October 2, 2003

Ummm... concept?

Chris Matthews was just ranting on MSNBC about the recent LA Times expose on Arnold Schwarzenegger and his alleged sexual assaults on numerous women, and the constantly repeated question was "why is this coming up so close to the election?"

The suggestion, of course, being that the fact that these allegations may be true, in which case Arnold is, in fact, a potential criminal (reaching under a woman's shirt being felony-class assault in California) is nothing compared to the possibility that the timing of the accusation is politically motivated. Which, to be fair, it likely is. But is that the point?

My issue here is this faux-curiosity about said timing. Of course anyone asking about it thinks it's politically motivated, and usually wants to discuss that because they want to avoid, again as mentioned earlier, the issue over the accusations actually being valid or not. So that leaves the question that seems to be still unanswered for countless years: why are these stories breaking so close to events, umm, you know, related to them, when lots of people are, umm, you know, watching the news and paying attention more than usual?

I'm not a journalist or a someone with a previous career in politics. Chris Matthews, however, claims to be both, which makes my previous sentence even more staggering as to how he honestly believes the answer isn't ridiculously obvious.

Update: Reader Kynn Bartlett makes a very significant observation: where exactly, if you think about it, was Chris Matthews and every other pundit asking why the hell all the allegations were coming out about Cruz Bustamante and his connections to MEChA and anti-Caucasian racism only after Bustamante entered the race as well? You'd think being a member of a group smeared as a Latino Klan would have been relevant before... well.... people knew who the guy was, right? Right? Chris? Still having trouble figuring this out?

Okay, back to work for the weekend. I mean it this time. Maybe.

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More tinkering!

Apologies if any pages suddenly appear to be down, or for any possible lags in new posts for the next few days. I'm going to try to do some more behind-the-scenes work, hopefully with some graphics and Flash stuff, for the site. I've been applying to more jobs lately too and I need to start concentrating on producing more stuff to show potential employers too, since I, you know, really need work.

I really need to get off my butt and start coming with ideas for merchandise too. Suggestions are welcome, especially if- and this is a biggie- your suggestion is based not on the concept that it would be cute if such-and-such T-shirt existed, but that you would actually pay for it.

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Fucking assholes.

Yeah, so excuse me for not sugar-coating it. The assholes finally passed their pathetic next step in banning abortions, and gee whiz durrrrrr I wonder if Jesus W. Bush is going to sign it.

So, there you have it. Outside of a court challenge, Congress just passed a law outlawing a procedure that is rarely used, but when rarely performed is usually in the interest of the health of the mother (an exception that was eliminated from the final version), blatantly serves as a rhetorical lightning-rod for banning abortion procedures (another section affirming the legality of Roe v. Wade was also stricken from the not-at-all-designed-to-be-an-abortion-ban bill), and, for that continual bit of hilarity, doesn't even exist anyway.

That's right. "Partial-birth abortion?" Yeah. It doesn't exist. There's no such thing. Not a single credible women's services practician in the country refers to any procedure this way. They might, golly gee, refer to one of the two or three different procedures used to perform abortions that are now hindered by the ambiguous outlawing this ban plans to enact. What's that? You mean a side-effect of a ban on a non-existent abortion procedure is that other abortion procedures that are more commonly used might be prevented as well? Well ho-lee shit, I bet the proponents of the bill never saw that one coming!

I have no idea if the Supreme Court's going to take this, because they are admittedly flip-floppish on abortion issues. But it doesn't take the Supreme Court to explain that the United States has once again established its presence as the alleged beacon of the world consciousness by, in contrast to every other first-world nation on earth, continuing its persuit of increasing restrictions on freedom. God Bless America.

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October 1, 2003

New comic: "The Meta-4 Asteroid"

Large Format - 800px, 100K

Small Format - 600px, 60K

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Yes, this is fun to watch

I went ahead and made a "Pass the Popcorn" icon in honor of the Who Named Plame Blame Game coverage. I'm sure others have said it, but I first was told to Pass the Popcorn by Atrios a few days ago.

When this all dies down in, God willing, November 2004 or so, I suppose I can use it for posts about TV shows and stuff too... but for now, my joy at the idea that the bastards might actually get in trouble for something must be awarded its own contribution to the clip art community.

