor?

This isn't even not caring. It's beyond not caring. It's taking pride in not caring.

To sit there, and act as if the soldiers were being treated as liberators and loved without anger until Newsweek came in and screwed it all up- I mean, seriously. Why not just go up to an American serviceman, kick him in the genitals, and then take a shit into his mouth. That's about an equal amount of respect you would have to have for the troops to pass one off like that. American soldiers aren't dying in Iraq because Newsweek printed a bad article. American soldiers are dying in Iraq because American soldiers are in Iraq, you fucking lunatics.

1,700 dead, for the very reason the Bush White House used today to attack a perceived "enemy:"

McClellan complained that the story was "based on a single anonymous source who could not personally substantiate the allegation that was made."

"The report has had serious consequences," he said. "People have lost their lives. The image of the United States abroad has been damaged."

There is absolutely no way Scott McClellan doesn't know what he's saying. There's no way the conservative bloggers don't. That they actually write weblogs indicates the minimum motor and cognitive skills necessary to comprehend the blood-soaked hypocrisy of a statement as devoid of basic human dignity as that.

A faulty report. Unreliable sources. People have died. And who do they want to resign? The editors of Newsweek.

How is that excusable? How is that even fucking forgivable? And how the hell do people like Glenn Reynolds and Jonah Goldberg sleep at night?

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Newest comic - "Strange apparitions"

Remember that crap is always available, and you can buy it.

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