May 1, 2004

Of course he does

Screenshot taken from Yahoo! News, this morning.

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April 29, 2004

MoCCA thingie

I'm back, and I have pictures, but I also have work tomorrow, followed by the Lincoln Center thing, which is all about me so even more important. I'll have pictures from tonight's event up sometime this weekend. Big hi to everyone I met there, both fans and fellow artists; it was great.

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"But she's got a new hat!"

Coke pulls a Malibu Stacy and introduces C2, their new version of Coke, only with less carbs.

This is a bold move for Coca-Cola, what with Diet Coke, containing absolutely no carbs whatsoever, having been on the shelves for a mere 22 years.

But, as we point out ironically every now and then, we pay for water too.

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Waiting for the end of Miller Time

Zell Miller, apparently desperate to make sure his legacy is completely and 100% shattered before he leaves office at the end of the year, now wants to repeal the 17th Amendment that allows citizens to appoint Senators.

Interesting how this wasn't a concept displayed during the election season. "Zell '98- You shouldn't have the right to vote for me." (via Oliver Willis)

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April 28, 2004


Well three days and four hundred dollars or so later I think I've fixed my computer. Whoopie. Still some testing to do- when you replace a motherboard you have to uplug literally every single thing from the case and plug it back in, offering about two dozen possible instances of screwing something up.

Huge backlog of e-mails and links, I'll get to it... sometime. For now, gotta go to sleep, and get as much work as possible done at the office tomorrow in order to sneak out early and catch a bus to the MoCCA event Thursday evening.

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April 27, 2004

The veritable Towel of Turin

This is, allegedly, the tent Douglas Adams slept in while coming up with the idea for The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

My birthday is next month. Just sayin'.

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Oh, goody

When the first line of a story is "People in black trench coats might soon be chasing blogs" you just know it has to be good.

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April 26, 2004

I will never whine about my loans again.

I almost regret having graduated NYU simply for having not met this guy. Steve Stanzak is an NYU sophomore who supplemented his expenses of living at NYU by secretly living in the library for the last year.

What makes the kicker to this story is how this news came out: Stanzak has been blogging about this. And after finding out about the site, NYU responded by getting the kid housing.

Kudos to the brass balls of Bobst Boy. Oh, and good job to the folks at my favorite paper that used to run my comics.

(The NY Times will have a front page story on this Tuesday; I'll put up the link when it becomes available.)

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She just... fell on the knife. Really.

In light of Jesse and Tom's recent tales of random woe, why not jump in and explain why there's been light posting the last day or so.

To start, my mechanics explained to me last week that my car is on its way out. Apprently I have "internal engine problems," which mean the only way to identify and fix the problem would be to remove, disassemble, and repair the engine. That alone would cost over a grand; if the actual engine problem was a cracked head gasket we could go to four times that. Roughly translated: free evenings are now being spent car shopping.

Or at least they were until last night, when my computer stopped working. Not in the "has some bug or virus slowing it down" sense, but in fact, flat out stopped. It decided to start turning off. On its own. Every five minutes.

An evening of examining the computer led to the discovery of a broken power supply unit. I knew it was broken by the way it had, gosh golly gee, shorted out and generated an electrical fire inside the computer which melted and fused the power supply connector cable to the motherboard socket. So, as it would go, my computer managed to break in a way that specifically destroyed the two most essential and expensive parts of the computer.

So right now the free time not being spent trying to find a car (and of course, not preparing stuff for that whole "first comic convention ever that I have no idea how to prepare for" thing, not like that takes any time or anything like that) is being spent tracking down my motherboard to have a replacement FedExed to me at what I'm sure will be the cost equal to, oh, let's say Gibraltar.

If I'm really, really lucky, the motherboard shorting won't have fried my hard disks (both of them- you know, the hard drive and the backup hard drive. Boy howdy!) and I'll still have, umm... this website when I get the new motherboard in. And maybe around then I can get back into more frequent posts. Until then, I regret to inform you all that the machines all hate me and I must avoid them until I can grow stronger and outwit them.

And yes, I'm aware that in the grand scheme of everything that's going on in the world right now, my busted car and broken computer are on the same level of crisis as needing to cut one on an elevator, but I just wanted to make the incident public so that you won't be all suprised if I end up dead tomorrow after the house collapses on me like the continuation of some bizarre Monty Python sketch.

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April 25, 2004

"This is what we do to looters"

That's some nice winning of hearts and minds there, boys. (3MB .WMV link, via Metafilter)

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Word, G

Stand up and Holla!

'Publicanz in da HIZZAY! (via this guy)

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