I do, however, expect full credit for coining "The Who Named Plame Blame Game."

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September 30, 2003

The fuck???

CalPundit reprints the official White House memo announcing the DOJ investigation into the Plame Blame Game, but it was this tidbit from the AP earlier on that's much more important to read:

Senior staff members were told of the investigation at their morning staff meeting, and then [WH Counsel Alberto] Gonzales sent an e-mail to all the staff notifying them of the probe.

Even before the Justice Department investigation was announced, Democrats were calling for the appointment of a special counsel to insure impartiality. McClellan said the decision rests with the Justice Department.

The department notified the counsel's office about 8:30 p.m. Monday that it was launching an investigation but said the White House could wait until the next morning to notify staff and direct them to preserve relevant material, McClellan said.

I'd like to repeat that, because it sounds vaguely important.

"Wait until the next morning to notify staff and direct them to preserve relevant material."

In other words, "you have ten hours (cough) before you have to to (cough cough) notify the White House staff to (HACK cough cough COUGH) not destroy evidence."

WHAT THE FUCK?????!!?!?!?!? What in gods' name does it mean to tell someone to wait until morning to make sure they don't delete e-mails or destroy documents? That they've, you know, been allowed to before then?

This is the fucking Department of Justice of the United States of America! If this was a drug bust in South Central Los Angeles, would the Chief of Police e-mail the head of the Crips and tell him he can wait until morning to tell his crew that they shouldn't flush their drugs since the raid's on the way? Forget the fact someone in the White House is getting fired soon; the blatant tipoff that was this memo is enough to get whatever DOJ asshat who sent it fired.

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From the college where drinking's a minor!

The title, of course, being representative of my friend Josh's frat at Dartmouth College, which tries very hard to prove that Dartmouth students have some kind of federal initiative to consume as much alcohol as humanly possible, and at many parties as caninely possible as well. Dartmouth has many dogs, some of which are now professional alcoholics. It's a wonderful thing, this Ivy League. Oh, and Dartmouth also has, from previous visits, an incredibly high quantity of hot girls. I mean, seriously... there's so many there that even I meet some.

Via aforementioned friend Josh's alerting, though, I'm also glad to hear Dartmouth now also has a counter to the insanely right-wing and right-wingly insane Dartmouth Review in the form of the Dartmouth Free Press, which hosts a very informative and useful weblog. It's a wonderful thing, this Free Dartmouth.

That was basically the point of this entire post, that one link. But this way I got to mention hot girls again, and my desire to encounter thereof. It's a wonderful thing, this internet.

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"Can I use my personal aircraft for campaign business?"

Wow. This and other Frequently Asked Questions- we kid you not- from contributors and fundraisers for the Bush/Cheney '04 fund.

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September 29, 2003

It just feels weird, okay?

Yes, we really ARE monks! We really DO pray and help others. Hundreds of years ago, monks survived by baking bread, making wine, or copying manuscripts. We survive by selling Ink and Toner Supplies online, at HUGE discounts ....and YOU benefit!

Lasermonks was founded in 2001 by a team of enterprising monks, and follows in the tradition of monastic business endeavors, uniquely blending philanthropy, spirituality, and enterprise to support a life of prayer and charitable service.

That's it, folks. Monks. Selling toner.

It's just strange. I don't know why, okay? Just... just leave me alone while I think about this some more.

Update: Oh good lord. Their prices for ink for my Canon Bubblejet are... fantastic. I might have to buy my ink catridges from monks.

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September 28, 2003

So much already being handled by so many who are so better at it

Honestly, people, just go read Atrios, Tom Tomorrow, and Josh Marshall for now. If this CIA scandal story isn't the front page already, it damn well should be.

Monday, hopefully, might be a very good day to remember to catch the national news if you don't regularly. I hate acting like a MWO-style "let's laugh at anything remotely disadvantageous for someone just because they're Republicans" type of political writer, but this is, as they say, a potential popcorn moment. Atrios has already narrowed down his list of potentials as to whom leaked the information will be getting fired by the end of the week, and frankly, there's a few on that list who I'd love to see... umm... never seen again.

If this story breaks out any further it's going to make Brokaw a lot more appealing to watch than Wheel, you know?

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