September 25, 2003

Umm, not to say you're slow on these things, John...

Atrios noted that John Kerry's website is (and rightly so, I should note) publicly condemning some of the hateful, racist propoganda sold and distrubuted at events endorsed by the Republican Party.

I don't have the Salon article on hand where I first heard this news, but I should give them credit for reporting that this isn't anywhere near a new revelation... and John Kerry should be aware that I observed via a strip in February that major representatives of the Bush Administration (in this case, the Vice-President) don't seem to have a problem attending these events.

Update: The Salon article in question can be found hyeah.

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Paul Mitchell sent me a link to a new mini-documentary by Evan Maloney about Michael Moore. Though, to be fair, it's not as much a "documentary" as it is a "videotape of a five-minute interview with Micheal Moore meshed with clips from his own films."

Maloney, if you forgot, is famous for his series of videotaped clips of anti-war protestors at their blatant worst; a combined twenty minutes of footage being hailed (and aired) by Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity as an example of how silly and misguided those... umm... several million people making a significant percentage of the American and global populace... really are. Or something.

The attempt at "scary-voice" implies that Maloney's goal was to expose Micheal Moore as the opposite of his presence in his own films; instead you'll be pleased to see Moore pointing out the blatantly obvious: that there would be more conservative and right-leaning views in film and documentary if there were more, golly gee, conservative and right-leaning filmmakers.

Though he does go on about the dangers of Saddam Hussein, Maloney doesn't offer any comment on the suggestion that conservative and right-leaning views in film might also try attempting to succeed without, for example, blaming Jews for killing Jesus. Oh, and they might also need to be sucessful without having their site mentioned on Fox News. Just a thought.

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Its name was Meme. And now it is dead.

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See, this is why I like Michael Moore. He has the abilty to not just kill a talking point, but an entire genre of talking points in one column. Yeah, so the Bowling For Columbine attacks? Yeah, buh-bye.

The right-wingers won't feel too bad, I'm sure, since it's doubtless that they're already waiting impatiently for Moore's next book to fabricate reasons why it's bad.

Now, I, on the other hand, would probably have much more optimistic and enjoyable interest in the book. If only they gave out review copies or something... (cough)

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Notes on the atrocity

...Wednesday night's debate, that is.

Since I'm sure you've seen all the good clips rerun (and re-rerun, and re-re-rerun, and soon to be a new hit series on NBC, etc.) by now, so I'll just give my honest opinion on this debacle.

The clear winner in the whole debate was, honestly, Tom McClintock. If you watched the debate on MSNBC and stayed for Chris Matthews hosting Bob Dornan for post-event commentary, you'd understand by comparison the level-headedness a right-wing conservative wingnut like McClintock gave in an open forum. For someone who the Arnold team is trying to hype as an unelectable extremist, McClintock came off as someone who, unlike Schwarzenegger, actually has the ability to run a state. That said, may there be a god that is merciful and just that will prevent that from ever happening, as McClintock would run a state like California... into the ground.

There's no doubt who came out looking horrible in this thing. I can't even say Arianna Huffington should drop out tomorrow because I'm still aghast that she chose to run in the first place. Her performance was spot-on picked up by every news pundit on every channel last night: her entire strategy is to attack Arnold Schwarzenegger to make sure her name appears in the same sentence as him. Kudos to Arianna for preventing Arnold freakin' Schwarzenegger from looking like a media whore.

Lord knows I'm not endorsing the right-wing candidate here. For that matter, let me again be clear I'm not endorsing anyone: the recall, regardles of what party the governor belongs to, is a farce and a subversion of democracy and I oppose and show no respect for anyone participating in it. But I'm also being honest about what the American voter needs to pay attention to, and the bottom line is this: Huffington used a political forum to extend her chances of a job as a well-paid quasi-leftist on-air commentator. McClintock used a political forum to solidify his eligibility for next year's California Senate race. Guess which one is going to have a much harsher effect on American democracy.

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September 24, 2003

New Comic: "Hitting Thomas Friedman in the head with a Nerf bat"

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September 22, 2003

And Americans officially become stupider Pt. 824,133

If you were watching MTV last week, you may have caught their modern-day film adaptation of the 19th century novel Wuthering Heights.

Now, this in itself isn't a problem. There's nothing really wrong with making modern-day updates of stories as long as you do them right and pay an approporaite homage to the creative genius of the original author. (For example, you could consider the film adaptation of Battlefield Earth an appropriate homage to the author, as the original novel was, in fact, also a piece of shit.)

The problem comes when you decide to dig up the grave of the original author, have your way sexually with the corpse's eye holes, burn the remainder of the body and then defecate on the ashes. Such as MTV does by, for example, doing this.

That's right. Wuthering Heights: the inspiration for the MTV movie.

Next week: Apple Records announces their re-release of The White Album: the inspiration for the kidnapping and murder of numerous people by a homicidal drug-addled cult.

(via Metafilter)

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September 21, 2003

Former Vermont Governor Ralph Nader... Oh, I'm sorry.

Josh Marshall has noted what only suprises me in terms of taking over 24 hours to occur: the sudden removal of Howard Dean as the Democratic frontrunner has offically turned a large portion of Dean backers into whiny Green Party officials. Just as Media Whores Online stained its authority by accusing Nader of "supporting Bush," the angle now appears to be to declare anyone who speaks poorly of Howard Dean (such as Marshall) as a "shill for the DNC."

Oh, grow up, people. Look, I like all ten of the Democratic candidates if only for the fact that they are all better than George W. Bush. That doesn't mean I don't have favorites; obviously both Billmon's and Marshall's readers have them as well. My point is that if you (i.e. Deanies) are going to play the "attacking our candidate makes him weaker if he becomes the nominee" card, you have to apply it to nine other people as well.

Clark's flaws are going to be pointed out, and it's something the campaign has to deal with. Guess what- Dean's flaws are going to be pointed out too. Yes. That's correct. Howard Dean has flaws. To use a phrase I coined a while back, the fact that Howard Dean is a doctor does not mean he heals lepers. Deal with it, people.

A while back I noted to a friend that once the campaign seasons nears the year-left mark, the incessant whiny tone of certain candidates' backers is going to increase. And honestly, there's nothing that makes a candidate less appealing to mainstream voters, and even liberal voters like myself, than a bucnh of his supporters bitching about every suggestion someone makes that they shouldn't be handed the candidacy on a plate. Take that advice as you will.

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Writing at midnight seeing how it's safe to assume that I can use the phone again what with the Verizon guys not calling to update on the broken-phone situation. It gets more and more enjoyable, this: now, apparently the part of the phone line that is broken is a device located somewhere in the house. By that, I mean literally in the house. As in, we need to remove portions of your basement ceiling. So I'm waiting for Verizon people to decide it's worth their time. With any luck, I might be able to apply for jobs maybe sometime next week. Shoot me.

On the plus side, there's a slight chance that you people might actually break my site this month. In the year and a half I've been running I've been nowhere near topping my current 5 gig monthly limit, but I'm logging over half of that used since last week. Odds are I'll be safe, as it's usually just a spike in hits for a certain post: most likely the linking I got for the Coulter post got picked up, so then, for example, it gets read on this forum, and then this guy links it from his LiveJournal, and then all his friends' LiveJournals pick it up because that's how LiveJournal works, and I get extra readers plus the thrill of temporarily thinking really hot girls are avid readers of the site. I think this, of course, because I'm exposed to asbestos having cut open holes in my basement ceiling.

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