September 20, 2003

Oh, and another movie tidbit

During the previews there was a trailer for a movie about Tupac Shakur. Starring... Tupac Shakur.

You know, I had a thought after seeing that, maybe it holds a little water. Don't you think that maybe, just maybe, ground could be made in the investigation of Shakur's death by questioning whoever it was following this guy around with a camera for what has to be about four and a half years or so?

"Yo, man, why you always got that camera in my face?"
"Oh. Umm... no reason."

Boom. Case closed.

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Well it's a good thing I'm not neurotic or paranoid or anything like that...

There's a slight chance that blogging will be light for a while as I have to keep the dial-up line open waiting for Verizon to come around with a technician. While trying to call the house asking if I wanted to go see Underworld with him today, my brother discovered that our house line is for some reason incapable of recieving incoming calls.

Now, the hideously paranoid person in me really, really wants to think this was a result of downed lines due to the hurricane or something like that, but a sever racking of brains has recalled the last phone call to my house being... an entire week ago. For reference, I've only sent out... oh, I don't know, about a half-dozen or so resumes this week, left voice mails (repeatedly) for a few different people, and generally done lots of stuff that would really be screwed up if, you know, you actually didn't have an incoming phone line for seven days.

Verizon has this "quaint," by which I mean "most annoying thing ever" system in place now where you call their service line and get a computer that's programmed to act as if you're stupid enough to think you're not actually talking to a recorded message. Remember how we used to scream at the push-button system demanding to talk to a live person? Now I'm screaming at a synthetic tech support assistant trying to play voice-response games with me to just let me press 1, for god's sakes. This non-conversation ended with the non-person non-helping me by declaring that a Verizon technician would be around my house sometime between 8:00 AM and 7:00 PM. As Lewis Black said so eloquently, "why the fuck even open your mouth."

Oh, as for the movie, not much to say either good or bad. I went in thinking it would be The Craft with Matrix effects, so by not being that I got more than I expected. I'm not much for rampant ogling, but mmmmmmmm.... girl pretty. Beckinsale even sounds naughty. Between Underworld, Matrix: Reloaded, and Anna Paquin in X2, it's a wonderful year for gorgeous women in skin-tight pleather.

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September 19, 2003

A brief message from our own Overboard

Overboard wishes to remind us that today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

I would have done more graphics and message-wise, but I'm busy applying for jobs and creating things for the site that may or may not involve Christopher Walken.

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September 18, 2003

House adds "Make Sure This Won't Ever Work" clause to anti-spam bill

Well, that might as well have been the title to the article:

According to a revised draft of a bill being circulated to members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, bulk mailers could form a self-regulatory group that would maintain anti-spam standards of conduct similar to those in the bill. Any member of the organization -- which would have to be approved by the Federal Trade Commission -- would be exempt from legal penalties that otherwise would apply to nonmembers.

The idea of a self-governing organization has been supported by several of the big Internet e-mail account providers, most particularly Microsoft Corp. The theory is that the group would employ an independent third party that could issue an electronic seal of approval for "legitimate" senders of commercial e-mail, thereby making it easier for computer users to filter out mail from unsavory or fraudulent spammers.

Yes, that's it. This anti-spam bill is perfect; it just needs that final touch to make it the greatest piece of legislation ever... I've got it! Let's alter it so that companies like Microsoft can prove their record of trustworthiness to regulate themselves. That way, we don't need to buy toilet paper for the House bathrooms this week!

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I'm still not sure if Bill Amend is actually aware of how much a piece of complete scathing political commentary this strip is. My initial guess was that he just thought it would be funny (as most of his strips are,) but... damn.

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Thomas Friedman should be clobbered in the head with a foam bat

Prominent French newspaper Le Monde, September 12, 2001:

"Today we are all Americans."
Prominent American Newspaper The New York Times, September 18, 2003:
"France is becoming our enemy."
This man won a Pulitzer. (via Atrios)

Update: Atrios, like he did with the Franken lawsuit and the Snopes incident, rallies the troops through linking.

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September 17, 2003

New Comic: "Because she deserves it, that's why."

Large Format - 800px, 100K

Small Format - 600px, 60K

Seeing how many readers enjoyed and addressed the Coulter post from a few days back, I figured take the theme and run with it for this week. Plus, my dad's birthday's in a few days, so why not note it by acknowledging the tender and gentle rhetoric from the woman who once advocated having him die in a terrorist explosion. And yes, I've seen the sketch that must have helped inspire this one.

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September 16, 2003

How can I make a joke when she's so damned articulate?

A scathing editorial condemning the selective censorship of candidates in the California Recall election, written by candidate Marey Carey, who makes a few films on the side.

You know, it would be so easy to crack yet another joke here about the ridiculousness of this election, but frankly, this editorial makes too much damn sense. If Carey actually did write this editorial herself and not so agent/PR spokesperson, than beyond the recall she's qualified to run for office in any normal race out there.

(via Cursor)

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September 15, 2003


The Times points out that if the Supreme Court strikes down the 9th Circuit's delay of the recall vote- one made on the grounds that there wasn't a uniform standard of voting- then they'd have to effectively contradict their own ruling less than three years ago in Bush v. Gore.

In a sadistic sense, I think it might be fun to actually see the Supremes do that. I'm sure it would be a wonderful talking point during the 2004 campaign season.

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But his secret ingredient was love. Dammit.

I didn't really reflect on Johhny Cash or John Ritter dying last week because I honestly, although in respect of their work, had little experience with it. Frankly to just say someone died because they were famous seems to demean the sadness that people who really were affected by these people genuinely have.

So it makes me sadder when I find out that someone else died around the same time who I actually did have an attachment to through their work, and because of this person's lesser celebrity to other recent famous deaths it goes generally unnoticed. Such is the case.

Last week, the world lost actor Harry Goz. He played numerous supporting roles in network TV sitcoms and dramas, and his career encompassed radio and the Broadway stage to boot.

Nevertheless, you likely never heard of him... but odds are you heard him, period. Harry Goz was, and forever will be, best known as the voice of Captain Murphy on Sealab 2021.

Rest in peace, Harry.

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September 14, 2003

Weekend mailbag!

To start off, I will for a rare occasion acknowledge one of the Easter Eggs on this website. Many of you have written encouraging and/or utterly confused comments in regards to "The Beaver." If you have no idea what I'm talking about, then I'm sorry, you're not part of the secret club yet. Eventually you will find the Beaver and you will giggle and then write me to ask me what the hell was that Beaver you just saw. To which my only answer is, it has friends, and he'll have more when I have the time. So ends the section on the Beaver. Now for a few e-mails.

From James Wartell:

There is an incredible special on The Learning Channel about Bush and his actions on 9/11. They have already shown some of what I call the "deer in the headlights" footage of Bush in the classroom. Ari Fleischer put a spin on it of course. He said "I can't believe how well he kept his composure."

Right. It was his steely control of his composure that kept him from doing anything for more than 5 minutes after he heard that "America is under attack." They only showed about 10 seconds of the footage. I would have liked them to show all of it and give Americans a clue about how long it was he sat there doing absolutely nothing, while the rest of America wished for the opportunity to do something. Thank God he didn't break his composure and spring into action immediately. Who wants that in a leader???

A Canadian reader named Dominique Thebege (with a little thingie over the first "e" that I don't make the effort to type, yet I make the effort to write this entire passage, hey! Kitties!) sends this reminder about the meaning of "forgetting" the events of September 11th:

Last year, in Qu�bec, we heard a lot about september 11. Some stores even closed, and everyone was talking about it. There was special shows on TV and a large proportion of people was feeling very concerned about America.

It changed a lot in one year. I didn't hear a word about it today. Not in the news, not at work, nowhere except on the internet, where I don't get news only from Qu�bec.

Well it seems like it wasn't just neglect, or that people had forgotten. I think there was much anger too, because there was some other events held for this date. Previous to this year, I had never heard of Allende day outside of communist newspapers, this year there was a fuss about it, a government sponsored fuss for that matter. The Mus�e de la Civilisation and several bars held special events in memory of september 11, 1973, date of the CIA-backed coup who caused the death of thousands of Chileans.

French Canada chose to remember this date not as the one where thousands of innocents were killed in America, but the one where thousands of innocents were killed by America.

Reader Scott sends this potential story about the EPA cover-up:

Regarding your post on the EPA and WTC aftermath air quality. While driving late night a few weekends ago, I happened upon a program on one of those 23 milliwatt FM stations. On it the speaker was stating that she ending up on the 2nd "no fly" list in part because she was asking questions about the air quality issues. A few days ago at a local coffee spot I mentioned this, and another imbiber said that they had heard the same show, and read of someone else that had the same problem - made noises about health issues from WTC debris and found themselves getting searched whenever they traveled.

Unfortunately neither of use could remember the name of the people involved, or knew that station that we had heard or where they read the story. Poking around radio listings showed 6 to 8 stations that might have been the source, several having news programs such as the BBC, CBC, Pacifica news, and so on. There's also several 'pirate' stations that might have been the source. Internet searches failed to get any useful links.

So if that's of any interest to you, perhaps one of your other readers might have more solid information. Does seem rather odd to rate someone as a potential terrorist for making a fuss about air quality, especially given the jobs of people at greatest risks.

So if anyone has heard this story and actually has some solid information about it, let me know.

While we're on the subject, my buddy Bjorn sent me this CommonDreams article about Bush hating New York so much he told the EPA to try and get us killed. Grudge? Naaaahhhh.

Oh, and once again, thanks to all for the Flash advice, and for those still keeping track, the car's still covered in paint. But I wish not to discuss my anger over that.

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